Complete the verbs, adjectives, and nouns in the sentences

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Variant 4

  1. Complete the verbs, adjectives, and nouns in the sentences.

  1. Did they invite you to their wedding?

  2. It’s impossible to put your nose in your ear.

  3. Formula 1 racing is a dangerous sport.

  4. Seafood is a speciality in the south west.

  5. It’s illegal for a child to buy cigarettes.

  6. Many men get paid more than women. That’s unfair.

  7. Texting has changed how we communicate with other people.

  8. Her room is very untidy so she can’t find anything.

  9. I am not very ambitious - I love working in a shop.

  10. I dislike him because he’s rude and unhelpful.

  11. There’s an industryial area near the airport.

  1. Complete the sentences with the Past Simple or Past Continuous from of the verbs in brackets.

  1. I (not speak) didn’t speak to my neighbors until they (introduce) introduced themselves.

  2. She (not live) did not live there when I first (meet) meet her.

  3. I (not want) did not want to go out because it (rain) was raining .

  4. They (make) did not make lunch before I (arrive) arrived.

  5. The Company Director (wait) was waiting in my office when I (get) got to work yesterday.

  6. He (have) was having a shower when I (ring) rang.

  1. Read the information.

Write OS (Oxford Street), CM (Camden Market), or CS (Carnaby Street).

Carnaby Street was a famous London street in the 1960s when the Beatles were young and Britain was the centre of pop and fashion. Unfortunately, it is now a place for tourists where there isn’t much to buy except postcards and badly-made souvenirs.

Oxford Street in central London is world-famous for its shops. However, many tourists find it isn’t very interesting: the shops near Marble Arch are large department stores selling mass-produced things and at the other end of the street there are smaller shops selling cheap clothes and electrical goods.

Camden Market is in a fashionable area of north London. More than 9 million visitors go there every year. The market is open all week but it is busiest at the weekends. If you don’t mind being with lots of people, it’s great walking along the streets looking at the jewellery, clothes, and antique stalls. There are lots of small specialist shops and stalls selling interesting things from all over the world, so make sure you have lots of time to look around.

Which shopping area(s) …

  1. was fashionable forty years ago? CS

  2. has lots of big shops? OS

  3. sells things for tourists? CS

  4. sells cheap clothes and CD players? OS

  5. is very busy on Saturday and Sunday? CM

  6. are disappointing for visitors? OS

  7. has things for sale in the streets? CM

  8. is fashionable now? OS

  9. sells more unusual things? CM

  1. You want some information about a one-week language course.

Write a letter to the Principal, Bennett School of English, Thorpe Road, Norwich NR2 3 FH. Ask about:

  • price

  • class size

  • accommodation


I would like some information about a one weak language course AT first I must know how much the course is and also is important for me

How many participants cn a group hold

Could you tell me where I can live if I take this course in Thorpe Road ?

Your sincerely Ann.
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