Getting In Shape For God’s Service

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1998 – “Getting In Shape For God’s Service”

Rev. Dr. Leticia Rouser – Lexington, KY

Dr. Lillie M. White Shaffer – Chicago, IL

1999 – “Magnify The Lord”

Sister Rosa Cooper – Chicago, IL

Sister Francine Morris – Indianapolis, IN

2000 – “What Happens When We Pray?”

Rev. Galda McCants – Lincoln, IL

Sister Karen Waddles – Chicago, IL

2001 - “Christian Women Challenged By The Word and The World”

Sister Pearl Singleton – Joliet, IL

Rev. Peggie Senor – Springfield, IL

2002 - “Praise Him”

Minister Renee Gilkey – St. Louis, MO

Sister Jackie Newman – Springfield, IL

2003 – “Blessed”

Sister Lovie Sophus, Houston, TX

Sister Patricia Johnson – Bald Knob, AK

2004 – “Reflections”

Dr. Emma Kelly Rhodes – Little Rock, AK

Rev. Carla Campbell – St. Louis, MO

2005 - “New Beginnings”

Sister Saundra Waldrop – Jacksonville, FL

2006 – “For Such A Time As This”

Sister Karen Waddles – Chicago, IL

Sister Barbara Tatum – Urbana, IL

2007 – “Who Do You Say I Am?”

Dr. Lillie M. White Shaffer – Chicago, IL

2008 – “Marked By The Word”

Pastor Tracy Walker – Baumholder, Germany

2009 – “Women Under Construction for the Lord”

Rev. Beverly Smith – East Moline, IL

2010 – “Victory In Jesus”

Evangelist Rosa Thomas-Webb – Alton, IL

2011 – “And We Shall Pursue Him”

Rev. E. Anne Henning Byfield – Indianapolis

2012 – “Walk In Your Season”

Rev. Vivian Clarington - Decatur, IL 

First Lady Theresa Davis - Springfield, IL

2012 Indianapolis – “Is There A Message From the Lord?”

Rev. E. Anne Henning Byfield – Indianapolis

Rev. Ericka Bailey - Chicago, IL

2013 – “He Calls Me Friend”

Rev. Arnetta McNeese Bailey - Anderson, IN  

Missionary Niqula Ousley - Springfield, IL


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