B&o railroad Museum: Ellicott City Station Howard County book signing when

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B&O Railroad Museum: Ellicott City Station

Howard County book signing
WHEN: Saturday, December 3, 2011

11am to 4pm

WHERE: B&O Railroad Museum: Ellicott City Station

2711 Maryland Avenue

Ellicott City, MD 21042


WHAT: On Saturday, December 3, the B&O Railroad Museum: Ellicott City Station will host Shelley Wygant, President of the Howard County Historical Society and author of Howard County, a new book in the Arcadia Publishing Images of America series. Ms. Wygant will be available from 11am - 1pm, and 2 – 4pm to greet visitors and sign copies of her book. The Howard County Historical Society has selected the best images from its extensive archives and scoured private collections for photographs that have never been published before to create a visual feast of bygone days in “the land of pleasant living.”
Although it did not officially become a county until 1851, Howard County has a long and varied history that spans more than 400 years. Named for Revolutionary War hero John Eager Howard, this rapidly suburbanizing county features a landscape dotted with farms and grand manor homes situated on rolling farmland that plunges down into the Patapsco River Valley. There, in 1772, the Ellicott brothers established a mill-driven economy that became a center of prosperity, industry, and higher education as well as a home to the first railroad station in America, the National Road, and the first and largest multi-span masonry railroad bridge in the world. Today, Howard County is one of the wealthiest and most progressive counties in the nation. With its rural roots, intriguing architecture, and the charming 18th-century mill town of Ellicott City and the planned community of Columbia as its crown jewels, Howard County offers both the actual and the armchair visitor a wealth of exploration opportunities.
NOTES: The B&O Railroad Museum: Ellicott City Station is the oldest surviving railroad station in America! Completed by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in 1831, this National Historic Landmark is the perfect complement to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum’s Baltimore campus. Ellicott City Station showcases the people who built and operated America’s first railroad, tells stories of soldiers and citizens caught in the turmoil of Civil War and highlights the clash of technology that transformed America’s transportation systems from Roads to Rails.

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