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Shri Devendra Gill, FIE, FIFireE (UK), an alumni of IEI from Mechanical Engineering Division, he also holds MBA in Disaster Management from Guru Govind Singh IP University as well as Post Graduation in Environmental Laws Management from Indian Law Institute, Delhi. He has qualified Membership Examinations of The Institution of Fire Engineers, London.

After serving Defence R&D Organisation for 17 years where he rose to the position of Joint Director/Scientist “E”, he is working with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation since 2007 and is presently Senior Additional General Manager looking after safety in construction projects at Delhi, Kochi, Jaipur and Mumbai.

His more than 30 years of Experience is related to Fire Science and Explosive Safety pertaining to Defence needs as well as Construction Safety Management in Metro Projects of Major cities of India.

Shri Gill has been representing Mechanical Engineering Division in Delhi State Centre Committee since 2004. Before being elected as Chairman of Delhi State Centre, he served as Honorary Secretary of DSC for 2012-14. He was conferred with Safety Award in 2012 by Safety and Quality Forum, IEI for his outstanding work related to Safety in Engineering.

He has received specialised training on Metro Construction Safety at Tokyo, Japan and Dubai Metro.

During his tenure in Defence R&D Organisation, he participated in Search & Rescue Operations after January, 2001 Earthquake Tragedy in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He was also assigned special task to conducted Fire Safety Study for Forest Fires of Shivalik Range, Garhwal Hills & Slum Cluster Fires at Yamuna Pushta, Delhi.
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