Lovettsville Elementary School pto meeting Minutes

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Lovettsville Elementary School

PTO Meeting Minutes


Board Present: Jennifer Gardner, Brenda Stanley, Bleigh Tantlinger, Jennifer Stumbaugh, Natalie Metzler, Lorraine Bauer, Nancy Matyas, Kim Forcino, Janie Pruckowski, Sarah Stillman

Others Present: None

Next Meeting Date: February 11, 2013 at 6:30pm

Secretary’s Report

  1. Minutes from December meeting were approved.


  1. Bingo – Chili Cookoff, January 25

    1. Dinner will begin at 6:00 and Bingo will begin at 7:00.

    2. Kelly Ambler and Sherry Zoldos are chairing.

    3. 10 games for $3.

    4. Chili Tickets will be $5 for 10 tickets or $3 for a bowl of chili.

    5. Will have baked potato bar, fries, hot dogs and nachos with an ice cream bar for dessert.

    6. Robin will send out an email asking for volunteers.

  1. Siblings and Classroom Events

    1. A parent at LES asked if we could provide a service to watch siblings during classroom events during the school day.

    2. There was a general consensus that it is not the school’s or PTO’s responsibility to provide this service.

    3. It was suggested that this person might utilize the Lovettsville Mom’s Facebook page to put together a group or find someone to switch with during these events.

  1. Wine Tasting Fundraiser

    1. Brenda spoke with Corcoran Vineyard who is willing to hold a fundraiser for us.

    2. They will contribute $2 to the PTO for every tasting on a specific date (to be chosen).

    3. They will advertise the event, as well.

    4. Brenda has also contacted or attempted to contact Sunset Hills, Hiddencroft Vineyards and Hillsboro Winery.

    5. It was decided to go with Corcoran.

    6. The PTO will try to figure out a way to provide child care for parents attending the fundraiser.

    7. We will look at dates in March or April to hold the event.

  1. Have-a-Heart Party (Item added to agenda), February 16 – 1:00 – 3:30pm

    1. Heather Reagan will chair.

    2. We will work with the American Heart Association to raise money for them.

    3. LES students will do a fundraiser where they ask people to donate money or sponsor them during a jump rope . Details will be worked out to make it age appropriate.

    4. Mr. Brockway is taking the lead on this and will show the kids an 8-minute DVD in PE class.

  1. Donuts with Dads (Item added to agenda), March 21st and 22nd – 7:00 – 7:50am

    1. Bleigh will chair.

    2. This event will be split by alphabet (Kim will determine where the split is alphabetically).

    3. Brenda will ask Kelly Capritta about providing coffee.

    4. Pam Hayba, Katie Routzahn and Michelle LaFollette will take care of pictures.

    5. Kim will ask Veronica to set up tables.

    6. Kim will do parking.

  1. Family Reading Night (Item added to agenda), Friday, March 1st

    1. Ask Stephanie Bickmore if she will chair and ask Mrs. Rhinehart if she will assist.

    2. Pizza dinner will be served from 6:00 – 6:30 and the program will begin at 6:30 and end at 8:00pm.

    3. Pizza will be ordered from Lovettsville Pizza and Andy’s – cheese pizzas from one and pepperoni from the other.

  1. Family Art Night (Item added to agenda), Tuesday, March 19th – 6:30 – 8:00pm

Vice President

  1. Fundraiser Update

    1. See above information regarding Corcoran Vineyard.

    2. Lorraine suggested doing a fundraiser utilizing a credit card style discount program. These would be sold for a set rate and give discounts to anyone who purchases them from local businesses who agree to participate. She also said she would go to the next meeting for We’re In! and ask if anyone would like to participate.

    3. Auctions on Main, in Purcellville, was also suggested as another possible fundraising opportunity. More information will be gathered to determine how it works and if it would be beneficial for us.

Treasurer Report

  1. Update

    1. Lorraine and Nancy handed out Budget Summary and explained the budget.

    2. It was confirmed that each teacher should receive $300 to go towards the purchase of an iPad.

    3. Lorraine and Nancy needed to know which teachers were supposed to be receiving money and Kim said she would provide them with an updated list.

    4. Kim will check with Mrs. Krise regarding the $500 allocated in the budget to Odyssey of the Mind. If they do not need the money, it will be put towards the purchase of the iPads.

    5. Money in the Track Fund will be put towards the purchase of iPads, with the exception of $250 that will remain in that fund.

    6. The funds allocated to Positive Behavior System can be reduced to $200 and the remaining $300 can be put towards the purchase of iPads.

    7. It will cost approximately $5,100 for each teacher to receive a total of $300 towards their iPad.

Volunteer Coordinator Report

  1. No report

Publicity Chair

  1. Deadline for newsletter is January 11th.

Principal Report

  1. Update

    1. School Safety

      • Kim discussed the drills that will be taking place in the school over the next few weeks, including Lock-In, tornado, fire, etc. She also said that they will talk to the teachers about what to do just in case there is ever an emergency and how to handle it with their students.

      • She discussed school safety and resuming ID checks for everyone entering the school, as well as not allowing anyone to prop open doors for any reason.

      • There is more of a police presence right now, some of the Dads who are police officers who are coming by the school to check on things a little more often.

      • All of the above are being done because of the situation at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    1. Watch D.O.G.S. Program

      • Mike Pritz, a parent at LES, is interested in starting this program in the school.

      • He will be looking for dads (or other male adults) who are willing to come in and shadow their students, help teachers, be outside at bus times, and be in the cafeteria throughout the lunch periods.

      • This program has some minimal cost associated with the start-up kit. He will find out how much and get back to Kim with the amount.

      • Kim would like to purchase two polo shirts from the company for $11 a piece, as well as several orange vests for them to wear while out in the parking lot.

      • Mike would like to start the program now and would like to speak to the group of parents who will be at Bingo. Everyone agreed that this should take place at the next Bingo on January 25th.

      • Kim would like to create a bulletin board with pictures of the dads and their students so other students can know who they are and look for them.

Teacher Rep

  1. Update

    1. Parent/ Teacher Game

      • Teachers would like to play volleyball against the parents.

      • The game will be Friday, April 12th with dinner starting at 6:00 and the game starting at 7:00.

      • Dinner will be hot dogs, chili, popcorn, nachos and cheese.

      • Jen G. will research popcorn boxes and do away with the bags.

      • We will start soliciting players after the Have a Heart party.

      • We will begin advertising in March.

    1. There are Social Science books available for parents to look at in the Teacher’s Lounge.

    2. Janie was contacted by a former student/parent regarding LES/PTO t-shirts. They would like to purchase several. It was determined that we do have some and Jen G. would get them to Janie.


Meeting Agenda, PTO Minutes from December 3rd Meeting, PTO 2012 – 2013 Budget Summary, LCPS FY 2014 Operating Budget Facts, Letter of Thanks to the PTO from LES Teachers, All About WATCH D.O.G.S.

Respectfully Submitted 2/7/13

Bleigh Tantlinger

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