Afghanistan – Takhar Province Humanitarian Operational Coordination Team (oct) Meeting

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Afghanistan – Takhar Province

Humanitarian Operational Coordination Team (OCT) Meeting

Date: 23 November 2014

Venue: Concern Worldwide office, Taloqan city

Participants: Concern Worldwide, IOM, DACAAR, NRC, ACTED, GIZ, CAF/SHDP, AKF, DoRR, OCHA, Shelter for Life, Mission East


Agenda item

Key points discussed


Welcome & introductions

OCHA warmly welcomed participants and participants introduced themselves.


Humanitarian situation updates (Protection, NFI/Shelter, Health and Nutrition, Food Security and Agriculture, WASH & Education).

IOM: IOM team actively participated in all assessments. IOM participated in assessment of recent incident which was a rock fall in Warsaj district. IOM currently conducts a technical survey for the construction of a projection wall in Farkhar district. IOM plans to implement a capacity building project in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) for districts disaster committees members in Takhar.

DACAAR: Implements WASH activities in Takhar province where required such as in Rostaq, Khowjaghar, Dasht-e-Qala, Yangi Qala, Taloqan and Eshkamesh districts. Main activities of DACAAR WASH projects are: digging water wells, providing hygiene education, construction of latrines and sand filter distribution. DACAA implements DRR activities in its working areas, such as establishment of committees to identify the vulnerable points.

Dept. of Refugees and Repatriation:

  • Recently 8 families have been displaced from Dasht-e-Archi district of Kunduz to Baharak district of Takhar province. DoRR has conducted an assessment. The list has been shared with all.

  • Due to recent conflict 143 families have been identified as vulnerable families in 5 villages of Pol-e-Momin areas of Khwajaghar district, Takhar province.

  • Day to day number of returnees is increasing in Takhar province. Most returnees are not included in UNHCR list and they do not receive assistance. About 300 returnees families who have IOM and border documents are in need of food items. The mentioned families are not in UNHCR distribution lists.

Shelter for Life:

  • Implements WFP projects such as distribution of 2,800 MT food against FFW projects , road cleaning and canal cleaning in close coordination of Dept of RRD.

  • Food for asset, reforestation, and food for work in four districts of Takhar province.


  • Is going to implement a cash for fuel project funded by CHF. Through this project ACTED will distribute fuel cost for cat. A families who have been identified by the humanitarian team in Takhar province.

Mission East:

  • Construction of protection wall in Kuzur village of Rostaq district.

  • The Mission East team currently conducts a technical survey for irrigation canals in some parts of Taloqan city and will probably implement a CFW project.


  • CAF has health clinics in 16 districts of Takhar province, in emergencies CAF actively takes part in assessments. CAF has emergency focal points and emergency kits in clinics.

  • Recently in Rustaq district seen a disease outbreak. CAF has recorded 6 cases now the situation is under control.


  • Actively participates in joint assessments in Taloqan city and its working areas.

  • Provides hygiene education in 5 districts of Takhar province, 40 villages in each district.

  • Provides risk reduction trainings for ANDMA and district disaster committee team.


Shelter construction projects updates by NRC and Concern Worldwide.

NRC: Implements 2 shelter projects, one for 60 shelters funded by ERF project and one for 58 shelters for Returnees.

NRC ERF shelter project report:

NRC has 60 shelters in Taloqan under project ERF in five villages (Ahangaran, Baba Zareef, Maghal Qashlaq, Kalp Gani, Pol e Qaq). These beneficiaries have got tool kits for construction of shelter, hygiene kits, and water coolers and PVC pipes for their latrine. Shelter beneficiaries have got three round hygiene training, DRR training and technical training during monitoring.

NRC distributed cash to all beneficiaries equal of 2096 $ to Afghani in eight installments. Last installment will process.

Shelter progress: 59 shelters have been roofed and 40 shelters beneficiaries fixed doors and windows, other carpentry work is ongoing. In these shelters 22 totally complete and have been occupied by beneficiaries.

Latrine construction: 22 beneficiaries completed construction work of latrines, other 38 shelter beneficiaries’ latrine construction work is at lintel and roofing level.


Concern Worldwide shelter update:

Concern Worldwide implements 2 shelter construction projects in Takhar province. The targeted shelters number are 212 shelters in Eshkamesh and 118 shelters in Dasht-e-Qala district. Out of the mentioned number 170 beneficiaries have been selected in Eshkamesh and 127 beneficiaries in Dasht-e-Qala district of Takhar province.

Layout as per design (5%)

Eshkamesh: 170

Dasht-e-Qala: 127

Foundation completed in stone masonry in first 50 cms wall (20%)

Eshkamesh: 159

Dasht-e-Qala: 123

Walls erected till lintel level, earthquake mitigation measures are in place (50%)

Eshkameish: 97

Dasht-e-Qala: 100

Doors and windows fixed and lintels are casted (65%)

Eshkamesh: 97

Dasht-e-Qala: 70

Walls till roof level are completed and materials ready for roof (75%)

Eshkamesh: 4

Dasht-e-Qala: 50

Challenges: The weather is getting cold with moisture it takes very long the breaks and masonry work get dry. However in some instance the following affects have been recorded as result of climate.

1. Many days were lost due to snow and rain as a result the work did not progressed as anticipated. However, a good collaboration and synergy is available among the program participant and stakeholders that is fostering the hope for the completion of the shelters.

2. Abi-Barak update, Badakhshan province: Some days were also lost due to internal conflicts among the communities of Abi Barak in Badakhshan. Generally, the ad hoc based distribution of the welfare is causing the worker are not reporting to the construction sites. The activity for water supply project of Abi Barek township, Badakhshan has been halted on dispute raised by neighboring village about the ownership of the water spring source – it is unresolved and as a result the project cost has gone up due to water transport costs for the purpose of construction. Earlier there was plan that to extend the spring water to the township location where construction going on and not to buy water. Furthermore, there is negotiation going on to resolve the water issue with neighboring village. At this stage it is not clear when it will be resolved. We anticipate the higher rank governmental authority to intervene and help on this.

Winterization and assessment teams

ACTED explained the CHF cash for fuel project. All identified category A families will be targeted by this project. The team once again agreed with the PDMC decision of assigned assessment teams in Takhar. DACAAR: In case the DACAAR working areas change during the winter, DACAAR will inform the team.

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