Es 1105 Map Exercise 8 Name M/W or T/Th a glaciated Mountain Landscape: Glacier National Park

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ES 1105 Map Exercise 8 Name _________________ M/W or T/Th

A Glaciated Mountain Landscape: Glacier National Park

The spectacular rugged landscape of Glacier National Park is the result of extensive erosion and deposition by glaciers during the Pleistocene epoch. It is considered one of the crown jewels of the NPS.

Some of the highest peaks of the Rockies can be found here along the continental divide. Study the topography of the park on the shaded-relief map provided in the hall and library to answer the following: (Use the reverse side for more space!)

  1. Scale and contour interval of the map?

  1. What is the continental divide?

  1. Describe the topography of the Garden Wall, located at Logan Pass along Going-to-the-Sun Road.

  1. Look at the many small glaciers along the continental divide. What evidence is there that these are just remnants of much larger alpine glaciers?

  1. Locate Lake McDonald and St. Mary Lake. What caused the long narrow shapes of the many lakes on either side of the divide?

  1. Locate and name at least one example of the following erosional features:

    1. arĂȘte

    2. cirque

    3. horn

  2. Locate the Flathead River and note the railroad tracks. The train is still a favorite way to visit the park, hopping off at the Village of East Glacier to visit the Glacier Park Lodge. Explore the many grand and not-so-grand lodging options of the park at


Explore the geology of the park at the link above, and watch the video at:

Below and on the back, describe the nature of the bedrock which makes up this part of the Rocky Mountains.

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