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Krogen 42 Trawler Joins Charter

Fleet at Southwest Florida Yachts
Miss Lee's elegant styling, craftsmanship and

engineering can be enjoyed by up to to six adults
NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla., September XX, 2011 –A Krogen 42 Trawler known for its enduring style, superior engineering and detailed craftsmanship has joined the charter fleet of Southwest Florida Yachts for cruising the famous Sanibel-Captiva-Pine Island area.
Barb Hansen, co-owner and manager of the chartering firm, said the new vessel – Miss Lee – is one of the most inviting yachts to grace the power fleet at Marinatown Marina in North Fort Myers.
She will ask charterers, "Are you comfortable?" Well, yes. Temperature control is via a Cruiseair two-zone air conditioner with reverse cycle heat. Ceiling height is 6 feet, 7 inches. The floor is teak and holly. Two cabins sleep four and a pull out sofa in the main salon sleeps two more. There are two heads each with a shower.
Miss Lee's starboard galley has a refrigerator, freezer/icemaker, oven, three burner stove, microwave and drinking water filter. About the vessel are a variety of comforts such as the entertainment center --color TV with DVD player, AM/FM/CD stereo with Bose speakers -- BBQ grill, washer/dryer, portable vacuum cleaner, and hot/cold water.
Power is supplied by an economical single Ford Lehman generating 135 horsepower. A Vetus bow thruster helps guarantee docking with precision and ease. The engine room is lighted and ventilated.
From one or both of two helms, the captain can call on information from a variety of instruments including Furuno radar, Lowrance depth sounder, two VHF marine radios, Simrad GPS with chart plotter, engine performance metrics.

Hansen said Miss Lee now part of a fleet of 12 power cruisers from 32 to 50 feet docked Marinatown Marina in N. Fort Myers. Marinatown Marina provides quick cruising access, via the Caloosahatchee River, to the sheltered Gulf ICW. The company’s sailing charter fleet is based at Burnt Store Marina in Punta Gorda.

Miss Lee charters for $3,373 for five days in the high season and $2,699 in summer. Charters of three days or more in 2011 qualify for an 11 percent discount.
Southwest Florida is ranked as one of the best cruising and sailing areas in the world. Visitors have scored the barrier islands of Sanibel and Captiva as the best islands to visit for their ambiance, beaches, friendliness, restaurants and scenery.
For more information about Southwest Florida Yachts and Florida Sailing & Cruising School visit www.swfyachts.com , www.flsailandcruiseschool.com, www.swfyachtsales.com Mailing Address: 3444 Marinatown Lane, N.W., N. Fort Myers, FL 33903. Telephone: 800-262-7939 or 239-656-1339, or email info@swfyachts.com.


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