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vol. XXXIX, n. 1, marzo 2002 [dedicato a Ethnic match in mental health services]

Willging Cathleen E., Clanship and K’é: relatedness of clinicians and patients in a Navajo counselling center, pp. 5-32.

Ito Karen L. - Maramba Gloria G., Therapeutic beliefs of Asian American therapists: view from an ethnic-specific clinic, pp. pp. 33-73.

Arcia Emily - Sánchez-LaCay Arturo - Fernández Maria C., When worlds collide: Dominican mothers and their Latina clinicians, pp. 74-96.

Bolton Jonathan, The third presence: a psychiatrist’s experience of working with non-English speaking patients and interpreters, pp. 97-114.

Zhang Yalin - Young Derson - Lee Sing - Li Lingjiang - Zhang Honggen - Xiao Zeping - Hao Wei - Feng Yongmin - Zhou Hongxiang - Chang Doris F., Chinese Taoist cognitive psychotherapy in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder in contemporary China, pp. 115-129.

Razali Salleh Mohd. - Aminah Kassim - Khan Umeed Ali, Religious-cultural psychotherapy in the management of anxiety patients, pp. 130-136.

vol. XXXIX, n. 2, giugno 2002

Swartz Leslie - MacGregor Hayley, Integrating services, marginalizing patients: psychiatric patients and primary health care in South Africa, pp. 155-172.

Miyaji Naoko T., Shifting identities and transcultural psychiatry, pp. 173-195.

Hodes Matthew, Three key issues for young refugees’ mental health, pp. 196-213.

Bracken Patrick, Cultural syndromes and cognitive psychology, pp. 214-219.

Hinton Devon, “Wind overload” and orthostatic panic among Khmer refugees, pp. 220-227.

Holloway Harry C., Combat psychiatry, pp. 228-239.

vol.XXXIX, n. 3, settembre 2002 [dedicato a Bioethis and antidepressants]

Bullard Alice, From vastation to prozac nation, pp. 267-294.

Kirmayer Laurence J., Psychopharmacology in a globalizing world: the use of antidepressants in Japan, pp. 395-322.

Hinton Devon - Hinton Susan - Um Khin - Chea Audria - Sak Sophia, The Khmer “weak heart” syndrome: fear of death from palpitations, pp. 323-344.

Petchkovsky Leon - San Roque Craig, Tjunguwiyanytja, attack on linking: forced separation and its psychiatric sequelae in Australia’s “stolen generations”, pp. 345-366.

Husni Mariwan - Koye Narmen - Cernovsky Zack Z. - Haggarty John, Kurdish refugees’ view of politically motivated self-immolation, pp. 367-375.

Bibeau Gilles, Fascination with the margin: some aspects of the intellectual itinerary of Guy Dubreuil, pp. 376-393.

vol. XXXIX, n. 4, dicembre 2002

Hollifield Michael, Accurate measurement in cultural psychiatry: will we pay the costs?, pp. 419-421.

De Joong Joop T.V.M. - Van Ommeren Mark, Toward a culture-informed epidemiology: combining qualitative and quantitative research in transcultural contexts, pp. 422-433.

Hsiao-Rei Hicks Madelyn, Validity of the CIDI probe flow chart for depression in Chinese American women, pp. 434-451.

Silove Derrick - Coello Mariano - Tang Kristina - Aproche Jorge - Soares Maria - Lingam Rajini - Chaussivert Marc - Manicavasagar Vijaya - Steel Zachary, Toward a research-advocacy model for asylum seekers: a pilot study amongst East Timorese living in Australia, pp. 452-468.

Bäärnhielm Sofie - Ekblad Solving, Qualitative research, culture and ethics: a case discussion, pp. 469-483.

Bäärnhielm Sofie - Ekblad Solving, Focus group interview research in transcultural psychiatry: reflections on research experiences, pp. 484-500.

Rahimi Sadeq - Fisher Ronald J., Collective self-esteem and construal of racism, pp. 501-515.

Westermeyer Joseph - Canive Jose M. - Garrard Judith - Padilla Eligio - Crosby Ross - Thuras Paul, Perceived barriers to menal health care for American Indian and Hispanic veterans: reports by 100 VA staff, pp. 516-530.

Daley Tamara C., The need for cross cultural research on the pervasive development disorders, pp. 531-550.

Macdonald Mary Ellen, Writing at the margin to bring suffering to the center, pp. 551-559.

vol. XL, n. 1, marzo 2003 [dedicato a Cultural configurations of the self]

Garro Linda C., Narratine troubling experiences, pp. 5-43.

Adelson Naomi, Comments onLinda Garro’s narrating troubling experiences, pp. 44-46.

Hollan Douglas, Comments onLinda Garro’s narrating troubling experiences, pp. 47-49.

Glovsky Viviane - Haslam Nick, Acculturation and changing concepts of mental disorder: Brazilian in the USA, pp. 50-61.

Mills Antonia, Are children with imaginary playmates and children said to remember previous lives cross-culturally comparable categories?, pp. 62-90.

Steel Jennifer - Herlitz Claes - Matthews Jesse - Snyder Wendy - Mazzaferro Kathryn - Baum Andy - Theorell Töres, Pre-migration trauma and Hiv-risk behaviour, pp. 91-108.

Throop C. Jason, On crafting a cultural mind: a comparative assessment of some recent theory of “internalization” in psychological anthropology, pp. 109-139.

vol. XL, n. 2, giugno 2003

Abramovitch Henry - Kirmayer Laurence J., The relevance of Jungian psychology for cultural psychiatry, pp. 155-163.

Koss-Chinoino Joan D., Jung, spirits and madness: lessons for cultural psychiatry, pp. 164-180.

Stephenson Craig, A cree woman reads Jung, pp. 182-193.

Berg Astrid, Ancestor reverence and mental helath in South Africa, pp. 194-207.

Petchkovsky Leon - San Roque Craig - Beskow Manita, Jung and the dreaming: analytical psychology’s encounters with aboriginal culture, pp. 208-238.

Kitanaka Junko, Jungians and the rise od psychotherapy in Japan: a brief historical note, pp. 239-247.

Kirmayer Laurence J., Asklepian dreams: the ethos of the wounded-healer in the clinician encounter, pp. 248-277.

vol XL, n. 3, settembre 2003

Arpin Jacques, Masters of their conditions: at the crossroad of health, culture and performance, pp. 299-328.

Hollifield Michael - Geppert Cynthia - Johnson Yuam - Fryer Carol, A Vietnamese man with selective mutism: the relevance of multiple interacting “cultures” in clinical psychiatry, pp. 329-341.

Hinton Devon - Hinton Susan - Thang Pham - Chau Ha - Tran Minh, “Hit bsocial factors in the wind” and temperature-shift panic among Vietnamese refugees, pp. 342-376.

Lemelson Robert, Obsessive-compulsive disorder in Bali: the cultural shaping of a neuropsychiatric disorder, pp. 377-408.

Bhugra Dinesh - Mastrogianni Anastasia - Maharajh Hari - Harvey Sharon, Prevalence of bulimic behaviours and eating attitudes in schoolgirls from Trinidad and Barbados, pp. 409-428.

Lim Brian R - Tan Siang-Yang - Zheng Yan-Ping - Lin Keh-Ming - Park Bonnie C. - Turk Anne A., Psychosocial factors in chronic fatigue syndrome among Chinese Americans: a longitudinal community-based study, pp. 429-441.

vol. XL, n. 4, dicembre 2003 [dedicato a Indigenous healers, trauma and psychosis]

Higreja Victor, “Why are there so many drumps playing until dawn?” Exploring the role of Gamba spirits and healers in the post-war recovery period in Gorongosa, central Mozambique, pp. 459-487.

Fox Steven H., The Mandinka nosological system in the context of post-trauma syndromes, pp. 488-506.

Redko Cristina, Religious construction of a first episode of psychosis in urban Brazil, pp. 507-530.

Okulate G.T. - Jones O.B.E., Auditory hallucinations in schizophrenic and affective disorder Nigerian patients: phenomenological comparison, pp. 531-541.

Yen Jeffery - Wilbraham Lindy, Discourses of culture and illness in South African mental health care and indigenous healing, part I: Western psychiatric power, pp. 542-561.

Yen Jeffery - Wilbraham Lindy, Discourses of culture and illness in South African mental health care and indigenous healing, part II: African mentality, pp. 562-584.

Cederblad Marianne - Pruksachatkunakorn Pairat - Boripunkul Teerat - Intraprasert Suthi - Höök Börje, Sense of coherence in a Thai sample, pp. 585-600.

Parker Robert, An initiative in cross-cultural psychiatry: the royal Australian and New Zeland college of psychiatrists’ statement on indigenous mental health workers, pp. 611-617.

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