In more than a decade years of teaching experience, I have found English language classroom, a great challenge

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The object of study: the process of teaching English at secondary school.

Subject of research: effective methodology of teaching EFL in the educational curricular activities.

Theoretical importance. The underlying hypothesis of this paper is that the English tense and aspect system cannot entirely be acquired by Uzbek young learners of English, or at least poses a major problem on them in that they have to reset the parameter of expressing time, they have to process information on temporal reference cognitively on the basis of their preexisting linguistic knowledge. To find out whether the hypothesis of M.Irisqulov can be maintained or has to be rejected, an empirical study is carried out assessing students’ exam essays. Errors, if there occur any, are counted and classified, subsequently attempts are made to find out why the errors were produced. Moreover, the distribution of errors and tenses is viewed in the context of the language learners’ proficiency so as to draw some conclusions about the sources of the errors and the learning and production strategies employed by the language learners. The theoretical frame for this study is the comprehension of language learning as a cognitive process, in which errors occur as an indicator of language development. For this purpose, the English and the Uzbek tense and aspect systems are analyzed contrastively so as to discover areas of similarities where transfer from previous linguistic knowledge might be utilized to comprehend and produce linguistic structures in the second language, but also to uncover areas of divergence where no such transfer is possible and the learner has to construct new knowledge and to make this knowledge available for practical use.

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