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Students pair up and one has his/her back on the board while the other person faces it. The one facing the board reads the questions aloud and the partner starts talking as he answers the questions. Have the students talk for one minute on each question.

Get Talking

Erm…..I think I would……

If you could be a teenager again, would you do differently?

Should teenagers work?

What is it like to be a teenager in your society?

What do you think are some of the the greatest problems facing teenagers today?

Do you think it is more important to make a lot of money or to enjoy your job?

What kind of diet would you recommend to a friend?

What do you think about parties?

What does ”having job” give you?

What will you remember about being a teenager? –and why is it important to remember that?

When you see the word ”conflict” what do you think of?

What kind of conflicts appear at school?

Why do kids bully and why are kids bullied?

What is racism?

What dreams do you have in your life?

Schools’s out! – so what happens now?
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