Clas 0810a alexander the Great and the Alexander Tradition Class Alexander the Great: Timeline

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CLAS 0810A Alexander the Great and the Alexander Tradition

Class 2. Alexander the Great: Timeline

359 BC Philip becomes regent, and soon king, of Macedon (as Philip II)

357 ? Marriage of Philip II and Olympias
356 Birth of Alexander at Pella (ca. July 20)
343/2 Aristotle appointed as Alexander’s tutor
338 Battle of Chaeronea
336 Assassination of Philip II

Accession of Alexander (as Alexander III)

334 Alexander crosses into Asia

Victory in battle of Granicus

333 Defeat of Darius (King of Persia) at battle of Issus

Cutting of Gordian knot

332 Sieges of Tyre and Gaza

Alexander enters Egypt

331 Journey to Oracle of Ammon at Siwah

Foundation of Alexandria

Victory at battle of Gaugamela

Capture of Babylon and Persepolis

330 Burning of palace at Persepolis

Death of Darius; Alexander becomes ‘Great King’

330/28 Campaigns in Bactria and Sogdiana
328 Murder of Cleitus the Black
327 Marriage of Alexander and Roxane

Alexander invades India

326 Battle of Hydaspes against King Porus

Conquest of Punjab, northern India

Visit to Indian Ocean

Death of Bucephalus

325 Alexander returns west on deadly march through Gedrosian Desert
324 Alexander at Susa holds ‘mass marriages’

Death of Hephaistion

323 Alexander acknowledged as divine by Greek cities

Death of Alexander in Babylon (in June; aged 32)

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