English Essentials Langan/Johnson/Salem-Wiseman

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English Essentials


Chapter 7 Answer Key
Pg. 73 Practice 1

  1. O

3. S

5. S

7. O

9. S
Pg. 74 Practice 2

  1. her

3. Us

5. Us

7. Me

9. Him
Pg. 74

The prom was so long ago, I can’t remember all of the details. Either Gene or I drove. Furthermore, I can’t remember whether Katie Davis went with him or me.
Pg. 75 Practice 3

  1. me

3. her

5. her

7. we

9. I
Pg. 76

Sari is upset that her little sister gets better grades than she does.

Your behaviour disappoints your father as much as it disappoints me.

Pg. 76 Practice 4

  1. we

3. they

5. her

7. him

9. he
Pg. 77

The arrested person is a man whom my sister once dated.

The man and woman who live next door argue constantly.

Pg. 77 Practice 5

  1. who

3. who

5. who
Pg. 78 Practice 6

  1. who

3. who

5. whom
Pg. 79 Test 1

  1. she

3. us

5. I

7. She

9. Who
Pg. 80 Test 2

  1. us

3. I

5. We

7. Her

9. Who
Pg. 81 Test 3

Kiefer Sutherland is the son of Donald Sutherland an Shirley Douglas, both of who are famous actors. Kiefer is the grandson of Canadian politician Tommy Douglas, whom was named “The Greatest Canadian” by CBC viewers in 2004. Kiefer and his twin sister Rachel were born in London where his parents were working at the time. Kiefer and his family moved to Los Angeles soon after, but when his parents divorced in 1970, him and his mother moved to Toronto. He didn’t even know his father was famous until he was eighteen because him and his sister didn’t have a close relationship with he.


Both of whom

Who was named

He and his mother

He and his sister

With him
Pg. 82 Test 4
Kiefer started acting at the age of nine, but his first film role was in Max Dugan Returns when he was 17. The movie features both his father and he. After winning a Genie Award for his performance in The Bad Boy (1984), him and some friends moved to New York City to pursue acting. He has starred in more than fifty movies and television shows, but he is best known as the star of the hit series 24. Many Canadian actors have guest-starred on 24, and Keifer’s support of Canadian talent has been instrumental in getting they involved in the show. In 2007, The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists gave he the Award of Excellence, calling Sutherland a great Canadian success story. The president of ACTRA stated that them were “proud of him for strong support of other Canadian actors in Hollywood, while building one of the most successful careers in the industry.” As famous as he is, Sutherland still enjoys such normal activities as playing pool, riding horses, playing guitar, and cooking. He also plays hockey in a celebrity league.


His father and him

He and some friends

Getting them involved

Gave him the Award

Stated that they

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