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April 12 RABA meeting was called to order by Pres. Cory Hixson held at the Richwood Marketing office. Motion to approve the Secretaries minutes by Dave Vollrath, 2nd by Tai Wills. Minutes approved.

Motion to approve the treasurers report by Dave Vollrath, 2nd by Pat Hamilton, report approved.

In the old business report Spring Basket winners were drawn; they need to cash in their certificates by the end of May at Plotners.

New Business - Joint meeting of the Un. Co. Chamber Divisions will be May 25th at 8:00 a.m. at Der Dutchman. There will be a video of the different businesses.

Tai Wills mentioned Sept. 17 will be Customer Appreication Day from 9 to 1. Non profits can have a space for free; other spots will be $10.00. Businesses can have a spot in front of their shop for free. Marysville’s Festifair is the weekend before and the Covered Bridge Festival is the weekend after. Tai will create a page on facebook; she asks all to share it to get the word out.

Elizabeth Duckwitz, Legal Shield, sponsored todays meeting. She moved here from California 12 years ago. It was 1 year ago she first started coming to RABA meetings. She has been a paralegal for 16 plus years. Legal Shield gives business and people access to attorneys daily for wills, health care directive, environmental and real estate law, traffic ticket defense, and more with a monthly membership. They are available in 49 states, not Alaska. They have ID Theft in all 50 states. Lawyers will reply within 6 to 8 hours. They can help with uncontested divorce, separations, and adoptions. She offered several handouts including a checklist of what is in your wallet. Never carry your original social security card. They can help small business owners with empoloyee benefits and payroll deductions.

Round Table: Nikki James, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Sat., April 23 will be Bowl for Kids Sake at Marysville Lanes. They are recruiting mentors for next year for Marysville and North Union Schools.

Jennifer Thrush, Un. Co. Health Dept. filling in for Doug Mathews stated April 1 the new state rules go into effect for the sewage/septic systems in the county. They will help with assessments. Make sure people who come out from the county have the ID badge or logo on the vehicle. Ask for ID or call the office if you are not sure they are from the county.

Dawn Kavanaugh, Richwood Tire and Auto, is also on the Board of Directors for the Pregnancy Resource Center. They will be holding a 2 mile walk May 7 in Union County around the center of Marysville. Lunch is provided. Businesses can still sponsor. For more info the web site is

Tim Suter, First Energy – Ohio Edison, just trying to keep up with the storms and keep the electric on.

Brian Davis, Ken Davis and Sons, has been shipping horse shoes since 1954 and they ship all over the world. He is a 4th generation owner. They don’t have a lot of competition. They want to support the community.

Pat Hamilton, Pat’s Print Shop, busy with ball uniforms and school projects.

Tai Wills, Richwood Marketing/Richwood Bank. They are offering a social media ½ day seminar with breakfast from 7:30 to 8:30 and then seminar after breakfast on May 20th at the Marketing building, open to all their Business Clients. You can register on line. The bank Stockholders meeting had a record attendance of 350 people.

Debbie Case, Un. Co. Chamber stated the annual dinner meeting is April 21 and the expo tables are sold out. It will be held at Dutch Mill Green House and will offer different food stations. The business impact breakfast is April 28 at 940 London Ave. with Mayor updates. They are working on the chamber membership directory and want to make sure all business information is correct. Lori will be working in the chamber office starting April 18th for 11 days updating information.

Dave Vollrath, Un. Co. Foundation, mentioned he attended the Richwood Bank stockholders meeting and was amazed that the bank participated in 90 different events last year. The scholarship deadline has passed.

Arlene Porter, Un. Co. Board of Development Disabilities, talked about Special Olympics, track meets, Bochi Ball and their Neighbor to Neighbor program in cooperation with Community Care Day May 17 linking volunteers with members.

Jack Moore Village Council President announced the village received a $250,000 grant from the State toward the walking trail around the Richwood Lake. They will be paving Ottawa Street to School Street this spring; trees are mostly down.

Rich Baird, North Union School Supt., announced graduation is May 27, Prom is May 14, Academic Awards are May 3. They will be holding their first Kindergarten graduation.

Phil Atkins, Mental Health and Recovery Board, introduced Rob Johnson the program director, a licensed social director, and graduate from Ohio State University. He is excited to be in Union County.

Teresa Millington, Richwood Realty, again stated there is a shortage of houses. Some are building new which could be a trend.

Matt Craig Pastor Richwood Church of Christ said they are almost full for pre school for this fall. They have 28 signed up.

Shari Marsh, United Way stated they awarded a $500 grant to the North Union Robotics Club which makes 3 in the Richwood Area. Taste of Marysville is April 30. Community Care Day is May 17; you can get on the web site to volunteer for area projects. April 13 they will be celebrating the campaign completion.

Cory Hixson, Edward Jones, sorry he could not be here last month; he was in Barcelona Spain. April is financial literacy month. Taxes are due April 18, last day to contribute to an IRA.They are done with rental properties in Marion.

Matt motioned to adjourn, 2nd by Pat, meeting adjourned.

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