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Fit inside, add bars - set the pixel values for width and height of the result. The image will be enlarged to fit inside the given rectangle, which then is filled up with black margins.

For each of these methods you can get an impression how it works by changing the size and format of the cropping rectangle and watching the effects and displayed size in the Thumbnail Preview. Some methods are mostly useful for batch processing.
Drop, Paste, Open
SmillaEnlarger supports Drag & Drop: You can drag a file or image from any folder or from another program offering Drag&Drop and drop it onto the enlarger window. The enlarger then tries to open it as new source.
If you drop a folder or multiple images at once, batch processing is started instead of displaying a new source: The images are directly moved to the job queue using the current enlarger settings.
You also can paste the contents of the clipboard, i.e. use Copy within another program on a file or image and then in SmillaEnlarger call Paste from the File Menu ( or press Ctrl V / Cmd V ) to load it into the enlarger.

Or choose 'Open...' in the file menu or press Ctrl-O / Cmd-O. Or click 'Open...' above the view in the 'Cropping' tab.

After selecting a picture, you will see it displayed in the 'Cropping' tab. To quickly switch to another file in the same folder, click onto the box containing the filename, you will see that it's a combo-box listing all pictures in the source folder. Supported types for loading are


Download 18,02 Kb.

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