Address: 9411 Whiskey Bottom Rd, Laurel, md 20723 Phone

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*North Laurel Community Center*
Address: 9411 Whiskey Bottom Rd, Laurel, MD 20723

Phone:(410) 313-0390
*Meadowbrook Athletic Complex*

Address: 5001 Meadowbrook Ln, Ellicott City, MD 21043

Phone:(410) 313-1161

From Meadowbrook Athletic Complex to North Laurel Community Center:

  1. Turn right out of the Meadowbrook Athletic Complex Parking Lot

  2. Stay Straight to Merge on MD-100 E. 4.6mi

  3. Merge onto I-95 S via EXIT 5A toward Washington 4.5mi

  4. Merge onto MD-32 E via EXIT 38A toward Fort Meade 1.7mi

  5. Take the US-1 S exit, EXIT 12B, toward Laurel 0.4mi

  6. Turn right onto Washington BLVD N/US-1 S 1.7mi

  7. Turn right onto Whiskey Bottom Road .5mi

  8. The North Laurel Community Center is a half mile down on the left. It is set back so you will not be able to see it from the road, but there is a large sign marking the entrance. The entrance is just past Glen Ridge Dr. If you reach Manorwood Rd you’ve gone too far.

From North Laurel Community Center to Meadowbrook Athletic Complex:

  1. Turn Left out of the North Laurel Community Center (Heading northwest on Whiskey Bottom Rd toward Manorwood Rd).

  2. Enter next roundabout and take the 2nd exit onto All Saints Rd.

  3. Turn Right onto MD-216 W/ Scaggsville Rd.

  4. Merge onto US-29 N/ Columbia Pike

  5. Merge onto MD-100 E via EXIT 22 toward Glen Burnie. Stay in right lane. You will be exiting right immediately.

  6. Take the Long Gate Pkwy exit, EXIT 1A, toward MD-103/St. John’s Lane

  7. Stay in the Left lane so you can approach the STOP sign and go straight.

  8. Continue straight approximately 0.3 miles. You should pass a playground/park and parking lot immediately on your left. Right after passing the park/parking lot area, the Meadowbrook Athletic Complex will be on your left. Most of the parking is behind the complex.

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