Directions to Pee Wee and Mosquito cub league Diamonds – May 1, 2014 Bawlf

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Directions to Pee Wee and Mosquito CUB league Diamonds – May 1, 2014


From Camrose take highway#13 south to the town of Bawlf then turn into the town go over the railway tracks then turn right and follow Railway avenue to the Ball diamonds, they will be on your left. Use the east diamond


Diamonds are located at Kin Park 4513-53rd street


Located at the south end of town in the North East corner of the intersection of highway #19 and #60.


Diamonds are located at the Thorsby Rec. Center 4901-48th avenue


Take Highway 2A to secondary highway 616 then east towards Agriplex. Diamonds are on the North side.

Wetaskiwin - Knights of Columbus Baseball diamonds!

From Leduc:

• Hwy 2A south to the Hwy 13 intersection (lights)

• Turn left (East) towards Camrose, past the hospital to the business park.

• Look for Home Hardware distribution center – turn right (South)

• Continue south for about ½ mile to the end of the parking lot.

• Go right at the end of the parking lot to the “Knights of Columbus” diamonds
Beaumont - Games are at Four Seasons Park. Take the Beaumont exit past Leduc to the

East on Highway 625. At Beaumont there is a set of lights at the highway. Turn left into

Town. There is one set of lights at the Lubex that you go straight through. At the second

set of lights turn left on 43ave. A few blocks down is our high school on your left. Turn

left right before the high school into the parking lot. The diamond is located right

behind the high school.

Leduc Pee Wee diamond Res #3 – Fred Johns Park

Located on the west side of Highway #2 southbound and the south side of highway #39 (west to Calmar)! It is diamond #3 which is the furthest north diamond (Southwest corner at the intersection of highway 2 and highway 39)

Leduc Aileen Faller Diamond (Mosquito Girls Team #5 diamond)

Is located at the intersection of Blackgold Drive and Allen Place just to the East of Leduc Estates/St Benedicts School. The access to the diamond and parking lot is located off of Black gold Drive. From Devon turn right(south) at the second set of lights then take the first left onto Blackgold Drive and follow Black gold Drive to the four way stop. Go thru the 4-way stop a short distance travelling east and the diamond and park will be on your right hand side. From Wetaskiwin/Millet turn in to Leduc on 50th. Travel north along 50th until you come Blackgold Drive which will be at the train tracks. Turn left on to Blackgold Drive heading west. Continue to follow Blackgold Drive under the hiway 2 overpass and past the golf course then just past the curve on Blackgold the diamond will be on the left across from Allen Place.

Leduc Mosquito (teams #1 thru #4 ) diamond Lede #7 - William Lede Park at the Blackgold recreation center. From Highway 2A turn north into Leduc on 50th then east on Rollyview road and north on Blackgold drive. Follow Black gold drive to the first entrance (east entrance) to the rec center then continue to follow this road around to the north side of the rec center and then go north along the gravel road

Leduc Rookie diamonds – Corinthia School diamond

The Corinthia school diamond is located on the west side of 50th street in the Northeast of the school playground, across from the Leduc #1 Fire hall and just to the north of the skate board park. The access to the diamond is from the north of the diamond off of 50th street and then west on Athapaskan Drive to the first left then south to the field.

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