Montana Range Days Host Upper Musselshell Conservation District

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2015 – 2016 Montana Range Days Host
Upper Musselshell Conservation District
The Upper Musselshell Conservation District was formed in early 1950 to assist area farmers and ranchers in their conservation efforts. UMCD serves all of Wheatland Count except the city of Judith Gap. Currently the board consists of:

William R “Bill” Clements, Chairman

Sam Griffith, Vice Chairman

Frank Hutton, Secretary /Treasurer

Howard Robertson, Supervisor

Adam Jones, Supervisor

Kent Hereim, Supervisor

Johnny Cooney, Supervisor

Bob Willems, Assoc. Supervisor

Cheryl Miller, District Administrator

In the early 1980’s the Wheatland County Rangeland Resource committee was formed. This group hosted Montana Range Days in 1984. At that time the Range Ride/Campout was started as an activity to prepare the area youth to compete in Montana Range Days in a number of counties. In June 2016 we will host our 41st annual Range Ride and Campout!

Kent Hereim, Supervisor, serves as the Chairman of the local Montana Range Days Committee. Other active members are:

Gary and Marilyn Olsen

Julie Power, area rancher

Andy Begger, Harlowton High School

Linda Eklund, HHS educator

Monty Lane, NRCS District Conservationist

Steve Martin, retired Forest Service

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