East orange community charter school

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99 Washington Street - East Orange, New Jersey 07017

Tele # [973] 996-0400 Fax # [973] 996-0398 Email: www.theeoccs.org

July 17, 2015

Homework Policy



What is the purpose of homework? Students will have the opportunity to:

Student Responsibilities

  • I will always do my best work.

  • I will write my assignments in my homework planner.

  • I will talk to my parents and teacher if I am having difficulty with homework.

  • I will bring home the proper materials to complete my assignments.

  • I will hand in my completed assignments on time.

  • I will recognize how homework affects my class grades.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Provide a time and place to do homework assignments with limited interruptions.

  • Check your child’s homework and planner DAILY.

  • Actively supervise homework completion by assisting, but not doing the work.

  • Contact the teacher with questions or concerns.

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Clearly inform students and parents of the homework policy.

  • Assignments will be discussed, checked and when appropriate, corrected and returned to students.

  • Ensure that students understand all homework assignments and due dates.

  • Follow the “Time Allocation” guidelines below.

Homework Time Allocation

Reading Log Allocation


Up to 15 minutes (as needed)

10 minutes or more

Grade 1

15-30 minutes

15 minutes or more

Grade 2

15-30 minutes

20 minutes or more

Grade 3

30-60 minutes

30 minutes or more

Grade 4

45-60 minutes

40 minutes or more

Adults at home are also encouraged to read with their children DAILY.

TitleI/vj - Rev. 8-22-2015

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