Frequently Asked Questions about Flint Hill Fire Academy’s Jr. Firefighter Camp

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Frequently Asked Questions about Flint Hill Fire Academy’s Jr. Firefighter Camp

Age Limit: 12 – 15 at time of camp (young 16 year olds are eligible)

Dates: Monday - Friday / June 13 – 17 & June 20 – 24

(July 11 – 15 if demand is high enough / add to waiting list)

Times: 9:00am – 12:00pm; Drop off between 8:45-9:00 – Pick up at 12:00pm (noon)

Location: Flint Hill Fire Department - Station 1

Payment: Paid in Full 1 week before camp start date (June 6 or June 13).

Two options: - Half at registration, Half 1 week before camp starts

- 100% at time of registration

Where to find Registration Information: On FHVFD website or Station 1 in FHFA mailbox

Where to drop off Registration/Money: In an envelop at Station 1 - placed in Fire Academy Mailbox

Clothing Requirement: Cadets are asked to wear good jeans, tennis shoes, and their Academy issued T-shirts.

What they’ll Learn: Jr. Firefighter Cadets will learn many aspects of the training involved in becoming a firefighter during the week long day camp including experiencing the role and duties of a firefighter, the types of fire apparatus, tools, and hoses, first aid basics, fire attack procedures and will even be given the opportunity to have hands on experience with equipment, search and rescue techniques and putting out fires with hoses and extinguishers.

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