Hebrew and Greek Words, Definitions & Glossary II

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Hebrew and Greek Words, Definitions & Glossary II

Abba: Abba YHWH

Abbas’: Fathers’ (Plural)

Acharit Hayamim: Latter-Days

Achashverosh: Ahasuerus The Persian King

Achor: Trouble

Adon: Master: This Word Was Changed In Babylonian Hebrew Form The Original Paleo Hebrew Word, EDON, Meaning The Upright Pillar Or Upright One. The Word Adon, Adonim And Adonai Are Not Found In The Earliest Scrolls, Like The Dead Sea Scrolls. These Words Were Added To Scripture After Babylonian Exile.
Adon Adonim: Master Of All Masters. Yahuweh Does Not Want To Be Your Master And Lord It Over You, Only Satan Wants To Lord It Over You. Yahuweh Wants A Familiar Relationship With His Creation. On A First Name Basis Which Is Based On Your Personal Choice To Follow And Obey Him And His Word, The Torah, Prophets And Psalms.
Adonai: Master

Aharon: Aaron

Ahava: Love

Ahavta Re’echa Camocha: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Ahdahm: Adam

Ahvot: Fathers

Akel-Dahma: Field Of Blood

Akel-Kartza: The Slanderer

Akrobustia: The Previously Circumcised Efrayimites, Or Those Who Counted Their Covenant Circumcision As Something To Be Tossed Away And Not Treasured. They Became Reckoned By The Jews As Those Who Behaved Like The Uncircumcised, And Thus The Usage Of This Special Term Of Designation.
Al Tirah: Fear Not

Alef-Taf: First And Last Letters Of Hebrew Alphabet. Used To Describe Father- YHWH And YHWH-Yahshua
Aleph: First Letter In The Hebrew Alphabet

Aliyah: Return To The Land Of Yisrael, Or To Go Up In An Upward Direction
Almah: Virgin

Am: Nation, Or People

Am Ha-Aretz: Common, Or Unlearned People

Am Rav: A Great, Or Huge Nation

Amein: Let It Be, Or Truly It Is

Amein, Amein: Truly, Truly, Or Verily, Verily

Ami: My People

Amorah: Gomorrah

Anakim: Giants

Aram: The Arameans

Aretz: Earth, Or Land Of Yisrael

Aron Ha-Eh-Dut: Ark Of The Testimony, Or Witness

Artahshashta: Artaxerxes King Of Persia

Asham: Sacrificial Guilt Offering

Asher: Tribe Of Asher

Asherim: Pagan Groves Of Worship

Ashshur: Assyria

Ashurim: Assyrians

Atah: You

Atid Lavoh: Millennium, Or Messianic Age

Avadim: Servants, Or Slaves

Avram: Abraham

Ayden: Eden

Azazel: The Yom Kippur Scapegoat

B’nai: Children, Or Sons Of

B’nai Brit: Children Of The Covenant

B’nai Elohim: Children Of Elohim

B’nai Lewi: Sons Of Levi

B’nai Yisrael: Children Of Yisrael

Ba’al: The Lord, Or Any Lord Other Than YHWH

Ba’ali: My Lord

Baalah: Husband

Bachor: Male, Firstborn

Bachorim: Firstborn Plural

Bala: Swallow, Or Consume

Bar: Son

Bar Elohim: Son Of Elohim

Bar Enosh: Son Of Man

Bar Mitzvah: A 13-Year-Old Male Child Of The Covenant. A Passage To Manhood.

Bara: Created From Nothing

Barchu: Blessed Are You

Barchu-Et: Bless The

Barchu-Et-Shem-Vuvh: Bless The Name Of YHWH

Bar-Nava: Barnabas

Baruch Haba Beshem: Blessed Is He That Comes In The Name Of…..

Baruch Shemo: Bless His Name

Basar-Echad: One Flesh

Bat: Daughter

Bat Kol: Heavenly Voice Of Yhwh

Batiym: Houses

Bavel: Babylon, Or Confusion

Bayit: House

Bechora: Female Firstborn, Or The Status, Or Position Of The Male Firstborn

Bechorot: Firstlings

Beit: House

Beit Achav: House Of Ahab

Beit Dawid: House Of Dawid

Beit Efrayim: House Of Efrayim

Beit Hamikdash: YHWH’s Temple On Mt. Moriah

Beit Lewi: House Of Levi

Beit Tefillah: House Of Prayer

Beit Yaakov: House Of Jacob

Beit Yahudah: House Of Judah

Beit Yisrael: House Of Israel

Beit Yoseph: House Of Joseph

Beliyaal: Satan, Or Literally “Without Yah As El

Bema: Seat Judgment Seat

Ben Son

Ben- Ahdahm: “Ben Ahdahm” Spelled With Upper Case “A” When Specifically Referring To Yahshua The Moshiach.
Ben Dawid: Son Of Dawid

Ben Emunah: Son In The Faith Ben-Adam Son Of Man Pronounced, “Ben Ad-Ahm” Spelled With Lower Case “A” When Referring To Someone Other Than Yahshua.
Benyamin: Benjamin

Berchati: My Blessing

Beresheeth: Beginning, Or In The Beginning, Or Scroll Of Genesis

Besorah: Gospel, Or Good News

Bet: House, Or Second Letter Of Hebrew Alphabet

Bet DinTorah: Court Of Law, Or House Of Judgment

Betachon: Security, Or Safety

Beth Chesed: House Of Mercy

Beth-Lechem: Bethlehem, Or House Of Bread

Beth-Togarmah: Pergamos

Betulah: Young Woman, Or Maiden

Beulah: Married

Be-Yachad: As One, Or In Common

Bikkur: The Firstfruit, Speaking Of Yahshua In The Renewed Covenant

Bikkurim: Firstfruits Offering, Speaking Of Torah Keeping Disciples In The Renewed Covenant
Bilashon: In The Language

Binah: Understanding

Birchat HaMinim: Ancient Curse On The Nazarenes By Traditional Jews In The Prayer Book

Boh: Come; Pronounced Bohh

Bracha: Blessing

Brachot: Blessings (Plural)

Brit: Covenant

Brit Am: Covenant People, Or Covenant Of The People

Brit Chadasha: New, Or Renewed Covenant, Or New Testament

Brit Halev: Circumcision Of The Heart

Brit-Milah: Circumcision

Chag (Singular), Or Chagim (Plural): Feast, Or Feasts Of Rejoicing; Indicates One, Or More Of The Three Ascension Feasts: Unleavened Bread, Weeks And Tabernacles
Chag HaSukkot, Or Chag Sukkot: The Feast Of Tabernacles, Or Feast Of Tabernacles

Chag Matzoth: Feast Of Unleavened Bread

Chag Shavuot: Feast Of Weeks

Chai: Life, Or The Number 18 Depending On The Context

Chamas: Violence

Chametz: Leaven

Chananyah: Ananais

Channah: Hannah

Chanoch: Enoch

Chanukah: The Feast Of The Rededication Of The Moriah Temple

Chatsrot: Twin Silver Trumpets

Chavah: Eve

Chaver: Friend, Or Sharer

Chaverim: Friends, Or Companions

Chavurah: Fellowship, Or Fellowship Time

Chayim: Life, Or Lives

Chayim Olam: Eternal Life

Chen: Favor

Chesed: Kindness, Or Goodness

Chet: Eighth Letter Of The Hebrew Alphabet

Chilul Hashem: Desecration Of The Name Of YHWH By Voiding It, Or Misusing It

Chochmah: Wisdom

Chodashim: Months

Chol-Ha-Moed: Days That Are Moadim But Not Annual Shabbats, Or Set-Apart Convocations

Chuk: An Ordinance Of Torah Not Fully Logical, Or Understood, Yet Fully And Eternally Binding

Chukim: Statutes, Or Ordinances (Plural Form Of “Chuk”)

Cochav: Star

Cochavim: Stars

Cubit: About 18 inches, Or 1.5 Feet

Cup of Geulah: Cup Of Redemption; The Third Of Four Passover Cups. The Master’s Cup Of Memorial Blood
Da’at: Knowledge

Dahm: Blood; Pronounced Dah-hm

Dalet: Fourth Letter Of The Hebrew Alphabet

Dameshek: Damascus

Dan: Tribe Of Dan

Daryawesh: King Darius The Mede

Derachot: Ways, Or Roads, Or Paths

Derech: Way, Or Road, Or Path

Devar: YHWH Word Of YHWH

Divre HaYamim: Chronicles

Drash: Allegoric Level Of Hebraic Understanding

DSS: Dead Sea Scrolls

Echad: One, Or Oneness, Or Unity, Or Compound Unity

Ed: Witness

Edah: Congregation

Edot: Congregations

Eema, Emma: Mother

Eemot, Emmot: Mothers (Plural)

Efrayim: Efrayim; Collective Term For The Ten Tribes After 721 BCE, Or The Single Tribe Depending On The Context
Efrayimites: A Group Of, Or From Efrayim

Egle: Bull. The Tribal Banner Of Efrayim Yisrael

Ekklesia: Congregation, Or Synagogue

El: Singlular Form Of “Elohim” Meaning THE MIGHTY ONE and plural meaning THE MIGHTY ONE’S
El-Azar: Eliezer

El-Elohe-Yisrael: Elohim The El Of Yisrael

El-Elyon: Most High

Eliezer, or El-AzarEliezer: Son Of Aaron The High Priest

Elisheva: Elizabeth

Eliyahu: Elijah

Eloah: TVKT Elohim In Aramaic never in Paleo Hebrew

Elohim: Title For YHWH, Often Used Either For YHWH, Or In Conjunction With The Personal Proper Name YHWH
El-Olam: Master Of The Universe, Or World

El-Roi: El My Shepherd, Or El Who Shepherds

El-Shaddai: Most High El, Or El Over All Shads, Or Demons

Emanu-El: El With Us

Emet: True, Or Truth, Or Truthful

Emunah: Faith, Or Trust, Or “The Faith”

Ephah: Unit Of Dry Measure Equal To About One Bushel, Or About 33 Liters, Or A Dry Measure Of About 64 US Pints
Ephod: Shoulder Garment Worn By the High Priest

Eretz: Land, Or Earth

Eretz Acherit: Another Land, Or New World

Eretz Yisrael: Land Of Yisrael

Erom: Edom

Et: The

Et Borecha: Your Creators

Eu Sebio, or Eu Saveo: Shabbat-Guarding Piety

Eved: Servant, Or Slave

Eytz Chayim: Tree Of Life

Eytzim: Trees (Plural)

Eytzim Chayim: Trees Of Life

Gad: Tribe Of Gad

Gadar-Peretz: Restorer Of The Breach

Galil: Area Of Galilee, Or Sea Of Galilee

Galut: Exile, Or Diaspora

Galutyah: Exiles Of Yah, Galatia

Gan: Garden

Gan Ayden: Paradise, Or Garden Of Eden

Gat Sh’manim: Gethsemane

Gavriel Gabriel: The Heavenly Messenger

Gei-Hinnom, Gehenna: Hell, Or A Valley Of Garbage Dumping Outside Ancient Jerusalem.

Gematria: Numerical Value Of Hebrew Letters Used To Discover Secrets About YHWH

Ger: Sojourner, Or Stranger, Or Convert To A Form Of Judaism

Gerim: Plural For Strangers, Sojourners, Or Converts To A Form Of Judaism

Get: Certificate Of Divorce

Geulah: Redemption

Gilah: Rejoice

Gilgal: Roll Away

Gilgul: Revolving

Gimel: Third Letter Of Hebrew Alphabet

Goalecha: Your Redeemer, Or Redeemers

Golyath: Goliath The Giant

Gooff: Physical Body

Gowra: Guardian, Or Legal Guardian

Goy, or Goyim: Nation (As Applied To Either Yisrael, Or The Gentiles Depending On Context). Also An Individual Not Born In Yisrael.
Ha: Definite Article: “The”

Ha Adon: The Master

Ha Allah: Literally “The Allah” The Personification of Evil And Cursing

Ha Moshiach, HaMashiach: The Messiah

Ha navi, or the navi: The Or A Prophet; Not Speaking Of Yahshua

Haftarah: Weekly Portion From The Prophets Read In The Shabbat Service

Halacha: Way, Or Way To Walk, Or Conduct One’s Life

Halachot: Plural Form Of Halacha, Or Ways

Hallel: Praise

Hallelu, or Hallelu-et: Praise To, Or Praise The

HaMitikun: The Restoration

HaNavi: The Prophet; Speaking Only Of Yahshua

Har: Mountain, Mount, Or Hill

Har HaBayit: Mountain Of the House (Temple)

Har HaZaytim: Mount Of Olives

Har Kadosh: Set-Apart Mountain

Har Senai: Mount Sinai

Har Tzion: Mt. Zion

Havdalah: Closing Service For Shabbat Night, Or Separating The

Shabbat, Shabbos: From The Rest Of The Week

Heilel: satan

Hekal: Temple, Or Set-Apart Place In Front Of The Holy Of Holies

Hephzi-nah: Delight In Her

Hevel: Abel

Hey: Fifth Letter Of The Hebrew Alphabet

Higayon: Meditation, Or To Meditate

Hinai Ma Tov Uma Nayim Shevet Aachim Gam Yachad: See, How Good And How Pleasant It Is For Brothers To Dwell Together In Unity

Hinayni: Here Am I, Or Here I Am

Hodu: Give Thanks

Hoshiana: Hosanna, Or Save Now

Ichavod: The Presence And Beauty Of YHWH Has Departed

Ish: Man

Isha: Woman

Ivri: A Hebrew Person Pronounced Iyvree

Ivrim: Hebrews (Plural) Pronounced Iyvreem

Ivrit: The Hebrew Language Pronounced Iyvreet

Iyov: Job

Kadesh: Liturgical Prayer Of Praise In Matthew 6, Or The Traditional Jewish Funeral Service

Kadosh: Set-Apart, Holy

Kadosh HaKedoshim: Most Set-Apart Place, Or The Holy of Holies

Kadosh Le –YHWH: Set-Apart To YHWH

Kadosh Shemecha: Set-Apart Is Your Name; Hallowed Is Your Name

Kadosh-One: Set-Apart-One Referring To Yahshua-YHWH, Or Abba-YHWH

Kahal: Congregation, Or Assembly

Kahal Gadol: Large, Or Great Congregation, Or Assembly

Kaiser: Caesar

Kal Va Chomer: Principle Of Hebraic Interpretation That Seeks The Greater, Or Weightier Issue, When Two Commandments Seem To Contradict
Kala: Bride, Or Finished, As In “It Is Done”

Kanaan: Land Of Canaan

Kanaanite: Canaanite

Karsavan: Thrones

Kashrut: Kosher Laws Of YHWH And The Corresponding Lifestyle

Kata: Hanging Facial Veil

Katuv: A Scripture, As In A Single Verse Of Scripture

Kavod: Esteem, Honor

Ke: For

Ke Etsem Ha Shamayim: Like The Body, Or Bone Of Heaven

Ke Le-Olam-Chasdo: For His Kindness Is Everlasting

Ke Tov: For He Is Good

Kedoshecha: Your Set-Apart One

Keetvay HaKadosh: The Scriptures As A Whole In Plural Form

Ken: Yes, Or For Sure

Kepha: Peter

Keporah: Blood Atonement, Atonement, Or Sin Covering

Kesay: Throne, Or Seat Of Authority

Kesay: Lavan White Throne

Ketarim: Crowns

Keter: Crown

Ketuvim: Writings

Kevutz Galyut: Ingathering Of The Exiles

Kfar: City, Or Village

Kiddish: Cup Of Blessing And Separation

Kiddushat HaShem: The Sanctification Of The Name

Kidushim: Saints

Kilayaim: Torah Command Prohibiting Mixing Of Seeds

Klalot: Curses

Koach: Strength, Or Power

Kochav: Star

Kochavim: Stars

Kodesh: Set-Apart

Kodesh-Le: Set-Apart To

Kohanim: Priests From The Tribe Of Levi

Kohanim Gedolim: High Priests

Kohanim HaGedolim: The High Priests (Plural)

Koheleth: Preacher

Kohen: Priest

Kohen HaGadol: The High Priest

Kol: Voice, Or All

Kol Bet Yisrael: All The House Of Israel

Kol Echad: One Voice, Or One Mind

Kol Ha-Am: All The People

Kol Shofar: Voice Of The Shofar

Koresh: Cyrus The Persian King

Kruvat: An Offered Near Event, Or Thing

Kush: Ethiopia

Kushite: Person Of Color, Or Ethiopian

Lashon Hara: Evil Speaking, Gossip, Or Slander

Lashuv: To Return Again

Le: To

Lechayim: To Life, Or Long Life

Lechem: Bread

Lechem Ha Panayim: Bread Of The Faces, Or Showbread In The Ancient Temple.

Le-Marbe: To Increase

Le-Olam-Va-Ed: Forever, Or For eternity

Lev: Heart

Lev Echad: One Heart, Or One Purpose

Levanon: Lebanon

Levavot: Hearts (Plural)

Lewi: A Levite, A Levi, Or Tribe Of Levi

Lewiym: Levites (Plural)

Lo: No

Lo-Ami: Not My People

Lo-Ruchamah: No Compassion

LXX: Septuagint (The Greek Translation Of The Hebrew Tanach, Done Circa 150 BCE)

Ma’aser: Tithe, Or Tithes, Or 10 %

Maaleh: Filled

Maariv: Early Evening Prayer

Maaseh: Acts, Or Works Of

Maaseh Mirkavah: Workings Of The Chariot; Official Name For Ezekiel Chapter One.

Makom Kadosh: Set-Apart Place

Malach: Angel, Or Heavenly Messenger

Malach-YHWH: Angel, Or Messenger Of YHWH, Or Yahshua Himself

Malchut: Kingdom, Or The Kingdom

Malchut HaShamayim: Kingdom Of Heaven, Or The Heavens

Malchutim: Kingdoms (Plural)

Malka: Queen

Malkaim: Queens (Plural)

Malki-Tzedek: Melchesidek, Or King of Righteousness, And King Of Jerusalem

Malkosh: Latter Rain, Or Kingdom Rain

Manna: Wafers Of Honey, Or The Wilderness Food Of Yisrael. Literally; What is this?

Marah: Bitter

Mar-Yah: Aramaic For Master, Or Master-Yah

Matbeel: Immerser, Or Baptist

Mattityahu: Matthew

Matzah: Unleavened Bread

Matzoth: Feast Of Unleavened Bread, Or Plural Form For Matzah

Mayim: Water, Or Waters

Me-Camocha: Who Is Like You?

Meechayai Hamaytim: Resurrection Of The Dead As A Reality, Hope, Or Doctrine

Melachim: Angels, Or Heavenly Messengers (Plural)

Melech: King

Melech HaMelechim: Kings Of All Kings

Melechim: Kings (Plural)

Melo-Hagoyim: Fullness Of The Gentiles, Or Nations

Mem: Hebrew Letter

Menashsheh: Tribe of Manasseh

Menorah: Seven-Branched Candleholder As Used In The Ancient Temple

Menorot: Seven Branched Candleholders (plural)

Meshecho: His Messiah

Meshugas: Crazy

Meshugoyim: Lunatics, Or Crazies (Plural)

Metatron: Guardian, Or The Guardian Of Yisrael, Or Yahshua

Mezuzah: Scripture Portions In A Case Posted On the Doorposts To Obey The Command

Mia-Ton-Sabbaton: One Of The Shabbats

Midrash: Discuss Scripture And Theology Openly

Mikvah: Baptism, Water Immersion, Or Purification, To Baptize, To Immerse

Mikvot: Immersions (Plural)

Mincha: Afternoon Prayer

Miqra Kedoshim: Set-Apart Assemblies, Or Gatherings (Plural)

Miqra Kodesh: Set-Apart Gathering Of Believers Ordered By Torah

Mirkavot: Chariots (plural)

Miryam: Mary

Mishkan: Tabernacle

Mishle: Proverbs, Or A Proverb

Mishle Emet: True Proverb

Mishpacha: Family

Mishpachot: Families, Or Tribes

Mishpat: Judgment, Or Right Ruling

Mishpat Bachor: Firstborn Right, Or Rights

Mishpatim: Judgments, Or Right-Rulings That Make Perfect Sense

Mitzrayim: Egypt

Mitzri: Egyptian

Mitzrim: Egyptians (Plural)

Mitzvah: A Single Commandment, Or Torah Obedient Act, Or Command

Mitzvoth: YHWH’s Commandments, Or Man’s Obedient Deeds, Or Obedient Works Of Torah Done In Complete Submission And Willingness
Mizmor: Individual Psalm From The Book of Psalms

Moadim: The Appointed Times, Or Eternal Feasts of YHWH (Plural)

Moed: Feast, Appointed Time

Moreh: Teacher

Morim: Teachers (plural)

Moshe: Moses

Moshe Rabainu: Moses Our Teacher, Moses Our Rabbi

Moshiach/Mashiach: The Messiah, Or The Anointed One

Moshiach/Mashiach Ben Dawid: Messiah Son Of David, Or The Reigning King Messiah

Moshiach/Mashiach: Ben Yoseph Messiah Son Of Joseph, Or The Suffering Servant

Motzei: Shabbat Sundown On Shabbat

Nachamu: Comfort

Nachas: Intense Joy

Naga: Leper Or Beaten

Nagid: Prince, Or Ruler

Nakdimon: Nicodemous

Naphtali: The Tribe Of Naphtali

Nasi: The Messiah In A Millennial Context

Natzeret: City Of Nazereth

Navi: Prophet

Navi Sheker: A False Prophet, Or The False Prophet Of Revelation

Neir Tamid: Eternal Flame In Front Of The Holy of Holies

Nekudah: Hebrew Language Point Mark, Such As A Period

Nephesh: Soul, Or Being

Nephilim: Giants Before The Flood

Neshalem: Peace To The Bride, Or A Finished Action

Ness: Individual Miracle

Nethinim: Singers-Musicians In The Ancient Temple

Netzarim, or Netsarim: Believers In Yahshua Who Keep Torah. Literally Means “Branches”

Netzer, or Natzer: Branch

Neviim: Used With Upper Case “N”; Prophets (Plural), Or The Books Of The Prophets

neviim: Used With Lower Case “n”; Any Combination Of The Prophets As A Whole

Neviyah: Prophetess

Nezer: A State Of Separation, Or Consecration

Nidah: Period Of Menstruation; Used In Symbolic Terms As Well To Portray Uncleanness

Nigzar: Cut Off

Nisim: Miracles (Plural)

Nissi: Banner

Nivrechu: Mixed, Or Intermingled, Or Blessed, Or Both

Noach: Noah

Nokri: Foreign, Or Strange, As In Foreign Vine

Nomos: Any Kind Of Law, Laws, Or Statutes

Notsrei Yisrael: Nazarene Yisrael, Or Preserved Ones

Notsrim: Believers In Yahshua Who Keep Torah; Nazarenes

Oikodomeo: Rebuild

Olam: World, Or Earth

Olam Haba: World, Or Age To Come; The Reward Of The Redeemed

Olam Hazeh: This Age, Or This World

Olamim: Ages

Omer: The Standard Measurement For Food In Torah; About 2.5 lbs; About 1/10 Of An Ephah Which Is About 6.4 Pints
Ot: Sign

Oy: A Loud Sigh

Oy Vey: Longer Oy

Panayim-El-Panayim: Face To Face

PaRDeS: Four Levels Of Understanding Scripture (From Most Basic To Deepest): Pashat (Simple), Remez (Hints, Or Allusions), Drash (Parables, Riddles And Allegories), And Sod (Esoteric, Mysterious Level)
Parsha, or Parashot: Torah Portion; The Name Of The Portion Is Based On The First Few Words In Hebrew In The First Sentence Of The Torah Reading Portion. There Are 52 Parshas, Or Parashot, One For Each Of 52 Shabbats In The Year.
Parthenos: Virgin

Pashat: Literal Level Of Hebraic Understanding

Pehter: Peter As A Proper Noun, A Name; Also A Verb, Meaning “To Open” (As In The Opening Of A Womb)
Pesach: Passover

Peshitta: Aramaic Plain And Preserved Text Of The East; The Original Language Of The Renewed Covenant Documents
Peyot: Long Sideburns, Or Side Locks Worn By Male Torah-Keepers

Pinchus: Phineus

Plishti: Philistine

Plishtim: Philistines

Prush: Pharisee

Prushim: Pharisees (Plural)

Qayin: Cain

Racham: Mercy (In Singular Form)

Rachamim: Mercy, Or Mercies

Rachatz: Hand-Washing Ceremony During Passover Meal

Ratzon: Will (As In YHWH’s Will And Purpose)

Rav: Rabbi, Or Teacher

Rav Shaul: Apostle Paul

Regalim: Three Ascension, Or Foot Feasts To Jerusalem.

Remez: Hint Level Of Hebraic Understanding

Rephayim: Giants, Or Healed Resurrected Spirits Depending On Context

Reuven: Tribe of Reuben

Roehim: Shepherds

Roei: Shepherd

Roei-HaGadol: Chief Shepherd

Romayim: Romans

Romiyah: Rome

Roni: Rejoice

Roni Bat: TzionShout For Joy Daughter Of Zion

Rosh Chodashim: New Moons, Or New Months

Rosh Pina: Cornerstone

ruach: Spirit Of Man, Or Beast

Ruach Hakodesh: Set-Apart Spirit

Ruachim: Spirits

Ruchamah: Compassion

satan: satan, devil

Sanhedrin: Ruling Council Of The 70 Elders In Jerusalem

SarRuler: (Moshiach/Mashiach), Or Lower Level Prince

Seah: Ancient Grain Measurement

Sedom: City Of Sodom

Sefer Ha Chayim: Book, Or Scroll Of Life

Sefer Yahshar: Scroll of Jasher

Sefirot: Manifestations of YHWH

Selah: Pause And Think About It

Sepharad: Spain

Seraphim: Heavenly Messengers

Sh’bikta: Undivorced, Or Never Legally Divorced

Shaalu Shalom: Pray, Or Ask For The Peace

Sha-ar ha Shamayim: Gate Of Heaven

Shaar Yahshuv: Isaiah’s Son

Shaarai Mavet: Gates Of Death

Sha-aray ha Shamayim: Gates Of Heaven

Shabbat/Shabbos: Sabbath Day

Shabbat Gadol: Annual Shabbat, Or Big Sabbath

Shabbat-Shabbaton: A Day Of Rest; And A Term Used For Certain Very Set-Apart Ordained Days Of Rest, Such As The Day Of Atonement
Shacrit: Morning Prayer

Shalom: Peace

Shalom Aleichem: Peace Be To You

Shalom VeBetachon: Peace And Safety

Shalosh Regallim: Three Ascension Feasts, Or Literally Foot Festivals

Shamash: A Servent

Shamashim: Local Elders In A Congregation (Plural)

Shamayim: The Heavens (Singular And Plural)

Shamesh: Elder

Shatnetz: A Forbidden Mixture Of Wool And Cotton

Shavuot: Feast Of Weeks

Shechinah: The Divine Presence

Shed: Demon, Or Unclean Spirit

Shedim: Demons, Or Unclean Spirits (Plural)

Shema: Hear, Or Listen

Shemesh: Sun

Shemot: Names

Sheol: Grave, Or Pit

Sheva Yamim: Seven Days

Shevet: Scepter

Shimeon: Simeon

Shimon Kepha: Simon The Rock

Shir: Sing, Or Song

Shir HaShirim: Song Of Songs

Shirim: Songs (Plural)

Shittim: Acacia Wood

Shiva: Traditional (Among Jews) Mourning For Seven Days

Shivlai HaMoshiach/HaMasiach: Birth Pains Of The Messiah, Or Another Description Of The Great Tribulation
Shlichim: Apostles, Messengers, Sent Ones From YHWH

Shlomo: Solomon

Shmecha: Your Name

Shmeta: Land Shabbat

Shmonei-Esreh: Ancient Liturgical Piece Of 18 Benedictions That Included The Curse On The Nazarenes; Still Used Today Without The Curse In Modern Judaism
Shmuel: Samuel

Shnai Machanot: Two Camps, Or Companies

Shochet: Ritual Slaughterer Of Kosher Meat; A Certified Slaughterer

Shofar: Ram’s Horn

Sholiach: Emissary, Or Apostle

Sholiachship: Office Of Sholiach, Or Apostle

Shomer: Watch, Keep, Observe, Or Guard

Shomron: Samaria The Efrayimite Capital

Shophet: A Judge

Shophtim: Judges

Shulchan: Table

Shuv: Return, Or Repent

Shuvee: Return

Siddur: Liturgical Prayer Book

Simcha: Joy, Or Happiness

Sitrah Hora: Other Side, Or Dark Underworld Of Spirits

Sod: Mystical Esoteric, Or Secret Level Of Hebraic Understanding, Or A Secret Matter

Sopher: Scribe

Sophrim: Scribes

Sperma: Human Seed, Or Seed Of Fruit

Sukkah: Tabernacle, Or Booth

Sukkot: Feast of Tabernacles, Or Booths; Also An Ancient City

Taf: Last Letter In The Hebrew Alphabet

Tahor: Pure

Tallit: Prayer Shawl

Talmid: Student, Or Disciple

Talmida: Female Student, Or Disciple

Talmidim: Disciples, Students, Or Followers

Tanach: Acronym For The “First Covenant” Formed By: Torah (Instruction), Neviim (Prophets), And Ketuvim (Writings)
Taraa: Tutors

Tarea: Door

Targum Yonathan: The Aramaic Paraphrase Of Tanach At The Time Of Yahshua

Tartaros: A Special Place For Imprisoned Spirits At The Time Of The Flood And For The Fallen Angels Of The Flood
Tayvah: Ark Of Noah

Techelet: Cord Of Blue On The Fringes

Tefillah: Prayer (Singular)

Tefillin: Head And Arm Phylacteries

Tefillot: Prayers (Plural)

Tehilla: Praise

Tehillim: Praises, Or Book Of Psalms

Tehillot: Praises (Plural)

Tekiyah: Shout Of A Trumpet, Long Shofar Blast, Or Shout

Tekiyah-Ge-Dolah: Loud And Long Shofar Blast

Teleo: Goal, Or Finished

Telestai: Accomplished, Or Finished

Terumah: Free-Will Offering

Teshuvah: Repentance, Or Turning Back

TetNinth: Letter Of The Hebrew Alphabet

Tetragrammaton: The Four Letters Forming The Divine Name YHWH

The Devar YHWH: The Word Of YHWH-Yahshua

The Lewi: The Levi

The Shema: Deuteronomy 6:4

Tifereth: Beauty, Glory

Tikvah: Hope, Expectation, Baptism (Depending On Context)

Todah: Thank You, Thanks

Todah Raba: Thank You Very Much

Torah: Loving Instructions Found In The Five Books Of Moses, Or Instructions Of Moses From YHWH; Mistranslated As “Law”
Torot: Plural Of Torah, Or Instructions

Tov: Good

Tsad HaYamin: Right Side

Tsemach: Branch

Tsor: Tyre

Tzadik: A Righteous Man, Woman, Or Person

Tzadik Mishpat: Righteous Judgment, Or Sentence

Tzadik Shophet: Righteous Judge

Tzadikim: Righteous Ones, Or Persons

Tzaduk: Sadducee

Tzadukim: Sadducees

Tzarephath: France

Tzedakah: Righteousness, Or Charity

Tzephanyah: Stephen

Tzevaot: Hosts, Or Armies

Tzion: Zion

Tzitzit: Fringe

Tzitziyot: Fringes (Plural)

Urah-Vetzeah: Rise And Come Out

Uzuvah: Forsaken

Vayhee Beensoah HaAron: Synagogue Liturgy Piece During Removal Of Torah From The Ark
Waw: Sixth Letter Of The Hebrew Alphabet

Word: Used With An Upper Case “W” When Referring To Yahshua

Yaakov: Jacob, Or James

Yachad: Together, As In Unity, Or Common

Yachid: Absolute Unity

Yah: Poetic Short Form Of Yahweh

Yahpha Gate: Beautiful Gate Of Ancient Temple

Yahrushalayim: Jerusalem

Yahshar: Straight, Or Upright

Yahshua: YHWH’s Only Begotten Son; Hebrew Name For the MessiYAH (Meaning “Yahu Saves,” Or “Salvation or Deliverance Of Yahu”)
Yahudah: Judah

Yahudi, or Yahudite: A Jew

Yahudim: Speaking of the Hebrew People (Plural) Meaning those who belong to the Family of Yahuweh. Then and Today by adoption the Yahuwdym, English Transliteration.
Yam Suf: Sea Of Reeds

Yamim Acharonim: Last Days

Yamim HaAcharonim: The Latter-Days


Yapho: City Of Joppa

Yarden: Jordan River, Or Jordan

Yericho: Jericho

Yeshayahu: Isaiah

Yeshiva: Torah Class, School For Torah Study

Yeshuat Nefesh: Saving Of Life; The Overriding Principle Of Torah

Yetzer Harah: Evil Nature, Or Inclination In All Humanity

YHWH: YAHUWEH THE Personal and Proper Name Of The Father

YHWH-Nissi: YHWH My Banner

YHWH-Rophechah: YHWH Your Healer, Or Healers

YHWH-Tzidkaynu: YHWH Our Righteousness

YHWH-Yireh: YHWH Will Be Seen, Or YHWH Will Provide

Yireh-YHWH: Yahweh-Fearers, Or Non-Jewish Converts In The First Century

Yirmeayahu: Jeremiah

Yisrael: Israel (The Nation, Or Land, Or Person Known As Jacob, Depending On The Context); Means Overcoming With El
Yisraelite: Israelite

Yissacher: The Tribe Of Issachar

Yizrael: Jezreel, Or The Promise To Gather The Scattered Seed Of Yisrael; Also An Ancient City
Yochanan: John

Yochanan ha Matbeel: John the Baptist

Yom: Day

Yom Chameeshe: Fifth Day

Yom Din, or Yom HaDin: Day Of Judgment, Or The Day Of Judgement

Yom HaGeulah: The Day of Redemption

Yom HaKippurim: Days of Atonements (Plural)

Yom Kippur, or Yom HaKippur: Day Of Atonement

Yom Revee: Fourth Day

Yom Rishon: First day of the week

Yom Shanee: Second Day

Yom Sheshi: Sixth Day

Yom Shleshi, or Yom Shlishi: Third day

Yom Teruah: Feast of Trumpets

Yom Tov: Normal Holiday That Is Either Biblical, Or Manmade

Yonah: Dove, Or A Proper Name

Yoseph: Joseph, Or YHWH Has Added, Or Enlarged

Yovel: Jubilee, Or Year Of Jubilee

Yud: Smallest Hebrew Letter, Tenth Letter Of The Hebrew Alphabet

Zachan: Elder Of A Nation, Or A Faith, Or An Elderly Man

Zacharyah: Zechariah

Zayin: Seventh Letter Of The Hebrew Alphabet

Zechanim: Elders Of A Nation, Or A Faith

Zera: Seed, Sperm

Zevulon: Zebulon

Zichnai Yisrael: Elders Of Yisrael, Or Of The Faith

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