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AUGUST 15, 2009
1. Wolf Butt

2. Big Mule Deer Rack on Panel

3. Pair of Woodcocks (Framed Print)

4. (8) Framed Authentic Neolithic Bird Points from Sahara Desert

5. 9 Point White-tail Shoulder Mount

6. (3) Decorative Animal Plates (3x the money)

7. 37” Silver Salmon Fish Mount

8. Springbuck Shoulder Mount

9. Blue Wildebeest Skull Mount on Panel

10. Bobcat Full Body Mount

11. (2) African Tanned Backskins (2x the money)

12. Elephant Footstool (U.S. Citizens Only!)

13. Pintail Drake Flying Mount

14. African Bushpig Shoulder Mount

15. Tanned Skunk Hide

16. Authentic Neolithic Spear Point (Estimated 2000 to 3000 years old)

17. Impala Shoulder Mount

18. Bear Creek Archaic Knife (has Certificate of Authenticity)

19. Huge Natural Uncut Herkimer 23 Carat Diamond.

20. The Perfect Decoy Print # 495/580 Signed by Don Griffiths Deceased

21. (5) Natural Uncut Ruby’s Large & Fresh from (from East Africa) (5x$)

22. Vintage February 1932 (Outdoor Life) Magazine

23. Lesser Kudu Horns 30 6/8” x 29 7/8” spirals with Ivory tips

24. Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest Shoulder Mount (From Zambia)

25. Nilgai Antelope (Blue Bull) Shoulder Mount

26. Pearching Ringneck Pheasant

27. Axis Deer Shoulder Mount

28. Tsessebee Shoulder Mount

29. 29” Mule Deer Shoulder Mount

30. Full Body Mount Raccoon on Limb

31. Aoudad Sheep Shoulder Mount

32. Huge 14 Point Red Stag Shoulder Mount

33. Golden Brown Fallow Deer Shoulder Mount

34. Half Body Mount Corsican Sheep

35. 6 x 6 Elk Shoulder Mount

36. Full Body Mount Masai Bushbuck

37. Half Body Mount White Fallow Deer

38. Reproduction Fiberglass Blue Shark Fish Mount

39. African Elephant Wood Carvings

40. White-tail Deer Rump

41. Alaskan Cross Fox Shoulder Mount

42. Framed Print of Alaskan Dall Rams in Denali National Park

43. Big 27” Rainbow Trout

44. 11 Point Texas Hill Country White-tail Buck Shoulder Mount

45. Texas Longhorn Steer Horns Polished with Cow Hide center 73” wide

46. Cape Buffalo Tail Flyswatter

47. Flying Mount of a North American Blue Goose

48. Rare Vintage Sept. 1923 Field & Stream Magazine

49. Paleo Plainview Arrowhead with Certificate of Authenticity

50. Red Fox Shoulder Mount in Driftwood Cave

51. Raccoon Head Mount with Clock

52. Wall Hanger Bobcat Hide

53. Elephants at Kariba Don Griffiths Print Signed # 404/580

54. Full Body Mount Skunk

55. Large Mouth Bass (Real Skin)

56. Impala Skull on Panel

57. Blackbuck Antelope Shoulder Mount

58. (2) 8 Point Texas Hill Country White-tail Deer Racks Mounted on Panels (2x$)

59. 25 ¾” inches Brown Trout Fish Mount

60. Northern 8 point White-tail Deer Shoulder Mount

61. Large Wolverine Rug

62. Record Book Waterbuck Shoulder Mount

63. Rusa Deer Shoulder Mount (New Caledonia)

64. Alaskan Dall Ram Shoulder Mount

65. Full Body Mount Sheriff Armadillo

66. Standing Ringneck Pheasant Mount

67. Greater Kudu Shoulder Mount (48 3/8” x 48 3/8” long. Bases 11 3/8” x 11 2/8”)

68. 6 x 5 Elk Shoulder Mount

69. Alaskan Barren Ground Caribou Shoulder Mount

70. Slab wood White-tail Deer Antler Wall Sconce Set

71. Cape Eland Shoulder Mount

72. (2) Hunting Books Peter Hathaway Capstick Death in the Long Grass & Death in the Silent Places (2x the money)

73. Set of 12 Hippo Tusk on Panel (Very nice Uniform Set)

74. Lelwel Hartebeest Shoulder Mount (from Central African Republic)

75. Black Wild Boar Hog Shoulder Mount

76. Exotic Fantail Chicken Mount

77. Seasoned Survivor by Blain Dabb # 278/500 Print Framed Mule Deer

78. Dwarf Forest Buffalo Horns on Panel (from Central Africa)

79. Antique Kuba Tribe Spear approx. 100 years old From Zaire.

80. 62” Reproduction European Moose Antler Mount

81. Southern Nyala Shoulder Mount (has removable horns)

82. Wild Boar Shoulder Mount

83. Catalina Goat Shoulder Mount

84. 27” inches Spotted Sea Trout Fish Mount (Real skin mount)

85. Wall Hanger Red Fox Hide

86. Walrus Oosik with Polar Bear Head Carving (from very large Bull Walrus)

87. Kirk Corner Notched Arrowhead with Certificate of Authenticity

88. Alaskan Cross Fox Rug

89. 11 Point Iowa White-tail Buck Full Shoulder Mount

90. Fiberglass Reproduction Dolphin Fish Mount

91. Addax Antelope Shoulder Mount

92. Bobcat Full Body Mount

93. 27 ½” inches 11 point Mule Deer Buck Full Shoulder Mount (from Wyoming)

94. Rocky Mountain Goat Shoulder Mount

95. Large Oval Antler Mirror

96. (2) Coyote Head Mounts in Driftwood

97. 198” Reproduction Northern White-tail Deer Shoulder Mount

98. American Buffalo or Bison Shoulder Mount

99. Full Body Mount Vervet Monkey

100. Large Midwest Full Body Mount Badger

101. Warthog Shoulder Mount

102. 29 ½” inches Striped Bass Fish Mount (Real Skin)

103. Black Wildebeest Skull on Panel

104. White Blesbuck Shoulder Mount

105. Moose Antler Table Lamp with Black Leather Shade

106. Catalina Goat Shoulder Mount

107. Juvenile Full Body Mount Opossum

108. Gredos Ibex Shoulder Mount (from Spain)

109. Mountain Lion Full Body Mount on Rock Ledge (Wall Mount)

110. Blaine Dabb Print Mule Deer Framed & Matted # 278/5000

111. Pair of Playing Raccoon Mounts

112. Northern Pike Real Skin Fish mount

113. Timber Wolf Shoulder Mount

114. Coke’s Hartebeest Shoulder Mount

115. White Phase Ptarmigan Bird Mount

116. Record Book Light Brown Fallow Deer Shoulder Mount

117. Sable Antelope Shoulder Mount (39” x 39” inches long horns)

118. Southern Bush Duiker Shoulder Mount

119. Alaskan Moose Shoulder Mount 48 ¼” inches spread 22 points

120. Antler Coat/Hat Rack

121. Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou Shoulder Mount

122. 6 x 6 Elk Shoulder Mount

123. Alaskan Brown Bear Shoulder Mount

124. Perfect Pen-raised Flying Mallard Drake

125. Large Mule Deer Shoulder Mount

126. African Roan Antelope Shoulder Mount

127. Kalahari Gemsbuck Antelope Shoulder Mount

128. Zebra Shoulder Mount

129. African Elephant Pair of Tusk 61” x 42 ½” inches long. Circumference 18” x 17 ½” inches around. Weights 61 6/10 x 41 Lbs = 102 ½ Lbs.

130. 26” inches Walleye Fish Mount (Real Skin)

131. Full Body Mount Steinbuck

132. Moose Antler Eagle Head Carving

133. Red Fox Wall Hanger Hide

134. Smallmouth Bass Fish Mount

135. Mule Deer Print Framed & Matt by Blaine Dabb # 278/5000 Signed

136. August 1936 Outdoor Life Vintage Magazine

137. 11 point Missouri White-tail Deer Buck Shoulder Mount

138. Giraffe Leg Lamp

139. Gray Brushy Tailed Possum from Australia

140. North American Porckie Pine Full Body Mount

141. Gerenuk Shoulder Mount

142. African Civet Cat Full Body Mount

143. Scimitar Horned Oryx Shoulder Mount

144. African Cape Buffalo Wood Carving Hand Carved from Ironwood in Zimbabwe

145. ¾ Black Bear Mount (Open Mouth)

146. Rare! Carmen Mountain White-tail Deer Buck Shoulder Pedestal Mount

147. Natal Red Duiker Full Body Mount

148. Blue Duiker Full Body Mount

149. Laristan Mouflon Shoulder Mount

150. Full Body Mount Laying down Bobcat

151. Rare! Indian Sambar Deer Shoulder Mount (from India)

152. Black Wildebeest Shoulder Mount (from South Africa)

153. Big South Texas Brush Country 12 point Buck Shoulder Mount 21 3/8” outside spread (has one tine with minor repair)

154. African Puku Shoulder Mount from Zambia

155. Full Body Mount White with Blue Green Peacock

156. Carter Cave Clovis Point (Paleo Period) Double Fluted with Certificate of Authenticity

157. 363. Carat Pink Kuntzite Crystal from Afghanistan on Lighted Base.

158. Seolecite Spray 96 gms. (From Nashik Mine in Mahavashtra, India)

159. (9) Authentic Neolithic Gem Points Arrowheads from Sahara Desert

160. Full Body Mount Large Midwest River Otter

161. Don Griffiths Print Spring Snow Wolf with Pups # 412/580

162. Elk Antler Wall Shelf 32” Long

163. Elk Shoulder Mount with unique Skull Plate

164. (2) Hunting Books UHURU by Robert Ruark & Wing and Shot by Wehle (2x$)

165. Raccoon Rump in Tree Whole

166. Rare! Huge Timer Rattler 5 Footer Fat, Dark, & Dangerous

167. 50” Fished Wood Salmon on Walnut Plaque

168. 7 ½” Foot Pacific Sailfish Fiberglass Reproduction Fish Mount (has detachable Sail)

169. 46” inches Huge Lake Trout Fiberglass Reproduction Taxidermy Competition Quality Mount

170. Full Body Mount Cross Fox in Habitat

171. Asian Palm Civet Cat Full Body Mount

172. African Steinbuck Pygmy Antelope Shoulder Mount

173. African Elephant Footstool with Blue Wildebeest Backskin top. (U.S. Citizens Only!)

174. Southern Impala Ram Shoulder Mount

175. Large Black Bear Skull

176. European Mouflon Ram Shoulder Mount

177. Big 9pt. Montana White-tail Deer Shoulder Mount 22 3/8” inches outside spread

178. Nyasaland Wildebeest Shoulder Mount from Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania

179. Greater Kudu Shoulder Mount (Has removable horns)

180. Standing Ringneck Pheasant

181. Pair of Mule Deer Antler Table Lamps with shade (Sold as set for one money)

182. Southern Mountain Reedbuck Shoulder Mount from South Africa

183. Axis Deer Shoulder Mount from India

184. Giraffe Pedestal Mount

185. Elk Moose Antler Combo Floor Lamp with shade

186. Large African Crocodile Rug (Texas Residents Only!)

187. Full Body Mount Timber Wolf

188. Full Body Mount Black Backed Jackal (From South Africa)

189. Full Body Mount Warthog

190. Full Body Small Cub Black Bear Climbing on Tree

191. Climbing Full Body Mount Raccoon

192. Rare! African Giant Forest Hog Shoulder Mount from Cameroon

193. Full Body Mount Cape Grysbok (From South Africa)

194. Half Body Mount Alaskan Wolf

195. Full Body Mount Spanish Goat with Quality made Walnut Base.

196. Zebra Pedestal Shoulder Mount

197. Sable Antelope Pedestal Shoulder Mount

198. African Bontebuck Shoulder Mount (Texas Residents Only!)

199. Red Lechwe Shoulder Mount (Texas Residents Only!)

200. Grizzly Bear Rug Real Back Claws & the Front Claws are Reproduction

201. Northern Large Neck White-tail Deer Shoulder Mount

202. Family of Stingray Fish Mount All for one money

203. Red Cape Hartebeest Shoulder Mount

204. Greater Kudu Shoulder Pedestal Mount

205. Caribou Shoulder Mount with plaque

206. Polar Bear Rug with Reproduction Claws (has all the paperwork)

207. Full Body Mount Eritrean Gazelle

208. Cape Buffalo Shoulder Mount Approx. 40” outside spread

209. Deffasa Waterbuck Shoulder Mount

210. Deer Antler Wall Shelf

211. Asian Water Buffalo Shoulder Mount

212. Greater Kudu Shoulder Mount

213. Canadian Moose Shoulder Mount 12 x 11 48” inches spread

214. Blue Wildebeest Shoulder Mount

215. Full Body Mount Southern Mountain Reedbuck from the Cape of South Africa

216. African Lion Rug 9 Foot 6” (from the Selous Game Reserve in Southern Tanzania.

217. Beautiful Black Lechwe Shoulder Mount (From Zambia) Record Class!!

218. Jaquar Double Felted Rug (Texas Residents Only!)

219. Alaskan Wolf Rug

220. Bighorn Sheep Shoulder Mount

221. 45” Saltwater Fish Mount

222. 10 Foot Kamchatka Russian Brown Bear Full Body Mount

223. X-Large Arch Top Antler Mirror Full ¼ Thick Mirror

224. Full Body Mount Chacma Baboon from South Africa

225. Full Body Mount Interior Grizzly Bear

226. Black Bear Rug Burgundy & Black Felt

227. Large 16 Carat Uncut Ruby from Tanzania

228. Muskox Shoulder Mount

229. 15pts. Iowa White-tail Deer Buck Shoulder Mount scores in the 180’s B & C.

230. Small Oval Mirror

231. Siberian Ibex Shoulder Mount

232. Kafue Flats Lechwe Shoulder Mount

233. Corsican Ram Shoulder Mount

234. Old Winchester Giant Advertising Cartridge Made from Anti-Tank Ammo 33 ¼” inches long.

235. Vintage 4 x 5 Mule Deer Shoulder Mount

236. Bushman’s Bow, Quiver, & Arrows from Botswana (Kalahari Desert Region)

237. African Spear from Somalia

238. 191 4/8 Boone & Crockett Gross Missouri White-tail Deer Buck Shoulder Mount 15 points (Pinned Fresh Sheds)

239. Bobcat Full Body Mount (new mount)

240. Alligator Gar Fish Mount

241. South African Springbuck Rug

242. African Tsessebee Antelope Shoulder Mount from Zimbabwe

243. Bighorn Sheep Horns

244. Dall Sheep Horns

245. (4) Candle Deer Antler

246. Southeastern Spanish Ibex Shoulder Mount

247. African Hippo Skull (Has one bullet hole which is the norm. Has all its teeth)

248. Full Body Mount Southern Gray Bush Duiker from South Africa

249. Full Body Mount Vaal Rhebok from the Cape of South Africa

250. Moose Antler Table Lamp

251. African Big 5 Hand Leathered Tooled on a Tanned Elephant Ear in a Frame. Approx. 50” x 48”

252. African Waterbuck Shoulder Pedestal Mount

253. Half Body Mount Hog Deer from India (Texas Residents Only!)

254. Southern Bush Duiker Shoulder Mount from South Africa

255. Full Body Mount Cinnamon Colored Black Bear

256. Argentinean Red Stag Shoulder Mount

257. Desert Mule Deer Buck Shoulder from Old Mexico

258. Greater Kudu Shoulder Mount (Large colorful Bull with removable horns for easy hanging)

259. Mountain Caribou Shoulder Mount from British Columbia, Canada

260. Full Body Mount Mouflon Sheep on Rock Base.

261. Mountain Lion Full Body Mount (Floor Mount on Rollers)

262. Lesser Kudu Shoulder Mount from Masailand in Northern Tanzania

263. Full Body Mount Coyote Howling

264. Full Body Mount Kangaroo

265. Large Zebra Rug Double Felted & Padded

266. 18 point Missouri Boone & Crockett White-tail Deer Buck Shoulder Mount (Scores 170 4/8 net typical. Grosses in the 190’s)

267. Full Body Mount Big Mane African Lion (laying down pose)

268. Alaskan Grizzly Bear Shoulder Mount

269. Shrimp Boat Antique Wheel Shipwrecked Off Texas

270. Full Body Mount Green Peacock

271. Antler Chandelier

272. Antler Chandelier

273. (A Break in the Weather) by Linda Daniels 1997 Ducks Unlimited Sponsored Print 33 x 24 Framed

274. Axis Deer Shoulder Mount

275. Antler Chandelier

276. African Axe from Zimbabwe

277. Cape Eland Shoulder Pedestal Mount from South Africa

278. Large Elk Antler Table (60 inches long x 36” inches wide)

279. Cape Buffalo Skull on Panel

280. Antler Chandelier

281. (2) East African Spears (2x the money) Long is a throwing spear and the other is a fishing spear. Kenya and Tanzania. Longest one is 83” inches long.

282. 10 point Texas White-tail Buck Shoulder Mount

283. “Zebra’s at the Water Hole” by C. Picault 44” x 32” Framed Oil Painting

284. Giant Spinosaurus aegypticus Tooth (Early Cretaceous Period, Albian age. Found in the Kem- Kem Basin in Morocco. Excellent Museum Quality specimen

285. Himalayan Tahr Shoulder Mount

286. White-Fallow Deer Shoulder Mount in Velvet

287. Pair of Cape Buffalo Feet Ashtray. Ashtray removes for cleaning.

288. Limpopo Bushbuck Soft Tanned Back skin

289. Mule Deer Shoulder Mount from Wyoming

290. White-tail Deer Shoulder Mount (Reproduction Antlers)

291. The Sovereign Elk Print by Don Griffiths Numbered & Signed

292. 25” Reproduction Large Mouth Bass Fish Mount

293. Giant Raptor Tooth from Deltadromeous agilis. Largest ever found. From the Kem-Kem Basin- Morocco Late Cretaceous Period, Albian age.

294. Piece of Baltic Amber with Prehistoric Bugs in Trapped. Approx. 33”

295. Black Bear Shoulder Mount

296. Fallow Deer Antler Candle Candelabra

297. Cedar Log & Deer Antler Table Lamp

298. Giant 164lbs. Mammoth Tusk 11 feet and 4 inches long on a Custom Built Stand. This Tusk is the largest up for sale currently in the United States.

299. Elephant Footstool (U.S. Citizens Only!)

300. Hen Pheasant Mount

301. Ostrich Egg Painted with two Cape buffalo on Warthog Tusk

302. Pair of African Elephant Tusk Wall Hangers. Weights 62 Lbs. Its 31 lbs. each tusk. (U.S. Citizens Only!)

303. Cape Buffalo Shoulder Mount from the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania

304. Asian Yak Shoulder Mount

305. Deer Antler Coat/Hat Rack

306. Full Body Mount Oribi Antelope from Zambia

307. 8 ½ Foot Alaskan Brown Bear Rug (double felted, open mouth)

308. Zambezi Sitatunga Shoulder Pedestal Mount from Zambia

309. Full Body African Lion Leaping

310. 40” inches Lake Trout Fish Mount (Real Skin)

311. Buffalo/Bison Jawbone Cribbage Board

312. Elk Rack on mounted plaque

313. Southern African Black Rhino Shoulder Mount (Real Skin & Reproduction Horns.) Texas Residents Only!!

314. Very, very Rare Albino Scimitar Horned Oryx Shoulder Mount

315. Wall Hanger Tanned Red Fox

316. Cape Eland Shoulder Pedestal Mount

317. Full Body Mount Coati Munde from South America

318. African Roan Antelope Shoulder Pedestal Mount from Zambia

319. Indian Nilgai Bull & Cow Pedestal Shoulder Mounts

320. Single Deer Antler Lamp

321. Livingstone Eland Skull on Panel from Zimbabwe

322. Tiang Antelope Shoulder Mount

323. Very Large 29.75 Carat Uncut Herkimer Diamond with case

324. Hippo Foot Lamp Stand

325. (3) Elk Antler Bodive Cup Candle Holders

326. (5) Antler Beer Bottle Openers (All one money)

327. Deer Antler Plaque with Broad head & Slug of Original Deer Kill

328. Aoudad Sheep Shoulder Mount

329. Mule Deer Shoulder Mount

330. (5) Hand Carved Deer Antler Keychains (All one money)

331. Southern Common Reedbuck Shoulder Mount

332. Impala Ram Shoulder Mount

333. African Bushman’s Water Bottle

334. African Blesbuck Skull on Finished Panel

335. Wolf Wildlife Glass Globe Touch Lamp

336. Blue Wildebeest Shoulder Pedestal Mount

337. Livingstone Eland Tanned Back Skin

338. (2) Collector Decorative Ducks Plates by Hallmark with wood Frames (2x$)

339. Masai Lion Spear and Shield from Northern Tanzania

340. (8) Natural Mined Uncut Rubies from East Africa

341. African Gemsbuck Horns Cane with Warthog Ivory Tusk Handle

342. Blesbuck Rump Mount

343. Aoudad Sheep Shoulder Mount

344. 10 point Texas Hill Country Baroom White-tail Deer Shoulder Mount

345. 10 point Texas Hill Country Baroom White-tail Deer Shoulder Mount

346. (2) Sets of African Antelope Horns Lichtenstien’s Hartebeest & Common Eland (2x $)

347. (2) Wildlife Decorated Gords made into Water Jugs. Both one money.

348. 34 ½” Lake Trout Fish Mount (Real Skin)

349. 7 Carat Columbian Emerald Gemstone

350. Carved Deer Picture 15 x 14” inches

351. (2) Vintage Hunting Magazines (Field & Stream June 1950 & Sports A Field Feb, 1954

352. Chestnut- Headed Bee-eater from India

353. (2) Cretaceous Period Dinosaur Teeth from Northwest Africa. Albian age. (2x$)

354. (4) North American Raptor Teeth. All one money. From Eastern, Montana. Wibaux County, Hell Creek Formation-Late Cretaceous Period. Sauonitholestes

355. 3” inches Vile of Tourmaline Crystals. Several sizes and different colors.

356. Jurassic Dinosaur Coprolite “Dino Poop” Found in Jurassic Formation in Utah

357. (7) Neolithic West African Bird Points & Small Arrowheads

358. (8) Safari Club Magazines

359. Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest Shoulder Mount

360. Old Warthog Skull

361. (2) Commemorative Duck Prints and Stamp Collections Framed (2x$)

362. Beautiful Ceramic Rhino

363. Collection of Handmade North African Gemstone Beads (Morocco)

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