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In the exposition above, morphological rules are described as analogies 
between word forms: thedog is to dogs as cat is to cats, and as thedish is to dishes. 
In this case, the analogy applies both to the form of the words and to their 

meaning: in each pair, the first word means "one of X", while the second "two or 
more of X‖ and the difference is always the plural form -s affixed to the second 
word, signaling the key distinction between singular and plural entities. 
One of the largest sources of complexity in morphology is that this one-to-
one correspondence between meaning and form scarcely applies to every case in 
the language. In English, we have word form pairs like ox/oxen, goose/geese, and 
sheep/sheep, where the difference between the singular and the plural is signaled in 
a way that departs from the regular pattern, or is not signaled at all. Even cases 
considered "regular", with the final -s, are not so simple; the -s in dogs is not 
pronounced the same way as the -s in cats, and in a plural like dishes, an "extra" 
vowel appears before the -s. These cases, where alternative forms of a ―word‖ 
effect the same distinction, are called allomorphy. 
Comparison of morphological level of English and Native languages. 
For a full comparison of thetypological characteristic in thecategory of 
thenumber, we have to find out in which place does this category take in the 
system of another language. 
If we take as an example Russian language, we can easily find its 
characteristic features- in numerals, in adjectives, pronouns, verbs. Ex. Я беру, ты 
берешь, вы берете, etc. 
In a comparison with the Russianlanguage, the seme of thesingularity of 
English language is presented just with zero morphemes, ex. town, play, etc. 
However the seme of singularity in Russian language represented by morphemes: -
й, ex: сарай, край; -а, -я ex: река; -о, - е ex: окно. But plurality in both languages 
can be represented with the seme of theplurality by adding endings –ы, -и, -а for 
Russian and –s, -es for English. 
In both languages, there are a lot of groups that are representatives of the 
seme of plurality. Some of them are alike in both languages. Ex, ножницы-
scissors, брюки-trousers, весы-scales, очки-glasses 
In general English plurality model can be divided into 3 variants: 
N-N+(e)s ex: cup-cups, assistant-assistants, face-faces, photo-photos 
N-N+en ex: ox-oxen, child-children 
N-Npl (with the changes of vowels in roots) ex: man-men, foot-feet, mouse-
mice, etc. 
In Uzbek suffix –lar may represent not only aplurality but other meanings as 
Ex: respect Hamid aka keldilarmi?
Approximate time. Soat o ‗nlarda kelish kerak. 
Besides that, it can express the meanings such as superlative, collective
irony and type. 

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