And now, for your favorite moments of 2011…

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And now, for your favorite moments of 2011…

Out of town pals like Niko & Craddock coming to work with us! Blood splash zones! New gear for the Shop!

the dad's G calendar!, watching Chris Brown pace like an expectant father every night Scarlett's played, the rookie program, being part of a fucking amazing season. Bacony flood-stival

"We need more horse lube!"/ Matt Horgan as Scrooge

1. Travis Sharp and Megan Leahy come back. 2. Kill The Dog: Ballerino. 3. Kevin and Amber fingerblasting each other constantly.

Tommy's "Why, God, why?" moment in Scandal Brain-Dead.

Opening night of slaughter when blood packets burst a good thirty seconds before they were supposed to

The Albino in Invasion: XMas Carol. George Faughnan almost getting us kicked out of Canada.

Showing our audience how we could carry Tim Meadows. The Rusty Trombone line dance. Getting a lapdance in front of my mother.

"Come on Campfire." -C Ritt

the audience reaction to Amber's 'tard-face in PopTart every night, Lebowski for being so goddamn awesome every night, Shatz in those jelly shoes and poufy pantaloons. The heavy petting zoo at Baconfest.

Tim Meadows and every performer wearing plaid during the set.

Someone taking a crap on the floor behind the garbage can in the men's bathroom.

horse farts ON george faughnan!!

Dim Sum: When Ricky came out and slathered cream all over his belly and hit the player (Christian?) in the face. Shows during Snowmaggedeon.

1) Watching Dan going from sober to drunk in every UUCAP show. 2) Being crammed in a tiny bathroom 3 nights a week cleaning blood off my person with the help of two men. 3) VIP Room and Scarlett's Web ... great Top Shelf season.

1. Christian Danley making a Holocaust joke in Dim Sum and suffering dearly for it. /"I'm losing my bone!"

The Launch of Dad's Garage TV, Tim Meadows performing with us!

Repaving the front parking lot!!!

Shadow scene in Scarlett's web!

When Kevin stopped giving a fuck during the Inman Park parade and stood around in the street in his underwear.

the fat suits of PopTart;

The drunk lady on stage at the Tim Meadows show that was in "Columns"....."I'm stirring eggs!". And......... Ruth Taffy.....enough said.

Ghost of Christmas Future; having a pitch for a show about strippers turn out to be such an awesome love letter of a show!

Rickey in Best Love Story. Eve's dance in Pop Tart.

Amber fucking Lucky to death in SCANDAL 3. Silk Shadows not giving any points because they were "too busy drawing a vagina monster"

tom in tight gold pants as "dagger", mike schatz as mike schatz, stanton's story of his uncle taking him on burglary spree.

Karen Cassady claiming "I'm just rotten!" while scuffing her foot and throwing a fist in Scandal.

The crowd reaction from the Scandal: Brain Dead trailer...every time Horgan bit that apple.

Z's encouragement after a not so good play practice by noting "it wasn't the worst thing we've ever done"


And now, for your favorite moments of 2012…

at baconfest- watching the expressions of the patrons exiting the is he/she naked booth ; opening night of zonkers when kevin gillese turned quickly enough to send his prop glasses flying and his recovery

ZONKERS making it to the stage; Video game sequence in "TWOC"; Bursting through the Time Pyramid in "Winner"; The Curse Gypsy's sad flash ring flare in "MSTM"; Kevin Baconfest; Diarrhea Condor!

new roof during rainstorms, amazing variety of new talent at dad's, being a family

Eve Krueger as Stevie Nicks; Z singing the ZONKERS theme song; Hot naked boobs on our stage; Linnea's Unibrow and FUPA during Scandal!; NEW EFFIN ROOF!!; Invasion CC Invaders: Super Villain professor Polio, Cookie Monster, Justin Bieber, and a Hot Dog!

making Tim Meadows break, GenCo rocking their Tim Meadows halves, Graham Wagner as The Panhandler, John Gregorio surprise in Scandal!

The signing bunny in the Wrath of Con

"Booooooooooooooobies!" - Boobbot, The videogame homage in Wrath of Con, "No vet, only Curse Gypsy "-Poof!- Musicals Suck

Harriss screaming CONNNN. Boobot and the boobs in Z.O.N.K.E.R.S. Gina putting a Dreamcast controller up Tom's butt.

Kevin Bacon at Baconfest, Tim Meadows weekend

1. When Horgan came into invasion as a milk man and the entire show became a joke about cum 2. Bonding with the rookies

Boobs, Amber and Kevin getting engaged

That time in Improv Revolution when Karen thought Captain Crunch had died in a plane crash. Also, trying to get Kevin to look at my tits backstage during ZONKERS. For the record, he's always a gentleman.

Meeting John Lewis at Baconfest

"Bees, No Bees"; the nightmare fuel that is Taylor Dooley, Ichi girl; Karen shitting ice

Harriss as Peter Cratchitt ; the sex change musical that was somehow not at all offensive.

When Lucky, Christian, and I all forgot our lines on the same night during Super Villain Monologues

Anything Schatz does.

Karen Crapping ice in dim sum...2."hey kid, good eye!"

Kevin Bacon at Baconfest. ZONKERS. The Glorious Death of Private Jared.

Wrath of CON, when the hotel guy gets killed by the CON goers.

There was a Doo Ron Ron and I don't know what Amber intended to say but it didn't come out right and she ran around the building twice for it. And I don't think I'll ever hear "Leroy Jenkins" without thinking about a solo cup again.

Rene slipping in Georges vomit on stage during Dim Sum; Mark Kendal and Perry Frost are in a scene where Perry is listing things she brought for her party and then says, "I brought a Rope!" ; Drunk Dan all the different times

Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy at Baconfest. Linnea doing 4 jobs at once. Pizza Slices.

The video game sequence in Wrath of Con; Time Fixin' Future Cops busting out of the pyramid;

Finding out Lara's coming back. -o- Reviewing the titles of every story we haven't done on the kid's show

closing night of Z.O.N.K.E.R.S., Kevin Bacon at Baconfest

Bro-Prov, everyone's awesome boobs in ZONKERS

Ermahgerd / I Hear a But / Gina in WoC & MSTM


And now, for your favorite moments of 2013…

Tommy faking everyone out in Christmas Carol with Jamie Moore as his stunt double.

Jon Carr as a burrito

anytime the genco does the Seal song.

Every Thursday night doing Townprov with talented people and creating such whimsey and having the audience and the players buying into it.

Rueben Finally joining the ensemble,

Mike's stories in Apnea,

the design work in Apnea and doing a new format at the Sarasota Improv Festival and KILLING IT!!!


effed up fairy tales.

Apnea creator was in the audience for apnea.

Every "It Happened Tonight" song,

Jan's "Hey Man" from Effed Up,

Tom as a bear

Scott Warren coming back for Dim Sum,

Lincoln scene from 44 Plays,

Memories of DGTC on Facebook, Gina Rickiki


That time our building got shut down,

Amber and Kevin's wedding,

Tom's trip to the hospital on the ensemble retreat.

laura coming back,

steve platinum reveal at dim sum pilot,

andy candy

During the Colin Mochrie showswWhen Chris Blair yells at Matt Horgan, "Ape Shit!";

Ruben Medina as the Bar Tender during Wrath of Con;

Getting drinks with Colin Mochrie after the show.

The Box Act with Gina Rickicki

Manhands the cat

Scott Warren-Tragic Mike Invasion,

Horgan and Morgan in the Myorgen,

getting life-hacked by Harris on the Morning Show

Essentially "winning" DragonCon, by having someone cosplay as characters from The Wrath of CON.

Eve trying to host during WorldDom while being tortured by the Italians with the dreaded "PIZZA SLICE!"

The couple arrested at Baconfest with dicks on their faces,

Adam Pinney's JFK animation for 44 Plays,

Melissa props for Andy Candy

The final 280 GenCo show!

Also, when Jamie Ward was given a bunch of retard volunteers (aka improvisers) and was still able to pack up the whole theater and move it.

The entire shoot for Andy Candy Episodes 1-4

dim sum filming, Understudy awesomeness, first DG baby

Cooking with Candy

Rene taking a heaping helping of Scott Warren sack to the face in Invasion: Christmas Carol

Kicking out 70 rowdy audience members during 44 Plays,

hashtag buttplay,

Kevin's short shorts

Rueben's Italian bar tender in Wrath of Con.

Animation and video in Apnea

Andy Candy

Filming Dim Sum on that super professional set.

When Elmo invaded Invasion: CC and wanted to molest all the Cratchit kids


Bringing in a whole new mess of awesome rookies into the GenCo

Tom wearing a limp cock on his head during “Murder, She Improvised”. “Oh, my head is throbbing!”

Clint and Rueben, after Peanut Butter Werewolf in the Dim Sum Pilot, tossing their ruined undies into the trash and sprinting butt ass naked down the halls of the GPB Studios to the dressing room. Sadly, security cameras missed all of it.

During 44 Plays for 44 President’s rehearsal, Karen jump roping as Obama and holding her ass with both hands cuz she had to poop so badly.


And now, for your favorite moments of 2014…

Gutenburg: George wears the "Black Narrator" hat and accuses an audience member of being an anti-semite, believing he was wearing the "little anti-semite girl” hat

Laying in a puddle of blood listening to the audience lose their minds on opening night of SOTL, Ruben as AC Slater trying to figure out how to sit in a chair

The PWYC for Holly's medical bills, the big-ass show at the Goat-Farm, finding out we'll have a NEW HOUSE to live in

That time we moved 18 years worth of shit out of 280 Elizabeth by hand and took it to various locations all over the globe a la Destro’s Weather Dominator.

Karen Cassady in the ensemble

Watching Gina sing to a corpse in SOLD, Invasion CC at the Alliance, Helvetica in a bucket during Gutenberg

Karen, Clint, Rickey, and Harriss killing it in Charleston --

That time all our famous friends showed up at the Goat Farm! All the great DGTV shoots! Putting a contract on the Ezzard Street property!

Saved by the Bell MSI, when Screech was guilty of murder but the gang let him go free cause he learned a lesson; Invasion CC at the Alliance, when the Alliance crew put me on a rocket sled meant for their 80 pound Ghost of Christmas Past, and my fat ass immediately shattered it; Clint as Scrooge's house cat; Megan as The Penguin in the Batman MSI;

That time we opened improv shows the VERY SAME NIGHT after officially finishing the move out of 280Eliz

Taylor Dooley/Ragowski doing all those shows pregnant; "Rip Dicktank"

The three kids giggling in Sex AKA.

Kicking a hole in the wall during preproduction of Gutenberg only to discover it had been a gaff covered hole for decades, and turning it into a semi-repeatable gag. Baconfest and the Soggy Top Boys debut.

Improv Opera at DG & Friends!

Ian Custer as a zombie giving birth. Matt Horgan as David Bowie Xmas past. Hanging out with Colin Mochrie after the Goat Farm show.

Butt Plug Ballet, the opening scene for our Valentine's Day 2014 show. tommy futch calling out Chris Rittlemeyer to propose to Amy while both sets of parents were in the audience. Z saying 'you smell like dirt fucked by a hobo'.

being homeless and making it!

Punching Rickey in the face to show him 'how it's done'.

Trying to save all the silent auction stuff from the rain at Bacon Fest

When Matt Horgan suggested tea-bagging on the Alliance Stage

When Schatz started choking while taping Andy Candy and Tom wouldn't cut, scratch that - all of Andy Candy.

Dodging coked-up DG boardmember at 280 Elizabeth party, stealing Jon Carr's clothes at the Xmas party, last GenCo blankman's daughter at 280.

Eve's roast, so many sweet burns. Linnea is the new queen of mean! Two penguins & a prostitute on the ark at dads and friends.

singing zombie fetus, the hat-line number from Gutenberg, Mark's fake penis, Andy Candy, when the power went out at WWWY and Amber stayed in-character and no one left because she is so awesome, Scott Adsit signing autographs and taking pictures with literally everyone who wanted

Jamie Warde who literally broke his back for the theater

That time Megan Gane climbed into the excavator and demolished our theater

Scott Adsit in Kiss from a Rose!

Glengarry Glen Ross from SAWaB, Saved by the Bell MSI, holding our own with every celebrity guest we bring in

Kevin as Scrooge, Soggy Top Boys at BaconFest

"I got my own problems!" -SEX aka Weiners & Boobs

Scott Adsit telling everyone at the Porter that the ensemble should have more women in it, hanging out at a bar with Colin Mochrie

That time Tim Meadows sucked my dick for some weed.

Over 1,400 people at Dad's And Friends

Ms. Dilber pullling Scrooges pants down, Scott Adsit asking to play in the Genco show, adding a baby Taylor Dooley!

Dan having year-long relationships with three women in one weekend at the Sarasota improv festival.

During Song of the Living Dead - Travis knew my dear old dad was in the front row, so he graciously gave him a lap dance during "Gay for Jesus." (

Ricky singing in leather shorts and suspenders in SOTLD; Reuben as the Christmas Tree in Invasion; Rene and George in Gberg

Megan in Coven as the cop, the three goobers in Sex

Rueben’s sad chicken

Baconfest hobo wine destroying everyone, giving Meghan Leahy the most offensive secret Santa gift and getting to play in EEIC

Naked Cat Clint IXC

Renaming farting "Babs-ing" in the Song of the Living Dead dressing room, Jan mistaking that Ed was going to put his “fart” in his character’s ass during an EEIC show


And finally… Holly Blaine kicking cancer’s ass!


And now, for your favorite moments of 2015…

Movers winning 69 hour comedy fest!

The small fire that only 2 of us know about.

Anytime Mark Kendall walked me to my car

News reel from Battle Space Wars and Can't Keep a Good King Down from King of Pops

KOP: Chris had to sing acapella, and Mark danced, like a boss.

The penis alien puppet from BSW.

MSI @ Mos Eisley Cantina

Mark Kendall’s accidental solo theater sports game.

Mark Kendall doing standup as Moby Dick.

Rittelmeyer saving opening night of "King of Pops" by singing "You Can't Keep a Good King Down" acapella, has anyone said "we bought an effing church" yet?, saving our best Hitler and Cosby rape material for the last 3 minutes of Dad's and Friends

Tom Rittenhouse as Zach Morris in MSI, Perry as Cher saying "back in the Depression all we had to eat was pussy"

Colin Mochrie asking if we could leave the shi-shi Midtown bar and go to the Yacht Club

(1) Dads and Friends ending on a Hilter Cosby scene, then asking for all the monies! (2) Z reading the text "About to head home and anally devastate a big titty teacher" durning Theatersports.

Dancing backstage in BSW to T. Swift, Getting the offer to be in the rookie program, Winning my first EEIC

The modern dance at Dad's Garage and Friends, Kirsten joining the gen co

"We just pissed up their buttholes" -Taylor Dooley in Battle Space Wars

When Karen got punched in the face in king of pops

Rene's fake dick in Battlespace Wars. Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima in TMN.

1. C Ritt actually hitting Karen and Karen saying, "Sometimes you wish what you get for." 2. Mark's scene where he is briefing his gang on the heist they are going to make. 3. The epic proportions of Battle Space Wars

"Can I talk fo' a minute"- mark kendal KOP

That time that random fucking light was on at the beginning of Battle Space Wars. That time Kevin and Ed riffed while Becky tried tried to find the switch for said fucking light.

Cedric Yarbrough's Cosby

Raising more money on kickstarter than any other theater has ever before.

Chris Rittlemeyer's "what kind of prison is this?" ad lib

Carol J PuppyDog’s stage debut in the Scooby Doo MSI

The Fresh Prince and Old Man Potter having a rap battle in It’s a Wonderful Laugh

That time we raised all that money and bought our own fuckin church, ya’ll!

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