Inês Macamo Raimundo Bio

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Inês Macamo Raimundo Bio
Inês Raimundo oversees post-graduate studies as the Deputy-Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the University Eduardo Mondlane (UEM). She holds a PhD in forced migration and a master’s in human geography from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa and a Bhonors in Geography from Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique. Raimundo chaired the following academic positions at Eduardo Mondlane University, namely Head of Department of Geography and Head of Department of Population Studies at the Center for Policy Analyis. In the past 20 years at UEM, she has worked on projects on population mobility, sexual reproductive health, poverty, HIV/AIDS, urbanization, food security, and the use of census data to analyze migration trends and orphanages. Her research also includes an analysis of the socioeconomic and cultural factors leading to miners’ vulnerability to HIV infection. She has worked as co-researcher with several institutions across Southern Africa, including Southern African Migration Project (SAMP) and the African Food Security Urban Network. Under SAMP, she coordinated the Women Cross Border Traders and HIV/Risk Study.

Raimundo is member of national, regional and international scientific organizations am member of local and international academic associations, namely GAM (Geographers Association of Mozambique), UAPS (African Union of Population Studies), OSSREA (Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa), AFSUN (African Food Security Network), AURI (African Urban Research Initiative), SAMP (Southern African Migration Program), PAA (Population Association of America) and IUSSP (International Union for the Scientific Study of Population) and board editorial member of and board member of the following Journals e-Journal of Economics & Complexity and CEPSA (Center for Studies in Population and Health). She has been published in Scientific Publications in Mozambique, South Africa, Brazil, Portugal, US, UK, Netherland, Senegal and Russia. Lastly, but not least, Raimundo has been promoted by Eduardo Mondlane University Associate Professor of Human Geography since April 2015.

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