Biscayne Sea Club Annual Meeting

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Biscayne Sea Club

Annual Meeting

The BSC club meeting was called to order at 11:02 AM. at the Treasure Island Elementary School.
Eric Glazer, Celena Nash and Charmaine Alles were in attendance as attorneys for the BSC club.
Carlos Hernandez presided and stated we have a quorum.
Carlos Hernandez’s opening statement was for the good and welfare of the corporations and we must obey rules and regulations and bylaws.
Celena Nash handled the procedures for proof of notice of meeting and waiver of notice.
The minutes were presented from 2013; Anthony Stashak made a motion, Carlos Hernandez seconded, then unanimous approval except for Marge Molway voted no acceptance on the minutes from 2013 with no reason for non-acceptance of the minutes.
Mauricio Escobar reported on pools and plumbing. Excellent shape.
No report was given on money in treasury.
No report was given from Dentico engineering on the sewer problem of the 8000 building.

Anthony Stashak spoke with Dentico engineering regarding the cost of the sewer project, Jane stated that it might be $30-$40,000 extra.

Fabio Pinheiro stated the sprinkler problem was set up very well thanks to Rodrigo Escobar.
Carlos Hernandez questioned why our handyman Pablo painted lines for easement and parking areas. Anthony Stashak stated it was necessary for code violations and the safety of the grounds fire and handicap accessibility. Members and residents were parking/blocking access to fire lanes.
Carlos Hernandez brought up a problem with sending demand letters for money owed to the corporation.
Motion made by Anthony Stashak to close the open permits on several apartments within 90 days at the discretion of the North Bay Village Building inspector. Motion passed.
Celena Nash presented votes for BSC club directors.
Laurie Lucas 200

Kathleen Wilson 193

Carlos Hernandez 132

Mauricio Escobar 94

John Dunlap 80

Pasquale Varone 75

Parvin Johnson 57

Nelly Watson 21

Motion for to waive budget reserves passed.
New business:
Carlos Hernandez brought up a motion for a management company to manage the affairs of the corporation; would include recording our meetings and scanning our records.
Anthony Stashak brought up the removal of documents and explained in detail for the umpteenth time what happened to the documents of the BSC club.
Celena Nash stated they need a secure place to keep documents and evidence or proof of someone taking the documents from the gatehouse.
Bob/ Joe Chesley stated, copy all the documents and put on a disc.
Dr. Paul Ahr stated that he also had his income tax statements stolen in addition to several other members experiencing identity theft.
The documents from the BSC club where left unsecured on the catwalk for several days in the rain.
Marge Molway spoke up and asked why are we still talking about this problem?
Allen Markelson spoke up and said Marge Molway allowed someone in this room to remove the documents from the Gatehouse.
Carlos Hernandez stated that all records of the corporation present and past to be safely placed in a locked environment.
Carlos Hernandez addressed the letter from Pasquale Varone regarding roof assessment money that was turned down by 31 members in a petition to cancel a roof contract to repair just the perimeter of the roof for a cost of over $100,000.
Anthony Stashak explained that the collected funds were transferred by the board to repair the 8010 elevator that was broken for 2 1/2 months in the 8010 building. The elevator was totally rebuilt in ten days. Cost was approximately $29,000.
Pasquale Varone stated that the $22,000 in question for new doors in the buildings was approved by the board
Anthony Stashak, no proof or minutes of which apartments receive new doors was or is available after repeated requests by Anthony Stashak. No detailed bills were submitted to Cam Accounting.
Marge Molway stated she needs $34,000 to work on elevators in the 8000-20 buildings.
(As a side note, Anthony Stashak called Evelyn Perez from Centrellex the following Monday with information regarding previous work completed with permits on the 8000 and 8020 buildings from 1999/2001 that cancelled the $34,000 request from Marge Molway and satisfied the demands from Centrellex and Miami-Dade).
A Stashak stated the elevator cabs in the 8010-20 buildings are a disgrace and need to be painted and new floors installed to bring up to code. The 8000 building cab was finished six years ago.
Cindy Miller stated we need a management company to take care of the affairs of the corporations and what is the deal on securing new windows for their apartment. The sewer project continually blows dirt and dust into their house.
Carlos Hernandez stated we need an approved plan for windows.
Miguel Vias stated we need a plumbing timeline for fixing the sewer problem.
Carlos Hernandez stated we need to secure the building and pipes to pump slurry under the apartments.
Alex Miller stated we need a clear plan to finish the plumbing project.
Anthony Stashak, we need a project report from Empire plumbing and Dentico engineering!
Celena Nash, the new board needs a motion to have a report within the next 30 days and three proposals stating the extent of the job to hand out to the members.
Jo Chesley stated the new board has 10 days to announce new officers.
Allen Markelson stated; be prepared to have a huge assessment in 2014- 2015.
Carlos Hernandez motion to approve the new budget approved.
Motion to adjourn the meeting approved.
Minutes submitted by Anthony Stashak.

Bay Four

Annual Meeting


Bay Four meeting started 12:53 PM.
Allen Markelson stated he had a lawsuit against Golden our previous lawyer.
Meeting turned over to the new board.
Election results as follows:
Brian Lucas 19

Carlos Hernandez 16

Fabio Pinheiro 15

Charles Kim 14

Pasquale Varone 5

Parvin Johnson 4

Nelly Watson 1

John Dunlap 0

Charles Hernandez stated that the board needs to deal with the issue of transference of funds from the Bay Four account to start the sewer project for the 8000 building.
Motion to adjourn.

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