Alexander Zholkovsky curriculum vitae may 19, 2017 Education: 1970

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Alexander Zholkovsky


May 19, 2017


1970, Ph.D., General Philology, Institute of Oriental Languages, MGU Lomonosov University, Moscow, Russia (USSR)

1959, B.A. RomanoGermanic Philology, School of Philology, MGU Lomonosov University, Moscow, Russia (USSR)
Ph. D. Thesis (1969): Somali Syntax: Deep and Surface Structures
B. A. Thesis (1959): Semantics in Automatic Translation
Languages: Native: Russian; fluent: English; active: Polish, French; working: Italian, Somali, German
Professional experience:

1984, Fall  currently: Professor, University of Southern California, Departments of Slavic Languages, Literatures, and Comparative Literature

1990, Fall  1991, Spring: Fellow, National Humanities Center, NC

1990, Fall: Research Grant, American Council of Learned Societies

1987, Summer: Visiting Professor, Dept. of Literary Scholarship, University of Constance (BRD - Germany)

1981, Fall  1984, Spring: Professor, Cornell University, Department of Russian Literature

19821984, Spring: Chair, Cornell University, Dept. of Russian Literature

1983, Fall  1984, Spring: Visiting Professor, University of Southern California, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

1981, Summer: Visiting Professor, Urbino University (Urbino, Italy) International Center for Semiotics and Linguistics, Summer School

1980, Fall  1981, Spring: Visiting Professor, Cornell University, Department of Russian Literature

1980, Spring: Senior Research Fellow, Society for the Humanities, Cornell University

1979, Fall: Visiting Professor, University of Asterdam, Department of General Literary Studies

1978, Fall  1979, Summer: unemployed (pending permission to emigrate)

19741978: Senior Research Fellow, Dept. of Applied Linguistics, InformElectro Institute, Moscow

19711978: Senior Research Fellow, Laboratory of Machine Translation, Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages

19591971: Junior Research Fellow, Laboratory of Machine Translation, Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages

19641970: Editor, translator, speaker, Somali Service, Moscow Radio

19641966: Lecturer in Somali Language, Institute of Oriental Languages, MGU

19591963: Teaching Assistant in Linguistics, Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages
Teaching experience:


Graduate courses:

1. Tolstoy's Narrative Structures: War and Peace and "Children's Stories" (Cornell, 493)

2. Literary Semiotics: Poetics of Expressiveness (Cornell, 601)

3. Nature and Culture: The 'Window' Motif in Pasternak (Cornell, 429)

4. Early Literary Semiotics, East and West (Cornell, 494)

5. Modern Russian Poetry (Cornell, 620)

6. Critical Methods (proseminar; Cornell, 701; co-taught with Prof. Carden)

7. Russian Short Story and Elements of Narrative Theory (USC, SLL 544)

8. The Soviet Novel (SLL 580)

9. Twentieth-Century Russian Literary Criticism (SLL 585)

10. Theories in Comparative Literature: Semiotics of Literature (COLT 502, 580)

11. Topics in Modern Russian Prose (SLL 590)

12. Russian Poetics and Pasternak (SLL 490)

13. Soviet Literature Until 1953 (SLL 555)

14. Russian Fiction and the West (SLL 584)

15. Early Russian Cinema (Cinema 469: Film Style Analysis)

16. Seminar on a Single Author: Pasternak (SLL 660)

17. Seminar on a Single Author: Zoshchenko (SLL 660)

18. Seminar on modern Russian poetry: Mayakovsky, Akhmatova, Mandelstam, Pasternak (SLL 660)

19 Seminar on a Single Topic: Three Centuries of Russian Infinitive Poetry (SLL 660)

20. Seminar on a Single Topic: Seminar in Approaches to Literary Research (SLL 660)

21. Seminar on a Single Topic: The Literary Motif of the True/Magic Word (SLL 660)

Undergraduate courses:

1. Gogol's Posterity: Satire under the Soviets (Cornell, 349)

2. Survey of Russian Literature: Russian Poetry (Cornell 331; USC, SLL 430)

3. Survey of Russian Literature: Russian Short Story (SLL 400)

4. Masterpieces of the Russian Short Story (in translation, SLL 210g)

5. Russian Utopian Fiction and Thought (SLL 185g)

6. Literature and Philosophy: Dostoevsky (SLL 345g)

7. Tolstoy: Writer and Moralist (SLL 344g)

8. Novels and Anti-Novels: The Russian Tradition (LTA-100g)

9. Masterpieces of the Short Story (ARLT-100g; GESM-120g)

10. The Russian Novel (ARLT-100g)

11. Understanding Mikhail Zoshchenko’s Before Sunrise (SLL 465, for Russian majors)


1. Theoretical Linguistics (Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages)

2. Somali Language (MGU, Institute of Oriental Languages)

3. Advanced Russian (USC, SLL 500)

Graduate committees:

M. A. and Ph.D. committees in the Department of Slavic Languages

Research interests:

Modern and Post-Soviet Russian literature, Intertextuality, Literary Theory, Modern Russian Poetry, Infinitive Poetry, Catalogues in Literature, Historical Novel, Author's Personal Mythology and Power Strategies, The True/Magic Word, Eisenstein, Pushkin, Lev Tolstoy, Leskov, Osip Mandelstam, Akhmatova, Khodasevich, Pasternak, Babel, Zabolotskii, Zoshchenko, Ilf and Petrov, Solzhenitsyn, Sinyavsky-Tertz, Iskander, Aksenov, Brodsky, Limonov, Ryzhii, Iskander,

Invited conferences and lectures:

  1. - An Eberhard L. Faber Lecture. Princeton University, April 4. Who Organized the Standing Ovation?: Stalin, Akhmatova, and Shakespeare.

- An Ilchester Series Lecture. University of Oxford, June 2. Quote the Poets Ever More: Micro-Analyzing Intertextual Gems by Anna Akhmatova, Vladislav Khodasevich and Osip Mandel’shtam.

- 13th International Summer School on Russian Literature, St.-Petersburg. Keynote lecture on Count A. K. Tolstoy’s ballad “Zmei Tugarin”

- IV International Conference: Demonology as a Semiotic System. Moscow, RGGU, June 15-17. The Folkloric Stratum of Alexei K. Tolstoy's ballad “Zmei Tugarin”

- International Symposium on “Osip Mandel’shtam the Poet-Philologist” at the A. F. Losev Museum, Moscow, June 21. Paper on the subtexts of Mandel’shtam’s “Insomnia.”

2015: - VIII International Efim Etkind Colloquium: chairing a panel; paper on Anton Chekhov’s short story “Loshadinaia Familiia” (The Horse-Name)

- 12th International Summer School on Russian Literature, St.-Petersburg; keynote lecture on Boris Pasternak’s poem “Vstrecha” (An Encounter)

2014: - Symposium "Russian and Comparative Literature in Memory of James L. Rice" at the University of Oregon (Eugene, Oregon); reminiscences and a paper on Dostoevsky’s “Gentle Spirit”

- 11th International Summer School on Russian Literature, St.-Petersburg; keynote lecture on the intertexts to Isaak Babel’s “Guy de Maupassant”

- International Symposium on Isaac Babel; paper on his “Guy de Maupassant,” the motif of ‘mimetic desire’ and its classical and Dantesque pre-texts

2013: - 10th International Summer School on Russian Literature, St.-Petersburg; keynote lecture on Boris Pasternak’s “In Everything I Want to Reach…”

- The White Nights International Festival of Russian Culture, Perm’, Russia; round table on the issue of minorities in cultural life; selected vignettes, a reading;

2012: - VII International Efim Etkind Colloquium: chairing a panel; paper on Alexander Kushner’s poem “Sakharnitsa”

- International Symposium to Commemorate Vasilii Aksenov’ 80th Birthday, Moscow; reminiscing about Aksenov; paper on the late Yuri Shcheglov’s commentaries to Aksenov’s Overstocked Packaging of Barrels;

- AATSEEL 2012 Wisconsin Conference (University of Madison-Wisconsin); keynote lecture: “Poetics Today: Some Burning Issues

2011: - AATSEEL 2010/2011 Convention (Pasadena, CA), Panel on “Literary Theatrics: Gestures, Staginess, and Speech”. Paper: “Fazil Iskander’s Pantomime Narratives”

- AATSEEL 2010/2011 Convention (Pasadena, CA), Panel on "Work in Progress." Paper on Infinitive Poetry, Relevance of Linguistics and Issues in Poetic Analysis.” Paper at the

- International Conference on “Poetry and Poetics: A Centennial Tribute to Kiril Taranovsky” (Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH). Paper “Poetry of Grammar: Pushkin’s “City Pompous, City Poor.”

- International Conference on “The ‘Italian’ Text in Russian Literature and the ‘Russian’ Text in Italian Literature” (Moscow, The Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of the Russian Language). Paper: “On Textual and Structural Borrowings: Triquet, Pushkin and Rossini.”

- International conference on “Russian Verse” (Moscow, The Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute of the Russian Language). Paper “On Iconicity: The Effects of Separateness, Boundary, Spacing, Wholeness.”

- Invited lecture (co-author Dr. Lada Panova) at the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Slavic Studies): “Vladislav Khodasevich’s “In Front of the Mirror”: Russian and Italian Subtexts.
2010: - ASEEES 2010 Convention (Los Angeles, CA, November), Panel: "Mandelstam Revisited." Paper: “More Keys To The Lamarck Puzzle And Related Theoretical Issues”.

- International conference on “Demonology as a Semiotic System: Visual Media, Text, Folklore (June; Moscow, The Russian University for the Humanities; invited); paper on “The Demonology in a Nikolai Zabolotskii Poem

- VI International Efim. Etkind Colloquium chairing a panel; paper on “Alexander Pushkin in the Role of Triquet” (June; The European University, St.-Petersburg, Russia; invited); paper on “Nikolai Zabolotskii’s “Merknut Znaki Zodiaka… [The Signs of the Zodiac Are Dimming]”

- VII International Summer School on Textology (June; invited; The Pushkin House of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia); paper on “Nikolai Zabolotskii’s “Merknut Znaki Zodiaka… [The Signs of the Zodiac Are Dimming]”

2009: - III International Symposium on “Russian Literature in World Cultural Context”; paper on “Leo Tolstoy’s Queen-Bee Motif in War and Peace” (December; Pokrovskoe, Moscow region, Russia; invited)

- XVII Iurii Lotman Colloquium chairing a panel on Pushkin’s disputed verse; paper on “Zhiznetvorchestvo [Life as Art], (Self-)Censorship, and Cultural Canons in the Epilogue of Anna Akhmatova’s Requiem (1940–1963–1987)” (December; The Russian University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia; invited)

2008: - 5th International Efim Etkind Colloquium (June, European University, St.-Petersburg)

- AATSEEL Annual Conference, panel on marketing of literary legacies (December, San-Francisco, Ca)

2007: - International conference on totalitarianism and art (September 2007, Belgrade University, Serbia)

- Co-organizing an International Conference on Russain Modernism and Mikhail Kuzmin” (USC, October 2007)

- Paper on Kuzmin’s infinitive poetry at the above conference;
2006: -International Conference on Russian Silver Age (November, University of Chicago)

- 4th International Efim Etkind Colloquium (European University, St.-Petersburg)

- International Linguistic Conference “Between Lie and Fantasy” (RAN Institute of Linguistics, Moscow)

- National Workshop on Silver Age Literature and Culture (UCLA)
2005: - Special Discussion Session on Infinitive Poetry (Yale University)
2004: - 12th International Iurii Lotman Colloquium on Yurii Lotman's Legacy (Moscow, RGGU)

- Dostoevsky Society's International Congress on the World Significance of Russian Literature - 3rd International Efim Etkind Colloquium (European University, St.-Petersburg)

- Internatinal Symposium on Versification Theory (Moscow, Russain Language Institute)

- International Symposium on Isaak Babel (Stanford)

2003 - 11th International Iurii Lotman Colloquium on Annotated Commentary (Moscow)

- International Symposium on Power in Russian/Soviet Culture (Sorbonne, Paris)
2002 - International Vladimir Nabokov Symposium (St.Petersburg)

- Second Efim Etkind International Colloquium (European University at St.- Petersburg)
2001 - International Symposium on Fear in Russian/Soviet Culture (Sorbonne, Paris)
2000 - First Efim Etkind International Colloquium (European University at St.- Petersburg)
1999 - International Bicentennial Pushkin Symposium (Stanford)

- Congress of Russian Poets (St-Petersburg);

- International Bicentennial Pushkin Symposium (Moscow and St-Petersburg);

- Literature and Power (Seventh Bannye Chteniia; Moscow)

1998 - Eisenstein at 100 (Dartmouth College)

- Success/Unsuccess (Sixth Bannye Chtenia; Moscow)

- Post-Soviet Culture (The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel)
1997 - Poetry and Revolution: Boris Pasternak's My Sister, Life (Stanford)

- Literature and History (Fifth Bannye Chteniia; Moscow)

- Sixth Summit on Automatic Translation (San Diego)

- Second Nevada Conference on Russian Culture (Las Vegas)

1996 - Literature and Politics (Fourth Bannye Chteniia; Moscow)

- Russian Literature and Myth (Moscow)

- Freud and Russian Literature (Amherst)

- Chekhov and 20th-Century Russian Prose (Paris)

- Self, Story, and History (San Diego)
1995 - Literature and Byt [everyday life] (Third Bannye Chteniia; Moscow)
1994 - Zoshchenko Centenary (Moscow)

- Babel Centenary (Moscow)

- Literary Friendships and Hostilities (Second Bannye Chteniia; Moscow)
1993 - Paradoxes of Literary Reputation (First Bannye Chteniia; Moscow)

- Mayakovsky and Utopia (Paris)

1992 - Sixth Tynianov Symposium (Daugavpils, Latviia)
1991  Mandelstam Centenary (Moscow)
1990  Pasternak Centenary (Oxford)

 Pasternak Centenary (Stanford)

 Russian AvantGarde (USC, Los Angeles)
1989  Akhmatova Centenary (Moscow and Leningrad)

- Platonov (USC, Los Angeles; organizer and speaker)

 Retrospective of Soviet Semiotics (UC Berkeley)
1988  Gogol (Wesleyan, Middletown)

 Mandelstam (Bari, Italy)

 Thematics (Paris)  Russian Christianity (UC Berkeley)

1987  Silver Age/ Golden Age (UC Berkeley)

 Thematics (U. Penn., Philadelphia)

 Bakhtin (Jerusalem, Israel)

 Russian Verse Theory (UC Los Angeles)

1985  Writers in Exile (USC, Los Angeles)

- Khlebnikov Centenary (Amsterdam)

 AAASS World Congress on Soviet Studies (Washington)

- Pushkin (NYU, New York)

1984  Pasternak Congress (Jerusalem, Israel)
1982  Pasternak Colloquium (Jerusalem, Israel)

 Soviet Culture of the 60's and 70's (UC Irvine)

1981  Myth in Literature (NYU, New York)
1976  Text Coherence (IBL, Warsaw, Poland)
1974  Secondary Modelling Systems (Tartu, USSR: Estonia)
1973  Semiotic Congress (Milano, Italy; contribution)
1968  Semiotic Symposium (Warsaw, Poland)
1967  Automatic Transaltion (Erevan, USSR: Armenia)
1961 - Poetic Language (Gorky, USSR: Russia)


Speaker, discussant, panel organizer at the annual conventions of AAASS (1980, 1981, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1993, 1994, 1996, 2010); ATSEEL (1983, 1985, 1986, 2011); Midwestern AATSEEL (1986); Western Slavic (1984); MLA (1984); Semiotic Society of America (1982, 1983); International symposia at Bari (Italy), Sorbonne (Paris, France), RGGU (Moscow), European University (St-Petersburg), Dostoevsky Foundation (Moscow).

Invited lectures:

1979-present: at major universities of Western Europe and North America (Stockholm, Uppsala, Goteborg, Lund, Cologne, Tubingen, Regensburg, Oxford, Essex, Paris, Zurich, Essex, Pavia, Bologna, Venice, Constance, Munich, Belgrade; Harvard, UCLA, USC, Berkeley, Davis, Stanford, Washington (Seattle), Reed (Portland), Yale, Brown, Columbia, NYU (New York), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), Dartmouth (New Haven); Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton

1988present: also in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Perm’

2010: on Moscow TV (Culture Channel, Academia lecture cycle)

2013: on Moscow Radio and TV (Culture Channels, on Mikhail Bulgakov and Vasilii Aksenov

2016: in the Russian State Children’s Library’s Creative Writing School, Workshop on Poetry and on the “Moscow’s Echo” Radio, the program “One” hosted by the poet Dmitry Bykov


19801998, 2010: AAASS (American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies)

1981 – 1997, 2010, 2016-2017: AATSEEL (American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages)

1985 - 1995: Joint UCLA-USC Seminar on Russian Poetics

1988  1993: Tolstoy Society

1993 - currently: Union of Russian Writers

1987 - Committee on Akhmadulina Prize for Russian Poetry ; Chair

1982  1984: Semiotic Society of America (SSA)

1984 - Modern Languages Association (MLA)

1971  1978: Problem Group on Experimental and Applied Linguistics (PGEPL), Institute of Russian Language, Academy of Sciences, USSR

1991 - currently: member, refereeing board, National Humanities Center, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

1990  currently: member, Editorial Board, Northwestern University Press

1985  1995: Cochair, Joint UCLAUSC Seminar on Russian Poetics

1984  1995: Consultant, Linguistic and Literary Studies in Eastern Europe (LLSSEE) series, John Benjamins Publishers (Amsterdam)

1985  1990: member, Editorial Board, Slavic and East European European Journal

1982  1984, Spring: Chair, Cornell University, Department of Russian Literature

1976  1979: Founder and Chair, Moscow Seminar on Semiotic Poetics
Editorial boards of journals:

Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie [New Literary Survey] (Moscow, Russia)

Przeglad Wschodnieuropejski [The East-European Overview] (Olsztyn, Poland)

Acta Neophilologica (Olsztyn, Poland)

Slavisticheskii sbornik Matitsy Serbskoi [The Slavistic Almanach of Serbian Literature

(Belgrade, Serbia]

Slověne. International Journal of Slavic Studies [Moscow, Russia];

Drector of Graduate Studies (currently)

ad hoc committees on: promotion and tenure; merit evaluations; graduate recruitment; graduate exchange; guest-speakers; inter-campus graduate student colloquia; undergraduate advisor; supervisor of a visiting scholar; member of the mentoring committee; undergraduate advisor


USC Humanities Division Personnel Committee (1991–1994, 2002–2004, 2012)


University Committee on Appointments, Promotions and Tenure (UCAPT) (1997-1999, Fall 2012); consulting the Office of Overseas Studies


evaluation of colleagues nationwide for senior promotions

Fellowships, Grants:

1990, Fall  1991, Spring: Fellow, National Humanities Center, North Carolina

1990, Fall: Research Grant Recipient, American Council of Learned Societies

1980, Spring: Senior Research Fellow, Society for the Humanities, Cornell University

2013: Italian-Russian “Bella” Prize for Best Essay on Poetry

2003: Nominated for the Apollon Grigor'ev Prize (Moscow, Academy of Belles Lettres)

2001: Shortlist for the Andrei Belyi Russian Fiction Award (St.-Petersburg)

2000: The LAS General Education Teaching Award

1999: The USC Raubenheimer Award

1998: The Annual Award of the Journal Zvezda (The Star) for Literary Criticism


35 in all: 33 in print, 1 in preparation, 1 audio

In print:

  1. Sintaksis somali. Glubinnye i poverkhnostnye struktury [Somali syntax. Deep and surface structures]. Moscow: Nauka, 1971.; M.: LKI, 2007. 272 pp.

  2. Matematika i iskusstvo (poetika vyrazitel'nosti) [Mathematics and art: A poetics of expressiveness; co-author Iu.K. Shcheglov]. Moscow: Znanie, 1976. 65 pp. Engl. version in No. 8.

  3. Poetika vyrazitel'nosti. Sbornik statei [Poetics of expressiveness: Essays; co-author Iu. K. Shcheglov. Wiener Slawistischer Almanach, Sonderband 2. Vienna, 1980. 257 pp.

  4. [Essays in a Poetics of Expressiveness; co-author Iu. K. Shcheglov]. Russian Literature, Special issue 11 (1982), 1.

  5. Tolkovo-kombinatornyj slovar' russkogo jazyka [Explanatory and combinatorial dictionary of Modern Russian; co-author I. A. Mel'chuk]. Wiener Slawistischer Almanach, Sonderband 14. Vienna, 1984, 992 pp.

  6. Themes and Texts: Toward a Poetics of Expressiveness. Ithaca & London: Cornell UPress, 1984. 300 pp.

  7. Mir avtora i struktura teksta. Stat'i o russkoi literature [The author's world and the structure of the text: Essays on Russian literature; co-author Iu. Shcheglov]. Tenafly, N.J.: Hermitage, 1986. 348 pp.

  8. Poetics of Expressiveness: A Theory and Applications [co-author Yu. Shcheglov; intro. and ed. A. Zholkovsky]. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1987. 361 pp.

  9. NRZB. Rasskazy ["Illegible". Fictions]. Moscow: Vesy, 1991. 134 pp.

  10. Bluzhdaiushchie sny [Wandering dreams]. Moscow: Sovetskii pisatel', 1992. 430 pp.

  11. Bluzhdaiushchie sny i drugie raboty [Wandering dreams and other studies]. Moscow: Nauka - Vostochnaia literatura, 1994. 428 pp.

  12. Text Counter Text. Rereadings in Russian Literary History. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1994 (cloth), 1995 (paper). 370 pp.

  13. Babel'/Babel [ Isaak Babel; co-author M. B. Yampolsky]. Moscow: Carte blanche, 1994. 444 pp.

  14. Raboty po poetike vyrazitel'nosti. Invarianty - tema - priemy - tekst [Studies in a poetics of expressiveness: Invariants - theme - device - text; co-author Iu. K. Shcheglov]. Moscow: Progress-Univers, 1996. 344 pp.

  15. Inventsii [Inventions]. Moscow: Gendalf, 1995. 248 pp.

  16. Mikhail Zoshchenko: Poetika nedoveriia [Mikhail Zoshchenko: A poetics of mistrust]. M.: Shkola "Iazyki Russkoi Kul'tury," 1999. 393 pp.; M.: LKI, 2007. 392 pp.

  17. Memuarnye vin'etki i drugie non-fictions [Memoiristic vignettes and other non-fictions]. St.Petersburg, Nizhini Novgorod: URBI, 2000. 244 pp.

  18. Erosiped i drugie vin'etki [Erosiped and other vignettes]. M., Vodolei, 2003. 624 pp.

  19. Izbrannye stat'i o russkoi poezii: Invarianty, struktury, strategii, interteksty [Selected essays on Russian poetry: Invariants, structures, strategies, intertexts]. Moscow: RGGU, 2005: 654 pp.

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  21. Poltora rasskaza Babelia: "Giui de Mopassan" i "Spravka/Gonorar". Struktura, smysl, fon [Isaak Babel's a story and a half: "Guy de Maupassant" and "Anwer to Inquiry/First Fee". Structure, meaning, background]. Moscow: Komkniga (URSS), 2006. 288 pp.

22. Zvezdy i nemnogo nervno. Memuarnye vin'etki [Stars and somewhat nervously. Memoiristic vignettes], Moscow: Vremia, 2008. 320 pp.

23. Novaia i noveishaia russkaia poeziia [New and newest Russian poetry]. Moscow: RGGU (2009). 356 pp.

24. Ostorozhno, trenozhnik! [Caution: A tripod!]. Moscow: Vremia (2010). 496 pp.

25. Poetika Borisa Pasternaka: Invarianty, struktury, interteksty [Pasternak’s poetics: Invariants, structures, intertexts]. Moscow: NLO Publishers, 2011. 601 pp.

26. Yurii Shcheglov. Proza. Poeziia. Poetika. Izbrannye raboty [Prose. Poetry. Poetics. Selected works]. Ed. by Alexander Zholkovsky and Valeria Shcheglov. Moscow: NLO Publishers, 2012. 571 pp.

27. Ochnye stavki s vlastitelem i drugie razbory. Stat'i o russkoi literature [Confronting power figures: Essays on Russian prose]. Moscow: RGGU, 2012. 637 pp.

28. Yuri Shcheglov. Izbrannye trudy [Selected works]. Ed. by Alexander Zholkovsky and Valeria Shcheglov. Moscow: RGGU, 2014. 956 pp.

29. Poetika za chainym stolom i drugie razbory [Poetics in a teapot and other analyses]. Moscow: NLO Publishers, 2014. 824 pp.

30. Naprasnye sovershenstva i drugie vin’etki [Futile perfections and other vignettes]. Moscow: AST, 2015.

31. Bluzhdaiushchie sny. Stat’i raznykh let [Wandering dreams. Essays old and new]. St.-Petersburg: Azbuka, Azbuka-Attikus, 2016. 512 pp.

32. (co-authored with) Yuri Shcheglov. Ex ungue leonem: Detskie rasskazy L’va Tolstogo i poetika vyrazitel’nosti [Ex ungue leonem: Leo Tolstoy’s children’s stories and the poetics of expressiveness] / Comp/ by Alexander Zholkovsky, ed. by Alina Bodrova. Moscow: NLO Publishers, 2016. 288 pp.

33. Vybrannye mesta, ili siuzhety raznykh let [Selected passages, or Narratives of many years]. Moscow: CoLibri, St. Pertersburg: Azbuka, 2016. 576 pp.

In preparation:

34. Russkaia infinitivnaia poeziia XVIII-XX vekov. Kommentirovannaia antologiia [Russian infinitive poetry of the 18th-20th centuries. An Annotated Anthology]. Comp. by Alexander Zholkovsky, ed by Alina Bodrova. Moscow: NLO Publishers (forthcoming in 2017). Appr. 500 pp.


35. Iz memuarnykh vin’etok [From memoiristic vignettes]. Read by Liudmila Larionova, 2011 [96 kbps, MP3] (


381 in print (44 in linguistics, 337 on literature). For a full publications record see my webpages:;

Recent (2015-2016)

In print:

1. O spatsial’noi structure detskikh rasskazov L.N.Tolstogo [On the spatial structure of Leo Tolstoy’s children’s stories; with Yuri Shcheglov; ed. by Alexander Zholkovsky]// Siuzhetologiia i siuzhetografiia [Plottology and plottography], 2015, 1: 5-16.

2. Collaboration and Its Discontents: Pasternak and Mandel’shtam in the 1930s // Russian Literature, 78 (2015). Special Pasternak issue ed. by Anna Klatis. P. 683-703.

3. Net slov: k perevodam “Pered zerkalom” Vladislava Khodasevicha [The words aren’t there: on translations of Vladsilav Khodasevich’s “Before the Mirror”] // Russian Literature 83-84 (2016). Special Khodasevich issue ed. by Nikolai Bogomolov. P. 129-151.

4. Zagadki martovskoi nochi: Eshche raz o stikhotvorenii Pasternaka “Vstrecha” [The puzzles of a March night: More on Boris Pasternak’s poem “An Encounter”] // Zvezda [The Star], 2015, 12: 246-256; also in Gasparov. O nem. Dlia nego [About him. For him. A collection of texts to honor the memory of the Academician Mikhail Gasparov (1935-2005)] / Ed. by Marina Tarlinskaia and Marina Akimova. Moscow: NLO Publishers, 2016). P. 667-685.

5. Chudesnye vol'nosti v «Muzyke» Borisa Pasternaka [Wodnrous liberties in Boris Pasternak’s poem “Music”] // Novyi mir [New world], 2016, 3; 186-197; also in Boris Pasternak i Titsian Tabidze: Druzhba poetov kak dialog kul'tur. Sbornik po materialam konferentsii [Boris Pasternak and Titian Tabidze: Poets’ friendship as a dialogue of cultures. Collection of papers from a conference] / Eds. G. Liutikova and N. Gromova. Moscow: Literaturnyi Muzei, 2016. P. 87-103.

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