Effectiveness of using smartphone during English lesson

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Polvonova Mahliyo

Effectiveness of using smartphone during English lesson
Polvonova Mahliyo,astudent Nukus State Pedagogical Institute.
We are living in an era of advanced technology,where every part of our daly lives is related to the science of craft in,one way or another.There is no doubt,that over the years technology has been responsibe for creating amazingly useful recours which put all the information we need at our fingertips.Also,Technology is a major part of students’ life and their academic training requires an introduction to scholarly uses of technology:pupils use tools from multimedia,presentation to clickers to enhance their teaching.Teacher do not justexperiment with different ways of usingtechnology,they focus on using technology o reacheducational goals more effectively and efficiently.
Technology is transformed the way we communicate,socialize,play,shop and condut business.Besides,the social networking revolution makes the world a small village and gives people opportunities to be independent learners rather than receiving knowledge merely from teachers in a traditional manner.These recent,profound changes place pressure on the traditional models of language learning and teaching,such as teaching in a formalclassroom setting.they also present us with challenges to re-design the way we teach and learn English.One new fact of our life today is wide spread use of mobile phones.This widespread use of mobile phones makesit necessary for educationist to find means of utlizng this new trend in teaching.TEFL can benefit from thistechnology in a number of ways especially that yhe use of mobile phones can extend far beyond the classroom where it is more convenient to the student allowing for more freedom and time.In addition,the students’ easy access to the internet through their phones enables them to make use of learning recources which had not been within reach in the past.
It has been argued that mobile phones have various education benefits to learning like giving students a chance to collaborate with each other,or connect with peers in other countries.They can also be used for high-tech alternatives to bring classroom lectures,letting students take part in interactive assignments like classroom polls.
Teaching methods and curricula are not out of the scope of this change,The use of mobile phones is affecting our life today as almost every person has a phone including most,if not all,young students.This spread of this handy device surely has implications and effects on students lives.Currently social networking sites that students can use through their mobile phones can help students enjoy easy access to the Internet through their phones thus enabling them to make use of learning resources which had n ot been within reach in the past and which might cater for this limitation of the classroom.
«Educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating,using and managing appropriate technological process and recources.It is most simply and contentedly defined as an assortment of tools that might prove helpful in student coentered learning.Educational technology also called.Learning technology mainly comprise of the use of technology in the process of teaching and learning[Hilal Almarabeh,issue 12,December 2015,761]
Teaching English as a foreign language can take advantage of this technology in many ways particularl mobile phones which can be used outside the classroom where it is more suitable for the learners as ir gives them more independence and time.Additionally,the immediate access to the internet via mobile phones helps students benefit from educational materials that had not been easy to attain in the past.Mobile phones with internet connectivity can search thousands of web pages and provide details of a high degree of accuracy to the reader.
Through mobile phones,students can perform a lot of learning tasks such as downloading their lecture notes,communicaticating with their classmates and teachers,browsing some educational sites and so on.
On the other hand,there is any disadvantages of using mobile phones during the lesson.For instance,students may be more enthusiastic about studying subject if they are preparing a Power Point presentation or video clip instead of a written essay.However,they might spend more time and effort on the presentation than researching the subject,and complete the project knowing very little about the subject.So,the technology enabled classroom offers acess to information,but it also offers many more distraction games on devices,text messaging,e-mail,and websites all complete for students attention taking that attention away from to subject on which they are supposed to be focusing.
But in my opinion,using smartphones during English lesson is good.Because,you may think technology is just a distraction,but itcan help encourage active participation in your classroom.Using devices like a computer,tablets or other type of technology in your classroom can help turn traditionally dull subjects into interactive and fun activities.
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