Nkcnea elaine Nick Education Scholarship

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NKCNEA Elaine Nick

Education Scholarship

This $300.00 scholarship is available to any graduating senior from a North Kansas City School District high school or the child of a NKCNEA member who has a 3.0 GPA and intends to enroll in college for the purpose of receiving a degree in education and pursuing a career in teaching. Along with this application, you need to submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher or employer. All materials must be submitted to the NKC-NEA Office at 6022 N.E. Antioch Road, Suite 3, Gladstone, MO 64119 by 5:00 April 7th.

1. Name (Please Print) _______________________________________________________________

(Last) (First) (Middle)

  1. Home Address: _______________________________________ Telephone: ____________

(Street) (City) (Zip)

  1. Name of parent or Legal Guardian:____________________________________________

  1. Date of Birth: _______________

  1. G.P.A. ___________ High School Attending _____________________________________

  1. Name of Employer During Summer: _____________________________________________

  1. Name of college you plan to attend: ______________________________________________

  1. How do you plan to pay expenses not covered by a scholarship? (Check all that apply)

_____ Money furnished by family _____ Summer Earnings _____ School Year Earnings
9. Have you applied for any other scholarship awards? __________ Please list:_____________


10. List your extra-curricular school activities:

11. List your out-of-school activities (Scouts, Church, etc.)

12.. List any honors or achievements received:

  1. What experiences or activities have you been involved in that have helped encourage you to pursue a career in teaching?

  1. Briefly describe why you are interested in teaching.

  1. Name two other teachers the Scholarship Committee can contact for references:

  1. I understand that this scholarship award has been made available to encourage young people to enter the teaching profession. It is my intention to enter the teaching profession and I am making application for the scholarship award in good faith. I agree to be available for a personal interview if requested by the scholarship committee.


(Signature of Applicant)

  1. I have examined the terms of the scholarship award for which the above application is being made. I am in agreement with the provision set up for making the award and approve my son or daughter making application for it.

Date: _________________________


(Signature of Parent or Guardian)

Is either parent or guardian a current member of NKCNEA? ____________________________

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