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2.1.A Lesson plan on the topic “My favorite hobby” for the pre-intermediate level pupils
Lesson : My favorite hobby is ...
The aim of the lesson:
-To practice talking about leisure activities
-To practice listening for specific information and reading
information in tables
-Talking about most popular and least popular activities using
the superlative
The method of the lesson:visual and traditional method.
The type of the lesson:teaching and learning new materials.
The equipment of the lesson:class books, posters, cards,
presentations, tests.
The procedure of the lesson:
1.The beginning of the lesson
a.Greeting and organizational moment
b.Listening to the report for the pupil on duty
c.Checking up the homework
2.The main part of the lesson
3.The ending of the lesson
a.Giving homework.
The beginning of the lesson
Teacher:Dear boys and girls. Today our new lesson is about
hobbies. Do you know mean of the hobby?
Yes, it is favorite occupation and when we have free time
we do it with joyful
Yes, you are right. Let`s, take pencils and dra
w daisy.
Than write kinds of hobbies in it.
Activity 1: Warming up:
This activity can be done as warm up. Pupils look at the labels and guess the
meaning of the new words. Teach the
pronunciation of the new words. Ask pupils
to say the meaning of the words in their mother tongue. Then ask them to make
sentences using a verb and appropriate noun. This activity can be done as warm
-I like playing computer games, what about you?
-I like growing flowers, what about you?
-I like playing golf , what about you?
Activity 2:
To practice listening for specific information.Pupils copy the numbers 1
-3 in their Ex.Books and llok at the photo of
Nodira and her coins, read 3 questions and write the answers. Then pupil look to
the presentation and check their guesses.
1.1. What does Nodira collect?
A. badges B. coins C. pictures
2. How many coins has she got?
A. One hundred
B. Two hundred C. Twenty two hundred
3. Which are her favourite coins ?
A. Russian B. Spanish C. English
Interviewer: Nodira, what `s your hobby?
Nodira: I collect coins you know, coins from diffe
rent countries.
Interviewer: Mmm... you collect coins. And how many have you got?
Nodira: About two hundred I think.
Interviewer: Where do you find them?
Nodira: Well, my father goes to different countries for his work, you
know. Ne gives me them. And
when we go on holiday to other countries
I always get some coins.
Interviewer: Where do you keep your coins?
Nodira: In beautiful albums. Would you like to see them?
Interviewer: Wow! They`re beautiful. You`ve got a lot, haven`t you?
And which are yo
ur favourite coins?
Nodira: Er... I think the English coins are, yes, English ones especially
the one with seven sides ... the 20 pence coin.
Interviewer: Have your friends got coins?
Nodira: No, they don`t collect coins, they collect other things.
Interviewer: Thank you, Nodira.
Activity 3:
To practice reading information in tables and talking about
most popular and least popular activities using the superlative
Indoor activities
Boys 13
Girls 13
Watching TV
Playing computer games
Listening to music
Playing a musical instrument
Making models
Outdoor activities
Boys 13
Girls 13
Going to the cinema
Going to concerts
Going to sports matches
Meeting friends
Going shopping
1.The most popular activity for boys is watching TV.
2.The most popular outdoor activity for girl is ... .
3.The most popular indoor activity for boys is... .
4.The least popular outdoor activity for girl is ... .
5.The least popular indoor activity for boys is ... .
6.The least popular outdoor activity for boys ... .
Activity 4:
To practice asking and answering about leisure activities
in Britain and Uzbekistan. Pupils ask and answer about their
favourite activities. They should make a note of the most popular
five activities. When they are ready ask them to report and keep a
note on the blackboard of the most popular activities in the class.
Homework: Write six sentences about your class Use information
from Activity4.

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