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vol. 75, n. 1, primavera 2001

Jackson Stanley W., The wounded healer, pp. 1-36.

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vol. 75, n. 2, estate 2001

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Front Dov, The expurgation of medical books in Sixteenth-Century Spain, pp. 290-296.

vol. 75, n. 3, autunno 2001

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Alborn Timothy, Insurance against germ theory: commerce and conservatism in Late-Victorian medicine, pp. 406-445.

vol. 75, n. 4, inverno 2001

Lloyd Josephine M., The “languid child” and the Eighteenth-Century man-midwife, pp. 641-679.

Timmermann Carsten, Constitutional medicine, neoromanticism and the politics of antimechanism in the interwar Germany, pp. 717-739.

vol. 76, n. 2, estate 2002

Siegel Watkins Elizabeth, “Doctor, are you trying to kill me?”: ambivalence about the patient package insert for estrogen, pp. 84-104.

vol. 76, n. 2, estate 2002

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vol. 76, n. 3, autunno 2002

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vol. 76, n. 4, inverno 2002

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vol. 77, n. 1, primavera 2003

Houck Judith A., “What do these women want?”: feminist responses to Feminine forever, 1963-1980, pp. 103-132

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vol. 77, n. 2, estate 2003

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Shapin Steven, Trusting George Cheyne: scientific expertise, common sense and moral authority in early Eighteenth-Century dietetic medicine, pp. 263-297

vol. 77, n. 3, autunno 2003

Rosenberg Charles E., What is disease? In memory of Owsei Temkin, pp. 491-505.

vol. 77, n. 4, inverno 2003

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n. 61, 1996 [numero monografico Natures extremes]
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n. 65, 1997 [numero monografico L’hospitalité]
Dodier N. - Camus Agnès, L’hospitalité de l’hôpital

n. 66, 1998 [numero monografico La contagion]
Paillard B., Petit historique de la contagion, pp. 9-19.
Bourdelais P., Entre médicine et société, pp. 21-37.
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Fainzang S., La marque de l’autre, pp. 109-119.
Roussin P., Des liens humains (toucher, contagion, sympathie), pp. 121-146.
Thomas JP., De la fâcheuse influence d’esprit mal équilibrés, pp. 147-164.
Lenclud G., La culture s’attrape-t-elle?, pp. 165-183.
Sperber D., Résponse à Gérard Lenclud, pp. 185-192.

The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

Canadian psychiatric association (Ottawa, Ontario).

vol. 45, n. 1, febbraio 2000

Grof P., Rethinking psychiatry, pp. 31-32.

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vol. 45, n. 2, marzo 2000

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vol. 45, n. 3, aprile 2000

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vol. 45, n. 4, maggio 2000

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vol. 45, n. 5, giugno 2000

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vol. 45, n. 7, settembre 2000

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vol. 45, n. 10, novembre 2000

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vol. 46, n. 5, giugno 2001

Kumar Shailesh - Ng Bradley, Crowding and violence on psychiatric wards: explanatory models, pp. 433-437.

vol. 46, n. 6, agosto 2001

Wang JianLi - Patten Scott B. - Russell Margaret L., Alternative medicine use by individuals with major depression, pp. 528-533.

vol. 46, n. 10, dicembre 2001

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vol. 47, n. 2, marzo 2002

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vol. 47, n. 4, maggio 2002

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vol. 48, n. 3, aprile 2003

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vol. 48, n. 10, novembre 2003

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Stuart Heather, Stigma and the daily news: evaluation of a newspaper interventions, pp. 651-656

Gaebel Wolfgang - Baumann Anja E., Interventions to reduce the stigma associated with severe mantal illness: experiences from the Open the doors Program in Germany, pp. 657-662
Comparative Studies in Society and History. An international quarterly

Society for the comparative studies in society and history, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan) / Cambridge University Press (Cambridge - New York).

vol. 41, n. 3, luglio 1999

Minna Stern Alexandra, Secrets under the skin: new historical perspectives on disease, deviation, and citizenship. A review article, pp. 589-596.

vol. 42, n. 2, aprile 2000

Caciola Nancy, Mystics, demoniacs, and the physiology of spirit possession in Medieval Europe, pp. 268-360.

vol. 43, n. 3, gennaio 2001

Dubois Laurent, Vodou and history, pp. 92-100.

vol. 43, n. 3, luglio 2001

Klima Alan, The telegraphic abject: Buddhist meditation and the redemption of mechanical reproduction, pp. 552-582.

vol. 43, n. 4, ottobre 2001

Briggs Charles L., Modernity, cultural reasoning, and the institutionalization of social inequality: racializing death in a Venezuelan cholera epidemic, pp. 665-700.

Cuicuilco. Revista de la Escuela nacional de antropología e historia

Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia, México D.F.

vol. 7, n. 19, maggio-agosto 2000

Álvarez-Larrauri Selene, Construcción de la salud como hecho sociológico. Paradigma teórico y metodología, pp. 271-293.

Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry

Department of Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School (Boston, Massachusetts) / Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, (Dordrecht, Nederland).

vol. 23, n. 4, dicembre 1999
numero monografico: Aging, ethnicity, and dementia: family caregiving

Ladson Hinton W. - Fox Kenneth - Levkoff Sue, Introduction: exploring the relationship among aging. Ethnicity, and family dementia caregiving, pp. 403-413.

Hsiao-Rei Hicks Madelyn - Sau-Ching Lam Mabel, Decision-making within the social course of dementia: accounts by Chinese-American caregivers, pp. 415-452.

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vol. 24, n. 1, marzo 2000

Stephen Michele - Ketut Suryani Luh, Shamanism, psychosis and autonomous imagination, pp. 5-40.

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vol. 24, n. 2, giugno 2000

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Tarik Yilmaz A. - Weiss Mitchell G., cultural formulation: depression and back pain in a young male Turkish immigrant in Basel, Switzerland, pp. 259-272.

vol. 24, n. 3, settembre 2000

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vol. 24, n. 4, dicembre 2000

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vol. 25, n. 1, marzo 2001

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vol. 25, n. 2, giugno 2001

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vol. 25, n. 3, settembre 2001

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vol. 25, n. 4, dicembre 2001

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vol. 26, n. 1, marzo 2002

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Difesa sociale

Istituto italiano di medicina sociale (Roma).

anno LXXV, n. 5, settembre - ottobre 1996

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anno LXXV, n. 6, novembre - dicembre 1996

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anno LXXVII, n. 4, luglio - agosto 1998

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Spiridigliozzi S. - Antonelli P. - Bossi A. - Abetti P., L’anziano istituzionalizzato: problematiche e possibili soluzioni, pp. 175-180.

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