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August 8, 2016                                                                                                      

For immediate release

Fran Minakowski,

Office: 410-581-4138

Ari Hamilton,

Office: 410-568-8807

Maryland Public Television to provide business/tourism documentary to

Ellicott City to promote post-flood economic development
Station also waives membership fee for Ellicott City residents and businesses
OWINGS MILLS, MD – Maryland Public Television announced today that the station will contribute to the re-building effort in Ellicott City, MD, in the aftermath of the July 31 flood. MPT will cover all expenses connected with the creation and broadcast of a TV documentary, Our Town Ellicott City, that will showcase the area for economic, residential, and tourism development.
“While MPT can’t work on highways, health issues, or heavy construction, we certainly can do television,” says Larry D. Unger, president and CEO of Maryland Public Television. “We hope that sharing the stories of Ellicott City’s history, attractions, and quality of life, we’ll be giving local businesses and government a useful promotional tool and providing residents with entertainment and education about their nearly 250-year-old town. The recovery from the flood will be just one element of the broader story about what makes Ellicott City special.”
The documentary will be made available without charge to economic development, tourism, chamber of commerce, and business groups to use as a recruitment, economic development, and promotional tool as the city gets back on its feet. In addition, the station will telecast the documentary throughout Maryland and make it available to public TV stations in surrounding states. 
In addition to the documentary, MPT will provide some small financial relief to residents of Elliott City zipcodes 21042 and 21043 by extending any of their MPT memberships by a full year at no cost upon request. The station will also give a free, one-year membership to any other resident of Ellicott City upon request. To request the free or extended membership, residents can simply phone MPT's Member Services team (410-581-​4292​).
“The governor asked state agencies to pitch in,” Mr. Unger said, “and so we’re looking forward to collaborating with local Ellicott City officials and residents to create a documentary that captures the appeal of this special area.”
About MPT

Launched in 1969 and headquartered in Owings Mills, MD, Maryland Public Television is a nonprofit, state-licensed public television network and member of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).  MPT’s six transmitters cover Maryland plus portions of contiguous states and the District of Columbia.  Frequent winner of regional Emmy® awards, MPT creates local, regional, and national television shows.  Beyond broadcast, MPT’s commitment to professional educators, parents, caregivers, and learners of all ages is delivered through year-round instructional events and the super-website Thinkport, which garners in excess of 11 million page views annually.  MPT’s community engagement connects viewers with local resources on significant health, education, and public interest topics through year-round outreach events, viewer forums, program screenings, and phone bank call-in opportunities.  

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