Chaney-monge school district #88

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400 Elsie Ave, Crest Hill, IL 60403

Tel.: 815-722-6673

Fax: 815-722-7814


Andy Siegfried, Superintendent Jacelynn Hall, Principal

February 2014 Newsletter

From the Superintendent:


MARCH 18, 2014

The Chaney Monge Board of Education will present a building bond referendum question to voters in our district on March 18, 2014. The bond money will be used to make immediate repairs and provide the districts share of the School Construction Grant program. There are more details on the March 18th referendum located at the back of this newsletter. If you have any immediate questions, please call Mr. Siegfried at the district office.


January and February traditionally brings some of the coldest weather of the year. Just a reminder to send students to school properly dressed. The last day of school due to recent cold weather will be June 3rd for students (unless we have to use another emergency day).


Your school district is taking a cautious and common sense approach to what health officials are predicting will be a very active flu season.

COVER – your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing

CLEAN – wash your hands frequently during the day

CONTAIN – stay home if sick.
If there is ever a need to close school or to deliver important health information, you will be contacted directly by our Parent Emergency Notification and Information System. Make sure our school secretaries have your current phone numbers and other additional contact information. I would suggest having your personal cell phone as your main number if possible. You may also choose to visit our school district website at, or or for more on-line information at any time.

Parking regulations, traffic laws, bright orange cones, tickets and school rules will not prevent an accident from happening. However, as adult drivers, we all must remind ourselves that there is no excuse for compromising the safety of any child because we are in a hurry, late for an appointment, angry at a family member, or angry at the driver in the vehicle ahead.

So, for the sake of all children, drive safely and extremely carefully during your trips to, from, and around school at all times. Discuss basic pedestrian safety with your kids. Our staff members, administrators, and Crest Hill Police Department are committed to making sure your kids remain safe – and I am sure you are too.
Remember to go over weather safety procedures at home this spring. It is not uncommon to see March tornados especially with this ever changing weather pattern.
Is School Closed?

Its freezing cold, the snow’s blowing, wind’s howling and my homework isn’t done: what a great time to find out that there is no school! If possible, the decision to close school is made the night before or very early in the morning (before 7:00 AM) of the day classes will be canceled.


Principal Jackie Hall will send a recorded phone message directly to the phone numbers listed in your child’s registration forms. Messages are sent immediately after the decision is made to close school for the day. Please do not call the school to verify that school has been closed. Make sure your answering machines or message systems are in working order. Please check your voicemail and listen to your message before calling the school back.

Emergency School Closings

Unless you receive a ‘school closed’ call from our school district parent emergency notification and information system, hear a notice that school is closed on any of the media outlets below or see a notice on our school district website, SCHOOL IS OPEN! Do not call the school district numbers since there will probably be no one available to answer your call. Instead, tune in or type in any of the media outlets listed below:

Radio WJOL 1340 AM

Radio WSSR 96.7 FM

Radio WRXQ 100.7 FM

Radio WCCQ 98.3 FM

Radio WGN 720 AM

Radio WBBM 780 AM

Radio WONU 89.7 FM

Radio WERV 95.9 FM

TV WGN Channel 9

TV WLS Channel 7

TV WFLD Channel 32

TV WBBM Channel 2

TV WNBQ Channel 5

Web Site:

Web Site:

Web Site:


The Chaney Monge Board of Education meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month starting at 7 pm. We generally meet in the library during the school year.

From the Principal – Jackie Hall


On Friday, February 14th there will be an 11:30 dismissal for grades 1-8 as we hold a faculty meeting. There will be NO Kindergarten classes.

Box Tops and Labels

Ms. Pavnica reminds you to send in your General Mills Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels. Your label and box top donations help provide supplies and activities to our students and school.

Music News

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Krispy Kreme Fundraiser and for supporting the Chaney Monge Music Program! Due to the expected bad weather, the pickup date for all donut orders has been moved to Thursday, February 6th after school until 4:00 p.m.

We would like to especially thank Tristan Walker from Mrs. Manios’ 1st grade class for selling the most donuts. Also, congratulations to the winners of the donut parties, Mrs. Manios 1st grade class for being the best-selling Elementary class and Mrs. Price’s 7th grade class for being the best-selling Jr. High class. Thank you all again for your hard work!
Congratulations to the January “Young Professional Musician of the Month”, 6th grade french horn player Bryan Orea and 5th grade percussionist Kodie Darling! Keep up the great work Bryan and Kodie!
As a reminder to those students who will be attending the “STOMP” field trip, your permission slip and the balance due for your ticket MUST be turned in to Ms. Hayes no later than Monday, February 10th.
We are happy to announce that the Concert Band will be performing this year at the “Lockport Area Concert Band Festival” on February 20th at the LTHS East Campus Center. Keep a lookout for future information from Ms. Hayes.
Important notice regarding the 3rd Quarter Concert! The date has been changed to Thursday, February 27th starting at 7 PM. We hope everyone can join us for a great night of music!
Soon you will be able to follow the Music Program’s upcoming events on Facebook. Be sure to keep a lookout for the Chaney Monge Music Parents Association Facebook Page coming soon!
You can now reach our Board via email at If you have questions or if you would like to volunteer at one of our events, please feel free to contact us.
S.T.A.R. Reading Times for February will be:

February 7th – 9:50 to 10:23 am.

February 13th – 10:35 to 11:08 am.

February 21st – 12:50 to 1:23 pm.

February 27th – 1:35 to 2:08 pm.

Keep reading!


Congratulations to all the 2nd quarter award winners. The top AR point earners were 2nd graders Reaghan Dickson with 109 points, Tyler Weaver with 104 points, and Mia Angelo with 100 points. The top 3rd through 5th graders were Kadden Schott with 113 points, Henry Campos with 47 points, and JaMya Hagger with 46 points.

The top Jr. High readers were Jaylen King and Skyler Craig with 21 AR points; Allyson Mathis and Jacob Farmer with 19 points, and Marissa Lopez and Ariana Moreno with 18 points.
Students who met their AR reading goal will be treated to a movie and popcorn. Our students took 2,046 tests second quarter and passed 1,654. Please encourage your children to keep reading! Their 3rd quarter incentive will be an assembly about the invention of the Wright Flyer.
The Six Flags reading program forms are due on February 21, 2014. Don’t forget to get them in.
Students of the Month

Mrs. Short reports that December Lion’s Club Students of the Month were: 5th grader: Jose Zaragoza; 6th grader: Allyson Mathis; 7th Grader: Raudel Alvarez; and 8th grader: Abigail Born.

Congratulations on your award!


There will be an 8th grade parents meeting on February 6th at 6:30 p.m. Parents will meet in the library to discuss and organize the 8th grade dinner dance coming up in May. Please plan to attend and submit your ideas and help with the fundraising needed to give our 8th grade students a night to remember.


The basketball season is winding down and instructional basketball teams are in one more tournament. The Richland tournament starts February 5th and runs through February 23rd.

If any athlete still has their basketball uniform and your season is over, please turn them in. The uniform should be placed in a bag with your name on it and drop it off in the office.
Congratulations to our 3rd grade basketball team for their 2nd place win in the District 92 tournament. The team members are: Caden Schoolcraft, Kaylin Zeglin, Kaitlyn Rangel, Isaiah Tate, Miguel Colunga, Oscar Villanueva and Max Helis. Way to go team!
Volleyball has started! Our 8th grade girls team has started the season with a 6-0 record!! Our 8th grade team members are: Courtney Schoolcraft, Kaitlyn Mathis, Kortney Sikic, Erin Banks, Morghann Furr, Marissa Tlanda, Thalia Valladolid, Vicky Wisniewski, and Brenna Portwood. The 7th grade team members are: Julia DelRio, Abby Kemnetz, Rylee Abogado, Nicole Webb, Nina Watkins, Bianca Ray, Precious Robinson, Ally Mathis, Kayla Funk, and Alyssa Shannon.
Come out and support your Braves!! Remember sports at Chaney Monge is all parent volunteer ran! And as always, “ITS FOR THE KIDS”.

Awards Assemblies

On January 22nd, Chaney-Monge school acknowledged the academic scholarship achievement of our students and also the display of good character and citizenship. Congratulations to all our hard-working students.

We would like to send big “Thank You” to all of our parents who took time out of their day to attend our Awards Assembly.  It was just amazing to look at the bleachers and see them full of smiling, proud faces.  Your support is always appreciated and we thank you for making sure your students know how much doing well in school matters to you!


Our students have worked hard during the second quarter of the school year.  Although only a few students are recognized for their accomplishments at the Awards Assemblies each quarter, there are many other students who have done very well. 

Also mentioned (and applauded) were students who earned a certificate for Perfect Attendance, Honor Roll and High Honor Roll.  These awards can be a goal for all students to work toward, although Honor Roll begins in fourth grade.  Please notice the students’ names on display in the main hallway.  Congratulations to all the students who earned awards in second quarter and keep doing your best!


Second Quarter Reading awards were earned by: Chase Bashor, Benjamin Knowles, Abria Wright, Grace Galvan, Abby House, Nori Hostetter, Angelina Dockery, Madelyn Canada, Charity Chishimba, Zavier Kovacs, Pearl Kusek, Austin Legner, Caliyah Tate, Neil Peto, Dimitria McCullum, Kelli Watkins, Aaliyah Almazan, Alex Lopez, Hayden Sexton, Paige Olson, Emily Peto, Damian Smith, Mariah Guerra, Eric Liacone, Ricardo Doering, Jackson Furr, Jacob Rosin, Ally Mathis, Keith Farmer, Raudel Alvarez, Jaylen King, Josh Molano, Aaron Grimes, Vinny Martinez, Lilly Cabello, Katie Mathis, Will Martinez, and Shana


Effort and Participation awards were earned by: Evelyn Benitez, Ashley Gavina, Yuliana Reyes, Amanda Presi, Kelly Lesniewski, Nicholas Rodriguez, Addison Jones, Zander Manzano, Paige Martin, Dustin Stevens, Nahomy Luna, Isabella Quirk, Peyton Albert, Colin Ward, Troy Mutz, Marie Howell-Lawson, Isaiah Tate, Angel Boatright, Katelynn Reinhart, Nick Cora, Kaitlyn Snyder, Steven Fagan, A.J.Vieyra, Madison Born, Brooklyn Roach, Bella Pina, Barry Gaylord,

Jianna Bolognani, Gino Valladolid, Vinny Flink, Melvin Manzo, Julian Cruz, Alyssa Shannon, Aldo Guerra, Mahonri Ruiz, Dylan Stevens, Karli Grooms, Brianna Peterson, David Studer, Joe Edwards, Ashlye Coloma, Nikiyah Nelson, Dwayne Stepter, Jr., and Daniel Ackerman.


Fairness awards were earned by: Julian Gonzalez, Gael Pasaran, Haley Garcia, Kaylee Topor, Ty'yonnah Sanders, Haylei Sexton, Gavin Legner, Adrianna Hooper, Aidan Lesa, Emiliano Cazares, Estelle Del toro, Emma Villegas, Pedro Figueroa, Aaron Darling, Alexis Liker, Julian Pina,

Erin Banks, and Kortney Sikic.


Caring awards were earned by:  Dalal Eid, C.J. Sahler, Ashlynn Snapp, Brianna Kloeckner, Abrielle Castro, Kayla Dehoyos, Mary Flores, Alanese Rodriguez, Avery Ward, Bredge Gutierrez, Jessica Hernandez, Madison Borsom, Elissa Garcia, Michael Aylward, Nicole Webb,

Jacob Farmer, Mykiyah Jackson, and Sam Sly.

Chaney-Monge School Second Quarter Honor Roll
FOURTH GRADE HIGH HONORS: Jazmyn Angelo, Jennifer Carbajal, Emiliano Cazares, Steven Fagan, Mary Greenlaw, Taylor Jacksa, Emily Peto, Benjamin Roark, Ivo Ruiz, Hayden Sexton, Lizbeth Tirado, Lukas Turner, Avery Ward.


Aaliyah Almazan, Isaiah Beazley, Jetta Brazel, Bredge Gutierrez, Isaiah Jones, Aidan Lesa, Paige Olson, Karis Raia, Katelynn Reinhart, Brooklyn Roach, Ruben Rodriguez, Chloe Ruhnke.

Alyssa Becerra, Madison Borsom, Lilly Ann Brock, Grace Contos, Estelle DelToro, Randy Farmer, Jessica Hernandez, Cody Krupinski, Miracle McClendon, Damian Smith, Giniah Valerio.
FIFTH GRADE HONORS: Jalynn Alexander, Kayla Craig, Kodie Darling, Ricardo Doering, Mariah Guerra, Eric Liacone, Madelynn McNamara, Matthew Peal, Bryanna Portis, Thomas Tripp, Emma Villegas, Laila Williams.
SIXTH GRADE HIGH HONORS: Aaron Darling, Jackson Furr, Aldo Guerra, Aislinn Hudson, Allyson Mathis, Ariana Moreno, Bryan Orea, Alexis Raia.
SIXTH GRADE HONORS: Julian Cruz, Elissa Garcia, Jacob Rosin, Mahonri Ruiz, Daniel Sanchez, Alyssa Shannon, Zyane Williams.
SEVENTH GRADE HIGH HONORS: Alexa Boland, Matthew Brice, Skyler Craig, Julia DelRio, Brianna DeMumbrum, Nancy Duran, Julian Pina, Nina Watkins.
SEVENTH GRADE HONORS: Charles Brock, Jacob Farmer, Jaylen King, MacKenzie Reinhart, Carlos Ruiz, Niurmig Vargas, Jeremy Yantz.
EIGHTH GRADE HIGH HONORS: Abigail Born, Tanner Dockery-Koerner, Hannah Fagan, Morghann Furr, Mykiyah Jackson, Katelyn Mathis, Nikiyah Nelson, Courtney Schoolcraft, Kortney Sikic, Marissa Tlanda, Paige Wallenberg, Joshua Zbroskewich.
EIGHTH GRADE HONORS: Daniel Ackerman, Ashlye Coloma, Kimberly Loeza, Jordan Raia, Dwayne Stepter, Thalia Valladolid, Anthony Wallenberg, Victoria Wisniewski.

2nd Quarter Perfect Attendance
Peyton Albert, Jaylynn Alexander, Mia Angelo, Leilani Arnold, Yasmin Barajas, Paolo Binkley, Alexa Boland, Kyle Bradford, Luis Cabrera, Oscar Cabrera, Melissa Chiasson, Myra Cisneros, Karina Cockburn, Kayla Craig, Skyler Craig, Tanner Dockery-Koerner, Ricardo Doering, Nancy Duran, Jaeden Edwards, Jeremiah Edwards, Mohammad Eid, Yasmine Eid, Selena Febo, Kera Fitzgerald, Mary Flores, Kyle Frain, Kayla Funk, Alejandro Garcia, Dariana Garcia, Barry Gaylord, Yahira Gomez, Elijah Gonzales, Aldo Guerra, James Johnson, Austin Kusek, Pearl Kusek, Hailey LeGrand, Kimberly Loeza, Allyson Mathis, Katelyn Mathis, Jessica Maves, Amber Meadows, Peyton Meadows, Michael Mettille, Ariana Moreno, Juan Moreno, Nikiyah Nelson, Gael Pasaran, Sebastian Pazos, Tyler Pazos, Emily Peto, Amanda Presi, Brooklyn Roach, Carlos Ruiz, German Ruiz, Shane Schomig, Frank Shourek, Lizbeth Tirado, Kaylee Topor, Angelica Vega, Avery Ward, Victoria Wisniewski, Steven Zabel, Nathan Zbroskewich.


Upcoming Dates
February 5th -

  • Catherine Gleason Spelling Bee –

Jr. High – 9 AM

February 6th

  • 8th Grade Parents – Dance Mtg 6:30 PM

  • Krispy Kreme Pick-Up 2:45-4:00 pm

February 11th

  • 8th Grade Field Trip

February 12th

  • Math-A-Thon Parent Permission Due

February 14th

  • 11:30 Dismissal – School Improvement Mtg.

  • NO Kindergarten Classes

February 17th


  • Parent-Teacher Conferences

February 27th

  • 3rd Quarter Band Concert 7 pm

February 28th

  • NO SCHOOL – Teacher Institute

March 6th

  • Will County Spelling Bee at Lewis University 6 PM

March 7th

  • Math-A-Thon Donations Due

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