Breanna Sheaffer

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Breanna Sheaffer

50 West Water Street

Smithsburg, MD 21783

OBJECTIVE: Obtain a job teaching Elementary School students

EDUCATION: The Pennsylvania State University, Mont Alto, PA

Bachelor of Arts: Elementary and Special Education May 2016

Major G.P.A 3.73

Dean’s List Fall 2012, Spring 2013

WORK EXPERIENCE: Resident Life, Penn State Mont Alto August 2013-Presnt

Resident Assistant

  • Responsible for a floor of 30 plus residents

  • Create community builders and activities for residents to participate in

  • Providing leadership and communication to residents

My Dance Studio, Smithsburg, MD August 2012-Present

Dance Instructor

  • Responsible for composing lesson plans and instructing students in dance

  • Providing instructions to teach 7-10 year olds in dance

  • Demonstrating leadership and instructional skills by being a good role model

Weistling Student Center, Penn State Mont Alto August 2012-Present

Student Activities Assistant

  • Responsible for coordinating activities on campus

  • Answer questions and assist students in the student center

  • Assist in creating flyers for monthly events

SCCI Smithsburg Branch Day Care, Smithsburg, MD October 2011-May 2012

Teacher’s Aide

HONORS: Leadership Award, Dean’s List, Chancellor Award Scholarship
LEADERSHIP: Lion Ambassadors Penn State Mont Alto August 2012-Present

  • Administering tours to prospective students and families

  • Chair of the Social Committee and a part of 5k Committee

  • Coordination of the Blue and White 5k to raise money for scholarships

THON Penn State Mont Alto August 2012-Present

  • Participated in various fundraising activities

  • Promoting awareness of childhood cancer

  • Marketing captain

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