Facilities and Operations Recognition Program Nomination Form

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Facilities and Operations

Recognition Program

Nomination Form

um id #:


Full Name:*




Last Name

First Name

Middle Initial

Title (Market):




Supervisor’s Name:


Date of Nomination:


Award amount:




*For team nominations attach list of names, umids, award amounts and appropriate shortcodes for each employee listed.

Nomination Based on which Criteria:

  1. Exceptional Job Performance

    1. Sustained outstanding performance above and beyond standard job requirements

  2. Managing People

    1. Demonstrated strong management skills by providing a positive working environment. Able to motivate people to perform at the highest level. Demonstrates fair handling of employee issues that is consistent with University policies.

  3. Customer Service

    1. Extraordinary achievement or contribution requiring maximum effort that significantly impacted customer service and productivity that is not likely to be repeated

  4. Special Projects

    1. Cost savings/efficiencies

    2. Special committees

    3. Substantial major project completion

Please describe in detail accomplishment, impact of activity or project, monetary savings, improved morale or improved customer relations, etc. Please attach relevant Performance Plan/Review.


Executive Director’s Signature



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