Dan olindi Grade 11 Date Final test 1

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11-sinf Final Test 1
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Grade 11 Date___________________________

Final test 1

1. Which is not “second-hand smoke”?

A) passive smoking B) involuntary smoking

C) ETS D) daily smoking

2. A) Can I smoke here?

B) I’m sorry, no. It’s a _________________ area.

A) non smoking B) smoking C) warning D) cigarette

3. Surgeon is …

A) A doctor who performs operation B) A skin doctor

C) A doctor who specialises in bones D) An eye doctor
4. A heart doctor

A) Orthopedic Doctor B) Pediatrician C) Cardiologist D) Optometrist

5. Yoga helps to ______________ my muscles.

A) build up B) warm up C) stretch out D) put on

6. A sportsman must __________ a lot to maintain his physique

A) work out B) keep up C) tire out D) stretch out
7. Chicken, beef and lamb are high in ________

A) sugar B) salt C) fibre D) protein

8. Chocolate is high in

A) satured fat B) sugar C) salt D) protein

9. Lung cancer is caused by ______.

A) unhealthy eating B) smoking C) drinking alcohol D) yoga

10. The patient is feeling pain ______ wisdom tooth.

A) from B) because C) due to D) because of

11. His health problem is _________ the lack of regular exercises.

A) from B) because C) due to D) because of

12. The word extinct means...

A) to become rare B) in need of protection

c) to become endangered D) something that no longer exists
13. the gas formed when people or animals breathe out is ….

A) atmosphere B) carbon dioxide C) oxygen D) greenhouse gases

14. What’s adjective form of the word “explain”?

A) explainable B) explain C) explanation D) explain

15. I haven’t eaten ________ morning.

A) since B) for C) from D) until

16. ______ I have a lot of homework to do, I will not attend your party.

A) Because of B) Until C) Since D) Yet

17. I worked hard, ________ I wasn’t to complete my assignment on time.

A) because of B) until C) since D) yet

18. What is the main reason for deforestation?

A) Policy B) Economy C) Green Houses D) Climate Change

19. The amount of waste ____________ if people started to buy reusable packages.

A) decreased B) will decrease C) would be increased D) would decrease

20. If people really ____________ about the environment, they wouldn’t try to save it.

A) don’t care B) didn’t care C) wouldn’t care D) cared

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