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Global competition in the metal working industry requires both technological and economical efficiency. At the same time, the demands of environmental compatibility and human safety have increased considerably.

Rhenus recognised this trend very early on and, as a result, developed amine-free water soluble coolants.
In it’s more than a century of existence; Rhenus Lub has evolved into the leading manufacturer of special lubricants. Its achievements in this field are considerable, in Germany, Asia, South America and throughout Europe.
The Helix Tool Company and Rhenus Lub Ltd have formed a partnership to promote Rhenus metalworking fluids in Yorkshire.

The basis of the partnership is simple:

To provide state of the art metalworking fluids that;

  • Provide the highest safety for work piece, process and man.

  • Add value to the customer process with our reliable cost efficient products and service.

Rhenus is certified according to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

A cool customer
When Birkenhead – based manufacturer of sub assemblies for the Aerospace industry, CML Group experienced staining on a particular aluminium component, it was faced with the problems of lower productivity and higher costs. This, coupled with poor sump life saw the chance for Rhenus Lub to introduce its products and philosophy to CML in a bid to help provide a solution to its problems.
A Rhenus technical sales engineer together with CML personnel surveyed the situation and a proposal was put forward with a product recommendation. Rhenus R COOL S, a water soluble EP product from its amine and boron free range was selected. Thanks to its optimised EP properties, R COOL S ensures the best results even during the most difficult machining operations such as reaming, threading, sawing and deep hole drilling. The product is suitable for any application on single machines, machining centres, transfer lines, single units and central units.
The sump of a five axis machining centre was thoroughly cleaned and drained using Rhenus system cleaner, and a fresh mix of R COOL S was added.

Immediately the staining on the rib components disappeared, the coolant with its neutral smell and pleasant appearance had made an impressive start. But the next test for the Rhenus product was to demonstrate its sump life performance.

Trials using R COOL S were introduced to other machines including a three spindle, five axis machine CNC machine with a seventeen metre long bed that machined aluminium wing spars, it was time to put the Rhenus philosophy and its products to the test. CML had been getting sump life duration of up to two months with a competitors product, before emptying, cleaning and refilling with fresh coolant, this was adding to their process costs in terms of lower productivity , increased coolant expenditure and higher disposal costs. R COOL S surpassed all expectations, with sump life duration of up to 12 months becoming the norm . Thanks to regular coolant monitoring management by Rhenus personnel the CML Group can concentrate on its core business.

R COOL S is being used across the whole of the CML machine shop, and playing its part in the never ending quest for economic efficiency. Over a two year period disposal costs for CML have been reduced by over 75 per cent with a considerable cut in coolant expenditure.

Rhenus is certified according to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Rhenus Lub Ltd Helix Tool Company

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