In this unit you will learn how to

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Listening practice
Exercise 4. Listen the dialogue carefully and fill in the gaps.

I had a client who’s her 90s, such a delightful person, and she loves going to the zoo. So we’re at the zoo, there was old sky 1)_______, and it looks like a 2)_________. It’s open . You know, you could fall out. However I’m looking at it, and I’m seeing you know, it’s not far off the ground. And look there’s grandparents with grandchildren, and everyone look so 3)_______________. I could go on this with my client, of course I could. I turn to Mavis and I say Mavis, “ Would you like to go on that sky tram?” and she says. “Oh yes! Oh yes!” I said , 4)“____________________”. So I get her out of the wheelchair and into the lift. And as soon as we touch off, this 5)_________ sets in where I just all I can think about is, I’m going to fall out. I’m 6)________ like crazy , I’m gripping the bar like crazy and curling up my 7)_____________ are so tightly shut. And when we get to the halfway point , I call out to the person who’s there, “ Okay, we’re getting off. We’re getting off”. And they say , “No, stop! Stop!”. It’s an 8)___________. And so this poor teenager who’s working says okay. And they stopped the whole thing.

Exercise 5. Listen till the end and tell what is this podcast about.

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Grammar focus

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