Michael McNutt September 15, 2003

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Michael McNutt

September 15, 2003

MEMS Lab #2

Pre lab

  1. What information do you need in order to recreate your run?

First you need to record the system configurations and make sure they are the same for the second run. Also the start current and/or voltage and/or power are the same for the second run as it is for the first. In addition the step size for the varying sources is the same and the final value and equal. The pressure also needs to be the same for both runs if the same test is to be done. Another piece of information that needs to be the same is the substrate temperate and the chamber pressure in order to keep the same film density on the surface.

  1. How do you expect the IV curve to change as you increase pressure?

I believe that with an increasing pressure the current will also increase. The reason for this is the increased amount of gas ions to create more current. So the IV curve will shift upwards on the y-axis, assuming current is on the y-axis.

  1. How are you going to obtain your IV curves? Will how you obtain the IV curve make a difference in your results? How many IV curves do you think you will need?

We will obtain the IV curve by using the voltage as the regulation (by depressing both of the blue buttons) we will vary it by using the level knob by a fixed increment. We will record the current and the voltage at each step. How we obtain the data either varying the current, voltage or power should not affect the results. We will collect at least two graphs one varying the voltage and the other varying the current. If time permits we will try two other graphs one varying the power and the other starting at the final voltage and moving backwards to the initial voltage, to see if the current will travel on the same path.

  1. What sort of analysis can/should you do?

We will display the IV information in graph form and compare the two different ways that we obtained the data. In addition, if time did permit we will compare the power varying and the varying backwards voltage. Also a description of the wafer and the film sputtered on it. Finally if we have data on varying pressure compare the different pressure IV charts with other pressures to see if current is affected by the change in pressure.

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