Edy Patterson

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Edy Patterson


EMP Interiors

2210 West Leota

North Platte, NE 69101


Edy is the Owner and President of EMP Interiors, an interior design firm operating in North Platte.
She was the Owner and President, as well as the chief operator, for Pro Printing & Graphics for nearly 20 years, a company she and her husband John created when they purchased a previous printing company, pulling it out of bankruptcy and into profit within one year. They sold the business in 2010 after expanding it to include a copy business, screen printing and specialized bindery, as well as offset printing and graphic design. Previously she was a Claims Deputy at the State of Nebraska, Division of Unemployment, and started and owned The Gingerbread House Nursery School early in her career.
Edy was appointed by the Mayor of North Platte to The Board of Community Redevelopment Authority. She is also currently on the Board of Directors for the Nebraska Diplomats (President 2013), Methodist Church Foundation (President 2014), Mid-Plains College Foundation, Women's Chamber of Commerce (past president), and the Economic Development Chamber (past president). She serves on the Advisory Boards for the Salvation Army and Girl Scouts. She was proud to be a TeamMates Mentor for three years.
She was awarded the North Platte Business Woman of the Year in 1998. In addition, Edy was named Woman of the Year by both the North Platte and Nebraska Business and Professional Women's organizations in 2002. In 2003, she was awarded the Chamber Woman of Achievement award. The North Platte Chamber also recognized Pro Printing and Graphics as Business of the Year in 2004. Edy was born and raised in Gothenburg, and attended Gothenburg High School and Midland Lutheran College. She is a long time active member of First United Methodist Church in North Platte. She and her husband John have three married children, Jacque Grabouski of Sioux City, Iowa, Joi Lecznar of Houston, Texas, and John Patterson II of Omaha, Nebraska. They have six grandchildren – Jeremy, Jenna, Jessica, Alynn, Ty and Will and one great granddaughter – Juliana

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