Most people could not go to work in quarantine period and stayed at home due to the coronavirus covid19 pandemic. What problems lockdown may arise, and how can these problems be tackled

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Most people could not go to work in quarantine period and stayed at home due to the coronavirus COVID19 pandemic. What problems lockdown may arise, and how can these problems be tackled?

Because of COVID 19 pandemic people had to stay at home and follow the quarantine rules. So, in its order it created some problems.

First off all, it was boring and hard for those, who got use to spend their time outside. Secondly, it can somehow affect to the some fields of science. For example, there some people whose jobs are related to the nature in the open area. Due to the pandemic the have to stay at home and wait for the ending of this period. Another problem might be that we could not be busy with our hobbies or activities. For instance traveling around the world, learning more about different culture and being in the atmosphere of foreigners couldn’t be done during these days.

But there are some solutions to these problems that we can takle while stain at home. For the people who are addicted to street live, reading deductive books, playing games, trying to cook would be the best entertainment. When it comes to the scientists it might be en alternative to continue their job if they have court : for example they can grow plants , feed animals based on their research. But there are the people who do not have a yard . For those learning new theories working on the ideas and fulfilling then only after lock down will be a best choice is normal if are men could not do the things while lockdown that he wants .You can learn new things even you are at home for example meditating cooking, learning foreign languages, painting and etc.

Making a final conclusion, it is normal if we stay at home because a coin has tho sides if you look to the situation from another side a man is addictive to anything. So, in spite of the problems that causes Covid19, you can put yourself forward and work on yourself hard and try new things that you have never done.

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