Host by: Ron Sirchie Cost: $444 Start

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awakeningilluminatedheart.jpg Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshop

Host by: Ron Sirchie

Cost: $444

Start: Mar-23-2012

End: Mar-26-2012


Ventnor city , New Jersey, United States

In a private 6 Bedroom Beach Block Home, in Ventnor, N.J. (just down beach from Atlantic City) For the first time in the South Jersey area.

The newest workshop, “Awakening The Illuminated Heart”, will be presented by ATIH teacher, Ron Sirchie

Ron a former Flower of Life facilitator with 48 successful workshops held, is now honored to become of one Drunvalo's "Awakening The Illuminated Heart" teachers.

What to expect during this workshop

-Learning the Unity Breath meditation

- Experience a healing day, relaxation techniques and creation of

Alpha waves

- Journey to the Sacred space of the heart
- Entering the tiny space and connecting with the source of all creation
- Opening the third eye

-Activate the beams of light connected to the pineal chakra

- Creating a new MerKaBa field that is directly connected to the Tiny

Space of the Heart and your life becomes interconnected to all life

Everywhere, moving into unity consciousness naturally.

- Learn to take your consciousness from the polarity of the brain into

the unity of the heart and create a living organic MerKaBa field

aligned with Mother Earth and her coming changes.

- Creating from the heart a new world

Located in beautiful Ventnor city, 3 houses in from the beach with ample space for our weekend retreat.
Available sleeping quarters:

We have 6 bedrooms in total all except the single bed suite has their own private bathrooms. Each room is stocked with pillows, sheets, covers etc. Just bring your own toiletries

- (1) 2 single beds suite $222 per person ($55.50 per night)

This room has 2 single beds

- (4) Double bed suites $333 per room ($83.25 per night)

These rooms have double beds and full private bathrooms

- (1) One large Master suite $377 per room ($94.25 per night)

This beautiful spacious room has its own private bathroom and

Gas fireplace.

We'll be doing a "POT LUCK" which means everyone is to bring a big dish or if your unable to bring a dish, you can pitch in for a food run.

Shannon my wife is in charge of the food preparations. If everyone brings a dish, then we can all share in a buffet style to help keep the group together and save on having to go out every day for food.
CLOTHING: Bring warm clothing, for weather permitting we'll be doing some work on the beach. Obviously wear comfortable clothing.

PARKING: There is plenty of parking at and around the house. We are in off season so parking will not be an issue.
If you are interested in signing up for this workshop, please send a $111. non refundable check to
Ron Sirchie

5900 Burk Ave

Ventnor, N.J. 08406
This will save your space and show your committed.

I will then send you the direct address of the workshop location.

Realize we're just down beach from Atlantic city so there are ample motels and restaurants.
I will provide to everyone "MINDFOLD" meditation masks or feel free to bring your own.

Also: if you have a favorite meditation seat/ chair, please bring. I'll provide some "back jack chairs" for meditating on the floor. There will also be ample seats if sitting on the floor is an issue.
TO A RISE IN HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS w/much love, light and laughter

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