Application for camping permit

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Armstrong Trail

PO Box 777

Kittanning, PA 16201
Phone: 724-543-4478 email:

NAME: __________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________________________

Number in camping party: Adults: _____ Under 18: _____
Requesting permission to camp overnight at: Date

Approximate Overnight Location, GPS Coordinates if possible

Permit Regulations

  1. Only primitive camping permitted

  2. Campers are responsible for proper disposal of litter and garbage – Carry in/Carry out

  3. Although campsite campfires are not encourage, camp fires are permissible provided there is not a ban issued at the time the permit is issued or time of actual camping

  4. The permit holder as named above as applicant will be responsible for any damages to property and costs of extinguishing wild fires.

  5. It is recommended that all fires be contained and campers use wood carried to the site. No standing trees, dead or alive, may be cut for firewood or any other reason.

  6. No camping is permitted in the Boroughs of: Kittanning, Ford City, Manorville, and/or East Brady

  7. The trail varies in width from 33’ to over 800’ wide. Do not camp or trespass on adjacent properties. Many adjacent landowners want privacy. Please respect their rights as property owners.

  8. Permittee is responsible for compliance with all local, state, and federal laws/rules/regulations while camping on the Armstrong Trail.

_________________________________________ ____________

Signature of Applicant Date

Download 30 Kb.

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