East Windsor Athletic Club Community Benefit Golf Tournament ~ Saturday June 10, 2017 Airways Golf Course – West Suffield, Ct

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East Windsor Athletic Club

Community Benefit Golf Tournament ~ Saturday June 10, 2017

Airways Golf Course – West Suffield, Ct
Registration-7:30AM Tee Time-8:30AM

Grand Prize - $250 Golfer Donation - $85
The East Windsor Athletic Club Annual Community Golf Tournament helps provide for those items that may not be possible other-wise for our athletic community. The following are examples where past proceeds have been directed:

  • EWAC Scholarship Fund (EWHS scholar athletes are recipients)

  • Funded facility improvements including scoreboards and backboards at all three schools.

  • Installed an exercise trail at the Middle School for the community. Donated a defibulator to EWHS.

  • Continuously co-funds Website for East Windsor Sports – EWSports.com

  • Purchased an Electronic Timer for the High School Track Teams. Refurbished dugouts at the High School

  • Scoreboard on Girl’s Softball Field at Osborn

Tourney Itinerary:

  • Registration starts at 7:30AM with tee-off at 8:30AM

  • Golf with cart and lunch

  • Complementary picture of your 4 some will be forwarded to you

  • Full Steak Dinner immediately following at the German Club - 75 Depot St. Broad Brook

  • 2- $50 prizes for closest to pin (men/women) - 2-$50 prizes for longest drive ( men/women)

  • Prizes include: Hole-in-one (television), Hole-in-one (golf clubs) 50/50 raffle, gift certificates to area restaurants/businesses, and more.

To help make this year’s tournament a success, we need your support as a tee sponsor and/or as a golfer. Sponsors will have their name displayed at the golf course and will also be included in our program that each golfer receives.


Name Town Phone E-Mail




Tee Sponsor Donation

Business Name:

Address Town

Gold ($500) _______ Silver ($250)________ Bronze ($100)_________ Supporter ($50) _______

Dinner only: $30 __________ Number of Golfers ____ X $85 = $ ________________

Total $ ___________ Check No. __________ Check Payable to EWAC

Door Prize Donation

If you would prefer to provide a prize or gift certificate towards our door prizes please contact one of the committee members or forward the prize/gift accordingly. For more information contact a committee member.

Dave Pitney, Chairman 627-7977 Jim Viggiano 627-5924 Michael Balf 623-5121

Ken Dustin 623-5674 Al Demers 627-5828 Patrick Lee 817-9267 Jeff Rodrigue 944-8605

Melissa Maltese 627-6662 Ted Szymanski 875-0031 William Raber 623-1140 Art Ouimet 729-7340

Brian Maltese 847-1202 Chris Mickey 306-0155 Chris Willey 830-7980 Rudi Wittke 623-6970

As space is limited, please mail your completed application and check by May 15 to any of the above or to: East Windsor Athletic Club, c/o William Raber, Treasurer, 241 Scantic Rd. East Windsor, Ct. 06088

See EWSports.com – for further information

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