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ишлаш, ишлаш, ишлаш, ишлаш, 6666, 6666, ozbek xalqi etnogenezi haqidagi fikrlarning tadriji, 37563 (1), Bekmuratov Sardor,LAb2(MBBt), Bekmuratov Sardor,LAb2(MBBt), AYTISH UCHUN, 1-лекция, 2013 informatika 7 uzb, test 1-2-mavzu, 2 5449376624522827514
The purpose of this research is to study the methods of developing writing skills with the help of EER at the pre-intermediate of learning English and apply the methods in practice to enhance learners’ abilities.
Tasks of this research.
-analysis of theoretical literature on the research issue to study the previous experience;
-synthesis of theoretical and empirical material to give the overview of the theme under study;
-analysis of pedagogical documentation and teaching experience;
-analysis of existing online electronic educational resources used in developing writing skills in English.
At the first stage of the research, we summarized the previous experience of methodologists on the problem of developing learners’ writing skills in English. As one of the main factors, they emphasize the material represented in EER and the authenticity of it. In theoretical and methodological literature, we can observe an exchange of views about whether it is worthwhile for a teacher to choose authentic texts for classroom listening. Thus, for example, if the teacher lets Elementary-level students listen to a record with a political speech at a meeting, they will not understand a word. However, if the teacher plays a realistic (albeit not authentic) record of a telephone conversation, students will be able to learn more about the language they are learning and, as a result, gain confidence in their abilities.
The object of the research: teaching writing.
The subject of the research: working on writing in foreign languages teaching and learning.
The practical value is in using theoretical and practical aspects of the research.
The main language material of the work has been gathered from the Internet sources, literary works and the textbooks in English literature of various authors. Thus, writers, their works, the evidence of modernity in words, their definitions and examples in which the words are used, are taken from the authentic English sources, so that the evidence of the research results could be doubtless.
The issues raised in this research have been a subject of discussion between prose and poetry for more than a hundred years, but until now there is no clear understanding why this interrelation takes place.

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