Checks to be made out to New York Foundation for the Arts, Peace Caravan Project

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Peace Caravan Project

185 E 85th St   #19 E  New York, NY  10028

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(Checks to be made out to New York Foundation for the Arts, Peace Caravan Project)


The Silk Road was a series of intersecting caravan trails from southwest China to the Mediterranean, and ultimately arriving in Rome. It was more than a road where merchants exchanged goods, but was a formative and transformative rite of passage of religious and cultural heritages within the Diaspora.

The Peace Caravan Project takes the viewer from Jerusalem to China along the Silk Road, documenting the places of historical and religious significance for educational presentations. The project’s goal addresses the global need for openness and cultural exchange and to help gain the mutual respect and cooperation necessary for World Peace. By documenting people in their traditional ways of life, the project reminds us that in our differences we share similar love, hopes and dreams. Through the educational presentations led by Mossman, The Peace Caravan endeavors to inform and inspire others through cultural understanding, tolerance and acceptance. Mossman sets an example to the people that she meets on the road and through her lectures to her audiences at home that we shouldn’t have fear for one another- her motto is: “Trust is the currency of the solo traveler.”
Many International Nonprofits Partners are involved with Education, Pluralism and Peaceful Tourism, including: The Sugarbaker Foundation (Missouri) International Institute for Peaceful Tourism (Vermont), The Coalition for OneVoice (New York), Josephine Hendriks Project ( New York) Skal International (Spain), United Nations Yak (New York), The Region Initiative (TRI) (Pakistan), Roza Otunbayeva Initiative (Krygytz Republic). In addition, the Peace Caravan liaisons with women’s groups, multicultural, humanitarian, and religious organizations and presented through educational institutions.

Violence and modernization in the Silk Road regions threaten the indigenous way of life. Cultures are disappearing as people become more homogeneous in the 21st century. It is important to preserve what makes each unique. The project has proven, by educating through photography, film, and first hand accounts from the regions, readers find a new appreciation for the religious and cultural heritages of these nations and a new way to peace reveals itself.

Countries: The Silk Road Countries that Mossman has visited and lectured on includeEgypt, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, China, and Italy. Upcoming countries include Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan.

Elements: The project includes lectures, exhibitions, photography books, Photo Workshops, and films (see attached list for complete details). Recent lectures include: Royal Ontario Museum, University of West Virginia, Minot University, University of Michigan, Hilbert College, The University of West Virginia and the U of San Antonio.

Memorial Union Gallery in Fargo, ND; Bismarck, ND; University of West Virginia; Manhattan, NY; Palm Desert, CA; Santa Barbara CA; Moscow; Washington, DC; United Nations, New York; Berlin; Los Angeles, CA; Providence, RI; and Beijing. In addition, 3 photography books have been published and a 17-minute documentary entitled: The Peace Caravan Project- Journey along the Silk Road, Xinjiang China.


Marla Mossman began the Peace Caravan Project in 1996. She has made six journeys to document the Silk Road region. Mossman has spent her life extensively documenting the human condition. Born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised and educated in Canada, she currently resides in New York. Mossman earned a bachelors degree at the University of Western Ontario, a lower division diploma at Brooks Institute of Photography, and a diploma at Sotheby’s Short Course in Decorative Arts. She founded two other Arts collectives: MMARTS and Art Soup, both of which represented artists showing work outside of the traditional gallery spaces.


We seek a donation of $7,000 that will be applied to the production costs for the educational outreach exhibitions, lectures and documentary films for the upcoming journey through the Central Asia Silk Road region. Support has been received from the New York Foundation for the Arts, International Institute for Peaceful Tourism and The Region Initiative to name a few.

BOARD OF ADVISORS ( see attached list for complete details ):

The Peace Caravan’s seven member Advisory Board includes: Legal Advisor; Educational Advisor; Executive Director and Project Founder; Regional Advisors include: Turkey and Central Asia; Israel and the Middle East; Afghanistan; International Art Advisor.


Today precarious political situations exist in many of the Silk Road nations— Central Asia, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Pakistan and India are all involved in local wars that are on the brink of escalation. Secular prejudice is the root cause, and if allowed to flourish will grow into hate, violence, and ultimately war. By documenting these areas for education, Mossman features images of people she meets along the way who are out of the mainstream of history. She focuses on documenting the daily lives of indigenous cultures rather than documenting violence giving voice to those who are most marginalized.


Awards, Grants and Recognitions
BEST Documentary Short 2014 - New York/Los Angeles Film Festival 2014

KOWAMERA: Plant Pray Partner for Peace – Director Marla Mossman
Making a Difference AwardHonorable Mention Certificate COMMFFEST, Toront Canada 2014

KOWAMERA: Plant Pray Partner for Peace – Director Marla Mossman
Finalist Documentary Film Fati Un Film, - Rome. Italy, 2013

PEACE CARAVAN: Xinjiang Province, China – Director Marla Mossman
Fiscal Sponsorship Grant - New York Foundation for the Arts 2006 – New York, NY 2007

Peace Caravan Project – Founder/Director Marla Mossman
Honorable Mention: Portraits Lucy Awards 2006 – New York, NY 2007

Three School Girls Jark Afghanistan – Photographer Marla Mossman
Film Festival Screenings:

KOWAMERA: Plant Pray Partner for Peace 15.25 min documentary – COMMFEST, Toronto, Canada, 2014

KOWAMERA: Plant Pray Partner for Peace 15.25 min documentary – Global Peace Film Festival, Orlando, Fl 2014

KOWAMERA: Plant Pray Partner for Peace 15.25 min documentary – Producers Club, New York, NY, 2014

KOWAMERA: Plant Pray Partner for Peace 15.25 min documentary – Tribeca Cinemas, New York, NY, 2014

PEACE CARAVAN: Xinjiang Province, China - documentary, 17'5'' - Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome. Italy, 2013

PEACE CARAVAN: Xinjiang Province, Chinadocumentary – Culture UNPLUGGED Humanity Explored Festival, 2013

PEACE CARAVAN: Xinjiang Province, Chinadocumentary 17'5'' - Hells Kitchen Arts Festival, Manhattan, NY, 2013
Peace Caravan Lecture and Multimedia Presentations:

Peace Caravan Journey Along the Silk Road” Tamerin Culture Trips – Montreal, Canada – June , 2014

Cultures Under Siege – Panel Marla Mossman and Janet Goldner” – ArtTable – New York – March , 2014

One Women’s Courageous Journey Along the Silk Road” – Princeton Club – New York – March , 2014

Women in Afghanistan” - Royal Ontario Museum – Toronto, Canada - June 2012

Peace Caravan Project; Art as Philanthropy” - University of West Virginia - Honors Lecture Series - July, 2011

A Women’s solo Journey Along the Silk Road” - Minot University - Women’s History Month Lecture - March 2, 2011

Cultures Under Siege” University of Michigan - Martin Luther King Keynote - January 20, 2011

Peace Caravan Journey Along the Silk Road” - Hilbert College - March, 2010

Trust is the Currency of the Solo Traveler” - University of West Virginia - Festival of Ideas - March 2010

One Women’s Journey” - U of San Antonio - Women’s History Month Lecture - March, 2010

Architecture of the Silk Road under Siege” - Ryerson University - Department of Architecture - September 2009

Afghanistan, a Story of Inspiration” CW Post Long Island University - Honors Lecture Program - April 2009

Pluralism in Religions along the Silk Road” - Coalition for One Voice - September 2008

Voice of Women in Afghanistan” - Seaton Hall Law School - International Law Honors Students - September 2006
Selected Project Publications:

This Is New York: Marla Mossman, on Documenting Disappearing Cultures By Amelia PangEpoch Times | August 23, 2014

Artist Highlights: Peace Caravan Project By Nia Kiesowis | August 18, 2014

Selected Project Exhibitions:

Memorial Union Gallery, Fargo, ND; U of Mary, Bismarck, ND; Blaney House Gallery, University of West Virginia, WV; BID - Gallery 8, Manhattan, NY; Two Feathers Gallery, Palm Desert, CA; Karpeles Museum, Santa Barbara, CA; The Arts Center, Moscow, Russia; Rhonda Schalling Gallery, Manhattan, NY; Russian Cultural Center, Washington, DC; UNRCC, United Nations, New York; Inside/Outside Gallery, Berlin, Germany; Area, Los Angeles, CA; Atrium Gallery, Providence, RI; Discovery Museum, Bridgeport, CT; Red Gate Gallery Residency, Beijing, China.
Photo Workshops ON LOCATION, New York:

Volunteer Photography Workshop Series with the Josephine Hendricks Project:

International High School. Washington Irving High School – children with special needs 2012 -2013

Footsteps Organization – Secular Community Center for Hassidic Youth, Manhattan New York 2013
Peace Caravan Board of Advisors:

Legal Advisor - Myra D. Mossman Esq. JD., LL.B

Educational Advisor - Dr. Joan Digby - Director of Honors Program - Long Island University

Art Advisor – Barbara Tamerin – Tamerin Fine Art

Executive Director and Project Founder - Marla Mossman

Regional Advisors:

Turkey and Central Asia - Kemel Ulusoy - Int. Trade and Development - Ullusoy International

Israel and the Middle East - Aubrey Burnstein - Software Engineer

Afghanistan- Qais AzimyTelevision News Producer - Al Jazzera

International Art Advisor - Patricia Frischer - Art Consultant

Art Advisor – Barbara Tamrin

Central Asia - Agha Iqrar Haroon - Senior Producer Current Affairs Department, Geo TV Lahore

Krygytz Republic - Roza Isakovna Otunbayeva – Roza Otunbayeva Foundation

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