Block & Bridle Fall Judging Contest Friday, October 13, 2006

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Block & Bridle Fall Judging Contest

Friday, October 13, 2006

Proposed Classes

Breeding ewes (ranking and/or keep/cull)

Breeding heifers (ranking and/or keep/cull)

Breeding gilts (ranking and/or keep/cull)

Feeder calves

Market hogs


This contest is designed as a learning experience for both beginning and experienced judges.


The animals in each class will be loose in the ring for viewing by the contestants. All classes will have a “scenario”, that is, how they are to be used. For instance, the rams may be used as terminal sires for a flock of commercial ewes, or the breeding ewe class may be bred to different breed rams to produce crossbred ewes to be used in commercial flocks. Performance data such as actual weights, adjusted weaning weights, Expected Progeny Differences (EPD’s), average daily gain (ADG) and others will be given to the contestants when available. The Official Judge (OJ) will give the scenario at the start of the class and will explain the terminology relating to the data. Two or 3 of the non-keep/cull classes will have 5 questions which will be asked by the OJ. The questions may be related to the data provided or the physical features of the animals. After the score cards and question cards are collected, the OJ will answer the questions and discuss the placing and scoring of the class. There will be no formal reasons given by contestants. The contestants will stay in the stands and the classes will be moved in and out of the ring.


The first class will begin at 10:00 am. Each class will take approximately 20 minutes which includes answering the questions and the discussion of the class by the OJ. The contest should be completed by noon or before. The contestants will eat lunch and results will be announced immediately after the meal.


A team may have up to 10 contestants but need at least 4. If a school has less than 4, they will compete as individuals. The top 4 scores will constitute a “team” score. Schools may enter several teams. One team of 8 may have a better chance of winning a division, while 2 teams of 4 would allow for more teams to compete. Team size is decided by the coach. Schools with less than 4 may still compete.


Trophies or certificates will be awarded for:

High Team Overall and Top Five Teams

High Individual and Top Ten Individuals

High Beef Team and High Beef Individual

High Sheep Team and High Sheep Individual

High Swine Team and High Swine Individual

Coaches should pre-register online no later than Friday, October 6 at

We don’t need an exact count, but we do need to have an estimate of the total number of competitors as soon as possible. Earlier pre-registration would be appreciated, if possible!

Please call Bob Nusbaum at 608-342-1324 or e-mail to you need further information.

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