Coronavirus Outbreak: All the Secrets Revealed About the Covid-19 Pandemic. A complete Rational Guide of its Evolution, Expansion, Symptoms and First Defense


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Coronavirus outbreak all the secrets revealed about the covid-19 pandemic
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As 2019 drew to a close, reports emerged from an outbreak of unexplained
aetiology pneumonia, with cases clustered around Wuhan's Huanan Seafood
Wholesale Market, China that sold live fish, poultry, and birds. The cases
were observed as of December 8th and the cluster was first identified on
December 31st. The market was being shut down on 1 January 2020 and on 7
January a new type of corona virus was officially detected by the Chinese
authorities. All suspect cases found were checked by active case finding and
retrospective examination. Around 300 cases in Wuhan were believed to have
been infected with this new virus, and four died.
It is also suspected that previous outbreaks of similar diseases, including
SARS, have arisen from live animal markets. Camels transmit the corona
virus which causes MERS to humans. The animal that was the source of the
latest corona virus is still unknown, and the collapse of the meat market in
Wuhan has made the matter almost impossible to investigate. Bats are
considered a possible source, because many viruses, including corona
viruses, have adapted to coexist. Nevertheless, it is very likely that the virus
was transmitted to an intermediate species from the bats, and then to humans.
Wuhan, a strong virology centre in China, was well placed to diagnose and
tackle the outbreak. It has however brought China's disease preparedness to
the test in a part of the world that still regularly remembers the 2003 extreme
corona virus outbreak of acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The virus then
spread from China to 25 other nations, infecting over 8,000 people and
killing about 800 people before it was contained. In the present case, the pace
at which the Chinese authorities announced the outbreak to the international
community was commendable and shows that lessons from previous
outbreaks have been learned.
As the international community reacts to an outbreak of corona virus induced
pneumonia in Wuhan, China, early and transparent data sharing–essential to
its protection–is dependent on the trust that the data will not be used without
proper attribution to those who created it.

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