Information bulletin #12-07

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December 31, 2012
The following letter which is self-explanatory was received at Union Headquarters and is being submitted for your attention and information:
Sent Via Fax and E-Mail

December 28, 2012

William Huber, President/Business Manager

Local 827, International Brotherhood

of Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO

263 Ward Street

East Windsor, NJ 08520
In accordance with our Agreement, we are furnishing below a schedule showing for each force in each district the number of employees that will be required for Sunday work as part of their basic workweek during the period from January 6, 2013 through March 31, 2013

Customer Opers.-NJ

District/Sector Building Code No. of Employees


Livingston DRC Dispatch (RSC’s) 413-1 4

Livingston JEP (RSC’s) 413-1 5

Livingston BPU (RSC’s) 413-1 1

North East (STAC 352) 472/481/450/460 11
Ramapo (Pamrpo)/ Jersey City 754 8

Englewood 773 5

Little Ferry 709 4

North Bergen / Westside 765 7

Passaic 475 5

Westwood 744 4

Natl. Opers.-NP&M – South

Windsor 231 3

Prospect Parkway 211 6

Vincentown 243 3

Moorestown 052 5

Bellmawr 045 2

Millville 098 2

Pittsgrove 080 4

Howell 365 5

Natl. Opers.-NP&M – South (cont'd)
District/Sector Building Code No. of Employees

Lakewood 285 5

Marmora - RSC 176 6

Natl. Opers.- Central NJ

New Brunswick 813 3

Plainfield 843 3

Linden 869 3

North Branch 837 3

Matawan 379 3

Millburn - Irvington [NEW] 880 9 (H)

Shrewsbury 385 3

Newark - Vera [NEW] 641/643/627 8 (B)

North West (STAC 341) 440/401/439/433 6

Robbinsville RSC S53AKG (Terry Minor DRC) 5
Cable Maintenance /PPM Center and Field
Robbinsville PPM Clerks S53AKG (RSC’s) 6
Core Northeast/Central & Southern
Irvington/Newark Core 641/643 10

Lakewood Core 285 4

Linden - Matawan Core 4

341 Core 4

Howell/Windsor Core 3

Shrewsbury Core 3

New Brunswick Core 3 (H)

Plainfield Core 379/843 4

Pennsauken Core 3

Marmora Core – Cable 176 6

Bellmawr Core 045 6 (H)

NE CORE (All Northeast Core Techs) 14

Manahawkin Core 3

Cable for State

Northeast Cable 11

Camden Cable 4

Capital Cable 3

Delaware Cable 3

Toms River Cable 4

Irvington/Newark Cable 4

341 Cable 3

Linden – Matawan Cable 5

Network Operations – NSG - NJ

Network Operations Center

Svc. Delivery - Hopelawn DRC 896-DRC 2 (RSC’s)

Hopelawn NDC (RSC’s) 896 6 (H)

Hopelawn & Freehold NTC (NT’s) 363/896 4

New Jersey Facilities & System Technicians 0

New Jersey Technician Business/Government 4

(1 covers Newark working from 1MK

(165 Halsey) /1 covers West

Orange activities working from WOR

Terminal / 2 Cover CART Datacenter)

Absecon, Asbury Park, Atlantic 352/369/368/364/367/362/363/282 4

City, Atlantic Highlands, Avalon, 371/372/375/284/376/381/356/268

Barnegat, Bayville, Beach Haven, 290/383/384/358/297/288/289/192

Bridgeton, Brigantine, Cape May, 153/178/175/280/168/077/149/189

Cape May Court House, Cedarville, 179/110/296/163/008/043/273/103

East Dover, Eatontown, Egg Harbor, 159/287/167/193/154/097/150/147

Englishtown, Farmingdale, Forked 106/142/161/186/294/177/157/145

River, Freehold, Freehold 2, 100/298/183/143

Hammonton, Herbertsville,

Holmdel, Keansburg, Keyort, Lake

Hurst, Lakewood, Landsville,

Lavalette, Little Egg Harbor, Long

Branch, Manahawkin, Mays

Landing, Middletown, Millville,

Neptune, New Egypt, Ocean City,

Plaermo, Pleasantville, Port Norris,

Red Bank, Robertsville, Sea Isle

City, Somers Point, Spring Lake,

Surf City, Toms River, Tuckahoe,

Vanhiseville, Ventor, Villas,

Vineland, Wall Township, West

Osbornville, Whiting, Wildwood,


Allentown, Beaver Brook, Berlin, 207/033/038/046/250/249/254/017 2

Blackwood, Bordentown, Browns 006/013/085/209/255/089/088/026

Mills, Burlington, Camden, Cherry 028/205/234/216/217/036/031/214

Hill, Collingswood, Elmer, Ewing, 204/010/047/261/081/248/074/262

Florence, Frankville, Glassboro, 218/080/233/092/219/263/030/093

Gloucester, Haddonfield, Hamilton 076/228/241/075/206/082/264/071

Square, Hightstown, Hopewell, 094/265

Lambertville, Laurel Springs,

Marlton, Medford, Mercerville,

Merchantville, Moorestown,

Mount Holly, Mullica Hill,

Oriental, Paulsboro, Pemberton,

Pennington, Penns Grove, Penns

Neck, Pennsville, Princeton, River-

side, Riverton, Salem, Swedesboro,

Trenton, Vincetown, Wenonah,

White Horse, Willingboro,

Woodbury, Woodstown,


Bedminister, Bernardsville Bound 223/412/416/417/419/495/645/803 4

Brook, Browntown, Carteret, 804/805/806/807/808/816/819/820

Cranford, Dunellen, Edison, 822/825/826/829/834/842/845/847

Elizabeth, Fords, Franklin Park, 848/861/865/872/874/877/879/885

Jamesburg, Linden, Madison, 889/894/895/898

Mendham, Metuchen, Millburn,

Millington, Monmouth Junction,

Murray Hill, Neshanic, New

Brunswick, Perth Amboy,

Piscataway, Plainfield, Prospect

Plains, Rahway, Roselle,

Somerville, South Amboy,

South River, Spotswood, Summit,

Unionville, Westfield, Woodbridge.

Cliffside Park, Clifton, Closter, 704/491/733/731/727/456/468/713 4

Dumont, Englewood, Erskine 457/706/470/708/471/765/458/722

Lakes, Fairlawn, Hackensack, 478/473/451/464/461/725/483/770

Haledon, Fort Lee Little Falls, 455/742/463

Little Ferry, Mountain View,

North Bergen, Oakland, Oradell,

Passaic, Paterson, Pompton Lakes,

Ramsey, Ridgewood, Rochelle

Park, Rutherford, Union City,

West Milford, Westwood,


Booton, Cedar Knolls, Dover, 427/429/430/437/421/407/446/452 2

Hackettstown, Hapatcong, 442/435/408/420/438/425/442

Morristown, Netcong, New

Foundland, Phillipsburg, Denville,

Spring Mills, Succasunna,

Washington, Whippany, Woodport.


Bayonne, Belleville, Bergen, 753/757/756/650/630/662/663/636 4

Bloomfield, Journal Square, Nutley, 642/498/625/613/660/644/617/647

Caldwell, East Orange, Essex, 656/611/657

Fairfield, Humbolt, Ironbound,

Kearny, Livingston, Market,

Montclair, South Orange, Waverly,

West Orange.

Wholesale Services

NJ State (APC) 295/176/480/044/905 1

RCMC - E. Bruns. 540 (Office Closed Sunday’s) 0 (RSCs)

Verizon Partner Solutions

Newark VPSC Maintenance Center 540-11 7

Mount Laurel VPS Maintenance Center 044-2 7

Regional E 9-1-1 Control Center 842-1 14 (NTs)

842-1 0 (RSC)
Customer Services Operations Support

NJ EVRC – (Paterson/Mt. Laurel) 473/044 9

Real Estate Operations

Real Estate Customer Service Center 363 8

East Alarm Response Center 363 East 3

Freehold Data Center 353 2

Fiber Solution Center
Freehold (CSA/NT) 353 40 (H)

Paterson (CSA) 2

NSG-NJ System/Facilities Technicians 0


(A) Force adjustment/manpower changes/elimination of location due to decrease in workload or Schedule rotation change.

(B) Coverage no longer needed or decrease in headcount due to reduction in force (EISP/surplus). / Shift or movement of work. / Redistribution of work assignments or reduction in call volume or workload. / Offices combined.

(C) Increase due to Albany CSC out of hours work migrating to Freehold.

(D) Eff. 1-1-03 Bridgewater RSC's handled by E. Brunswick - Daniel Lorente, Nat'l Ops.

(E) Decrease due to movement of work to Boston Center.

(F) Orbits were rearranged or combined. / Morristown now separate orbit, no techs assigned. Hudson Bergen/Suburban NT orbits combined.

(G) Balance the force to the load issue with QWL or FTTP coverage.

(H) Addition due to increase in call volume, additional work in this location or support of NJ Region Strategic Initiatives.

(I) NCC in Pittsburgh PA has taken responsibilities from the NCC in Madison. NCC in Madison no longer exists.

(J) Due to Automated Testing one less body needed.

(K) Technicians needed during the week for workload. Increase flexibility and use of overtime on weekends.

## Eff. 12-15-02, Ntwk. Test Ctr. & Ntwk. Dispatch Ctr. combined into one Manager group.

* Effective October 18, 2009, Sunday Assignment allotment will increase from 1 to 2 in Central Area only
We also wish to advise at this time that there were no employees whose increase was deferred during the quarter.
Rose Viqueira
Original signed

William D. Huber

President/Business Manager

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