City of stevenson council meeting

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May 16, 2013

@6:00 PM

ROLL CALL Mayor to take roll call
EXCUSED ABSENCE Monica Masco is requested and received excused absence for the May 16th council meeting.
Julie Mayfield has requested an excused absence for July 18th meeting.

INTRODUCE GUESTS Mayor to introduce guests

MINUTES April 18, 2013 minutes have been circulated and are ready for discussion and adoption.
Minutes from the Special Joint Meeting on April 17, 2013 with Port of Skamania County and Port of Cascade Locks addressing the Bridge of the Gods Engineering Report.
CONSENT AGENDA The following items are presented for council approval:

  1. A copy of the Skamania County Sheriff’s Report for April 2013 is attached to the Council packet.

  2. Coy-Catlin American legion Auxiliary Post 137 requests a special occasion license for August 14-18, 2013 on the fairgrounds for the Skamania County Fair.

  3. Approval of Skamania County Hospital’s request for a road closure on First Street between Seymour and Russell on May 18th between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM for an open house.

  4. Approval of closure of SR 14 for the annual ban concert ( I think….there is some confusion).

  5. There was no overtime incurred by Mr. E. Hansen for the month of April.

  6. Skamania County Commissioners Letter dated may 7, 2013.

  7. Join us – May 18th Clean up Day! (See attached).

Action needed on the consent agenda

PUBLIC COMMENT This is an opportunity for members of the audience to address specific issues not itemized elsewhere on the agenda.
FIRE DEPT UPDATE Fire Chief’s monthly report.
Old Business

FIRE CHIEF COMPENSATION “A Resolution of the City of Stevenson Authorizing Reimbursement to the Volunteer Fire Chief”. At the April Council meeting the City Council discussed Fire District’s request to consider additional compensation for the Fire Chief. Legal Counsel recommended a job description be included – a copy of the ordinance’s outline of duties was included. After discussions with the District’s Clerk (and recent audit issues) it was clear that a time sheet would be required and that compensation would not be allowed if the chief was out of area during the pay period (a month).

Copies were forwarded to legal counsel, the current fire chief and the Fire District Clerk.
Also attached is a copy of the New Fire Suppression (Hydrant Law) SHB 1512. The City, thanks to the foresight of a previous City clerk/treasurer, is fairly secure. We have been billing“water on demand charge” for more than 35 years. The rate was increase ~four years ago. The charge includes more than 75,000 gallons for fire use annually.
As required by Washington State E. Hansen has prepared the City’s 2014-2019 Transportation Improvement Plans for transportation related activities is presented for public comment. We have also attached the 2013 Capital Street Budget Plan to which identified the current projects addressed in the 2013 Street Budget.
In an effort to make this more realistic staff will be prepared to address financial commitments already in place and we will review the impact of the sales tax receipts that will be collected for a full year in 2013.
3 CITIES PARTNERSHIP “A Resolution of the City of North Bonneville, Washington, Supporting a Regional Partnership Among the Cities of North Bonneville, Stevenson and Cascade Locks and the Columbia River Gorge Commission”. Recognizing our joint cities’ effort the Gorge Commission would like to convene a joint meeting – an agenda has been attached.
It would perhaps be more productive for the City of Stevenson if we could identify and promote issues of interest to the City. Obviously, maintaining a bridge connection is key factor for our businesses. Are there other suggestions?
CONTRACTS 1- Contract for professional services – Recruitment Services for Replacement of City Administrator. Please see attached contract proposal and procurement plan for those services.
Note! The City Administrator is requesting permission to attend the WCMA conference this summer (August 14, 15, and 16) to be available for questions about the position. Prothman plans on having a booth and will direct potential applicants to the Administrator who may want to discuss the job. (Mileage @ $272, tuition (not listed yet) and rooms vary from $54.50 to $129/nt. if we book soon and get the group rate. State rate is $124 before taxes.)

2 – New Account contract – In an effort to improve investment earnings we are opening an account with Protective Securities. This will allow the City to invest in certain offerings. We have been monitoring their offerings and to date – they have not been met our needs.


Review proposals for water and sewer rates.


COAL TRAINS Moli Thomas has asked for time on the agenda to discuss a proposal for a region wide health assessment impact study on the coal export terminals. Please see attached.

WEB SITE Show and tell time!

OUTFALL EMERGENCY Hansen will report on the recommendations made by engineering for construction of the outfall line and potential options.

OTHER City council

Staff Solid Waste Meeting

Nuisance Enforcement
VOUCHER APPROVAL Please see Additions to Agenda
ADJOURNMENT Close regular meeting
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